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E-mail is one of the most used forms of corporate communication. The more your messages are personalized, the greater the credibility with the customer. Email signature with logo is a leap forward that you take as a professional.

Did you know that it is possible to add right away in personal email? Many users are looking for this feature, especially freelancers and freelancers.

Having your own brand at the bottom of an email is quite a leap, making a good impression on whoever receives the message. However, not everyone has the necessary knowledge to perform this configuration easily.

You must first have an image in an appropriate size and extent. Only then is it possible to make your email more professional, with the logo of your company or your own brand.

In this post, you will better understand the positive impact that this little detail generates when you communicate with your customers. Also learn how to insert the logo through a simple step by step!

The benefits of using a personalized subscription

The search for adding logo in the email grows in the same way that new entrepreneurs position themselves in the market. Whether they are freelancers, new entrepreneurs, the quest to show themselves more seriously in communication with the client, or in an email marketing strategy, is common.

There are important benefits to inserting your brand into your email signature. Better understand which ones to follow!

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Your brand exposed

Whoever has a company wants to see their brand exposed. With the proper positioning on social networks and other media, the business gains due prominence and is more visible to the public.

Adding logo in the email is one of the ways to make people remember the most important graphic representation of your business. This helps in stabilizing the brand in the market.

Any contact you make with a potential customer, or someone who already does business with you, will be a good opportunity to establish your brand image. That way, the more people who receive your emails, the greater the chances of your logo becoming known.

It exists precisely for this: make people remember your service or product when they see the main symbol of your company.

Credibility and professionalism

No matter the size of your business, even if it’s just you in front of it, it’s essential to behave professionally. This attitude is just as important as the quality of what you sell or the service you offer.

At the moment, when consumer 4.0 is very demanding, positioning yourself as a solid company is showing that the public can trust you.

When your email has a logo signature, the impact on consumers is immediate. You could be, for example, a competent freelancer, but who doesn’t value your professional presentation to the public very much.

Now, if you behave like a big company, concerned with your position in the market, your credibility increases considerably.

Greater chances of winning customers

Prospecting clients is hard and fundamental work for any professional. E-mail, in most cases, is the form of initial contact, whether to answer questions or seek quotes.

At that first moment, the prospect observes everything he can. Detecting that the company or the professional presents itself differently, with the logo on the signature, is quite a highlight!

It is natural that, after observing this, those looking for the service or product feel more relaxed about the purchase. He will be more inclined to close a deal, since he realized that he is relating to serious people and concerned with positioning himself in the right way.

Adding right to your email is simple, but it brings direct results!

The step by step to use your logo in the signature

How many times have you wanted to add to the email right away and didn’t find that option? Well, we will help you to move forward in your search for a more professional position in your communication.

Next, here’s a step-by-step guide that will guide you through this setup in Gmail, Yahoo and Outlook!


The first step is to make sure that your logo is in the .JPEG or .PNG extension. Remember that the second option is the one that leaves the logo with no background, that is, better applied in the email.

After that, in a simple step by step, follow these steps:

  • click on the gear icon in the upper right corner of the main email screen and select “settings”;
  • right after that, you will find the “signature” field. Check the option associated with the text box and then click on the mountain icon;
  • in the window that appears on the screen, locate the image on your computer, select it, double-click and you’re done! Just click on the size option that is available.


Yahoo also worked to make this functionality even easier, helping the user to add to the email immediately without complications. Also using the .JPEG or .PNG extensions, follow these steps:

  • on the main Yahoo screen, go to the gear icon in the upper right corner and click on “settings”;
  • access the option “write e-mail”, select “accounts” and click on your e-mail address;
  • you will see boxes for email signature options, activate them;
  • to upload your image, it needs to be at an online address. The most recommended is that you upload it on sites like Imgur;
  • then, copy the link of your image provided by Imgur or the chosen website and paste in the field indicated by Yahoo;
  • ready, you will see how the logo will look in the signature and you can resize it if you prefer!


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In Outlook you also need to have your image hosted on some web site. This is essential, since it is the only way to be able to associate your logo with your email signature. Anticipate yourself by doing this and then these steps must be followed:

  • open your Outlook email in the browser and click on the gear in the upper right side of the screen. Then, scroll down to the last option and click on “display setup complete”;
  • in the window that opens, you will find the tab “email”. Click on it and then on “write and reply”;
  • in the text box that opens, type the message you want, for example, your name followed by your position, and then paste the link where the logo is hosted, so the image will be loaded.

End of mystery! Now you know how to add it to your email and you’re ready to communicate with potential customers with all the professionalism and credibility you need!

From now on you will get more business and be seen with different eyes by your audience. Enjoy the winnings!

Enjoy and check out our automatic signature generator for emails!