Whether you are a new entrepreneur entering the digital market or someone who already has their own Ecommerce, you are probably already aware that selling only once to each customer is not the ideal scenario.

In order to achieve success and keep your business growing over the years, you will need to invest in customer loyalty strategies, that is, make your buyers interested in returning for a new opportunity or, at least, if become promoters of your business.

According to a famous survey by Bain & Company, boosting your customer retention by just 5% can represent an increase of up to 95% in your business profit. This is because keeping active customers costs less than attracting, prospecting and winning new customers.

But after all, how to retain customers in the midst of such a busy and competitive market? That’s exactly why we created this content, where you will find the best tips to conquer and retain digital consumers. Without further ado, come on!

1. Study your target audience

The first step for you to increase customer loyalty is to study and get to know your target audience in depth.

After all, how will it be possible to please and work strategically without knowing the profile of its consumers.

Therefore, so that you can boost your chances of engaging and retaining customers through various actions (as we will present in the following tips), consider defining the Persona of your business.

The persona represents the profile of the “ideal consumer” for each of his campaigns, considering his main challenges, pains, interests, preferences and characteristics. To learn how to create a persona, check out our guide.

2. Invest in customer service

After knowing everything about your customers, it’s time to invest in offering excellent customer service. To do this, start by ensuring that it is available through your customers’ preferred service channels.

Especially in the digital market, online chat is the channel with the highest satisfaction rate when compared to others, such as e-mail, telephone, social networks, among others.

The main reason for this is the possibility of getting responses in real time and talking to a human attendant without having to wait on the line or stop doing other activities.

Today, a good service means:

  • Value the customer’s time;

  • Offer quick and accurate answers and solutions;

  • Treat the customer as unique and not just another;

  • Offer a personalized experience according to your needs and preferences;

  • Working with a focus on customer success (Customer Success);

  • Invest in customer relationship management (CRM) tools and professional service platforms;

If you have questions about the impact of customer service on customer loyalty, just ask yourself:

How many times have you or someone you know said you would never do business or buy from a brand again due to poor service?

Well, don’t let your customers leave your business page frustrated.

Customer service is important to retain and retain consumers

3. Integrate sales channels

Regardless of how many and which sales channels you offer, be sure to integrate them to improve the shopping experience for consumers.

No customer likes to have to repeat their needs and the same doubts or problems whenever they talk to a new attendant on another service channel, such as when transitioning from the phone to the online chat on your page, for example.

Therefore, in order to offer a differentiated and uninterrupted experience, invest in working with an omnichannel model – where information is easily accessible to your entire team, such as service history, customer registration data, etc.

You will not be able to compete if you still work with a multichannel model while the competition offers a differentiated and integrated experience between different devices and channels to increase customer loyalty.

4. Offer more than discounts

Discounts and promotions can certainly help you attract more customers to your store – however, they may not be the best strategy to help you build customer loyalty.

After all, you also want people to buy from you even when there are no special discounts like Black Friday, Consumer Day, etc.

Therefore, consider offering differentials so that customers realize the added value of choosing to buy in your business, such as:

  • Loyalty program where customers have discounts, points or benefits for their next purchases;

  • Bonus in the value of freight or permanent discount for loyal customers;

  • Special offers for loyal customers – such as upselling or cross selling;

  • Store card or loyalty card with clear benefits and no pranks;

  • Exclusive carrier with faster delivery guarantee for loyal customers.

These are just a few ideas that can help you visualize the main factors that can make consumers really want to come back to your store for a new purchase.

Offer differentials to increase customer loyalty

5. Leverage email marketing

E-mail marketing is still one of the main channels used in customer loyalty actions. After all, it is possible to state that essentially all of your registered customers and leads have a contact email.

In addition, 61% of consumers who have e-mail check their new messages daily.

Therefore, using the persona – as we mentioned in the first tip -, shoot e-mail marketing campaigns to feed your base in a segmented way, taking into account your preferences, interests, wish lists and even abandoned shopping carts.

Also remember that it is possible to integrate your customer service channels, such as online chat in your store with the main email marketing tools on the market – which optimizes your results and increases the efficiency of your campaigns.

6. Be reliable and consistent

Your brand must be reliable and consistent, that is, good shopping experiences cannot be a unique or occasional event. On the contrary, for you to retain consumers for a long time, it is always necessary to try to offer a better experience than the previous one for each visit on interaction.

For this to happen, it is important to have well-defined processes, such as a sales funnel that incorporates activities and follow-up actions by your team in each of its stages, from the first point of contact to closing the sale, and after -sale.

7. Boost on social media

Does your audience use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn more? If you still don’t know, don’t forget to return to our first tip on how to optimize customer loyalty.

Today, in Brazil, 96.2% of internet users are on a social network – which means that there is no reason to ignore them when talking about creating targeted content to engage their consumers.

You don’t have to be a giant like Coca-Cola to invest in campaigns aimed at bringing consumers closer to your business, as happened with the names on soda cans or the use of hashtags #ShareaCoke (share a Coca) on social media.

Of course, retaining customers does not have to be exclusively organic. Make sure you know and invest in Facebook retargeting tools or Instagram ads, for example, to leverage your results.

Loyalty on social networks

8. Be available on mobile devices

It may seem like a tip that has no relation to customer loyalty, but in fact, being present and offering responsive and ready pages and service channels to offer convenience to mobile consumers is really important.

This is because, today, a large part of the sales of ecommerces in Brazil already occurs through devices such as smartphones and tablets.

Mobile represents a huge share of customers and, if you are not able to serve them, in addition to significantly decreasing your chances of retaining customers, you will also be missing out on business opportunities.

9. Track the Customer Lifetime Value (CLV)

CLV, also known as customer lifetime, is one of the main metrics that deals especially with your customer loyalty rates.

Its purpose is to estimate how much each customer can generate value for your business throughout their active period in the company.

It is commonly used for B2B businesses (Business to Business), with enrollment programs, subscriptions, among other business models, but it is also very important for B2C companies (Business to Customer).

In addition to dealing with retention, it also incorporates its average ticket value. To help you understand everything about CLV and how to calculate it, check out our complete guide.

10. Think of Net Promoter Score (NPS)

The NPS is a metric that indicates how likely your consumers would refer your business to their own family and acquaintances.

It is measured using a scale from 0 to 10, where the results are evaluated as follows:

  • From 0 to 6, your customers are Detractors: that is, in addition to not recommending your brand, they have a good chance of talking badly about your business to other people;

  • From 7 to 8, your customers are Neutral: that is, they are not loyal customers to your brand, but they have not had a negative experience either;

  • From 9 to 10, your clients are Promoters: that is, you managed to achieve the loyalty of these customers, who were so impressed with the shopping experience that they felt free to indicate your brand to family and acquaintances.

The calculation of the NPS is done as follows:

NPS =% Promoting Clients -% Detractor Clients

NPS to calculate customer loyalty

The result is obtained in percentage and indicates which part of your company’s consumers are interested in promoting your business. This percentage value should be compared to a leaderboard as follows:

  • Critical Zone: in between 100 and 0

  • Improvement Zone: between 1 and 50

  • Quality Zone: between 51 and 75

  • Zone of Excellence: between 76 and 100

Send emails or forms so that customers can answer a short NPS questionnaire and then you will be able to not only do the calculation, but also identify those customers that deserve special attention in each category.

Ready to boost customer loyalty?

We hope that our tips can help you identify what needs to be done to leverage the growth of your business by maintaining existing consumers instead of always acting exclusively in search of new customers.

Remember, if you don’t already have a professional online service ecosystem in your business, Websites Are Us can help you with that. We offer a free online chat so you can chat with customers in real time directly from your business page.

Check out and discover the difference by being able to monitor and approach visitors through proactive invitations with the right messages, at the right times. Good sales!