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Graphic design, fashion design, product design, innovative design, design thinking … When people talk about design, several things come to mind and different things in the minds of the listener. Is it possible that there are all kinds of designs that we hear about? There are those who believe that design […]

Graphic design, fashion design, product design, innovative design, design thinking …

When people talk about design, different things pop up in their heads and different things in the minds of the listener.

Is it possible that there are all kinds of designs that we hear about?

There are those who believe that design is exclusively linked to images and communication materials, there are others who think of cool and futuristic furniture and decoration utensils, there are people who associate design only with plastic artists and those crazy installations in museums.

For each head, a sentence …

But, after all, what is it and what are the types of design?

And how can design types revolutionize your business?

Very calm at this time!

Let’s start at the beginning!

Origin of all types of design

All types of design that we know today have their origin in industrial design and product design, something that was strongly influenced by the industrial revolution in Europe and mainly in Germany.

This discipline aimed (and still aims) to find the best solution when idealizing, developing and creating an artifact.

The goal is to bring together the best features and functionality, both in the way the object will be used and in the way it will be produced.

That is: it is not enough that it is useful, functional, beautiful, intuitive to use, attractive and affordable (for your audience).

It must also be produced in a practical and orderly manner, optimizing the use of energy, financial resources and materials used, in a practical, sustainable and economical way.

Therefore, the design goes far beyond the beauty of objects, it should bring together values ​​such as:

  • Beauty,
  • Functionality
  • Productivity
  • economy
  • Sustainability

Among others.

As you see, no matter what the types of design are, they can all be very useful for your company.

When creating products, structuring your production line, making an advertisement, creating a blog or designing your logo, several types of design will be involved in these processes.

And if you do this in an integrated way, the path to your company’s success will be increasingly well laid out.

Let’s talk here about one of the types of design that can influence your business in a more agile way: visual and communication design.

Ideally, you should integrate product and communication design into a unified process, with even more effective results in the eyes of the consumer.

A company that knows how to do this with excellence is Apple, which not only has a flawless visual identity and communication campaigns, but also clearly conveys these values ​​and positioning also in the design of its products, always innovative and thought in a different way at each launch. .

Using visual and communication design in your company

This, of all types of design, is what people know most.

And many believe it is the only form of design, which is a mistake.

Visual design is one of the most important for your company, as it will be the one who will show your audience a series of vital elements for understanding your business.

It is through it that the public identifies and creates strong ties with your brand.

It is through design that your company will create a visual identity to correctly convey some fundamental concepts of the brand to your audience:

  • Your positioning: that is, the place you want to occupy in your hearts and minds, as you want to be seen by your consumers.
  • Your differentials: what you do better than others and is the reason that leads your customers to choose your brand and not that of a competitor when buying.
  • Make your offer of value clear: after all, who are you? What exactly do you offer to the public that can meet their needs? What problem can you solve to make life better after someone has had an experience with your company?

Companies that have a competent visual identity, as a result of professional design work, achieve much better results, either by making pamphlets or business card design, or in more fundamental projects, such as the creation of their logo.

12 advantages of using design in communication

  1. Originality.
  2. Sure to be speaking the “language” of your audience.
  3. Image of a quality and professional company.
  4. Greater effectiveness of actions.
  5. Correct transmission of your positioning to consumers.
  6. More adhesion and remembering your brand.
  7. Building value for the company with a strong brand.
  8. Differentiation from the competition.
  9. It adds intangible values ​​to its products and services.
  10. It moves and passionate its customers.
  11. It leads to repeat purchases and impulse purchases.
  12. Uniqueness, consistency and coherence in communication.

It is very important that your visual identity is present with the same message, positioning and elements in all points of contact with your consumer, whether in the product packaging, in an email marketing or even in the visual communication of your facade.

Of all types of design, communication and visual identity is the one that can bring results to your company more quickly, especially if used strategically, based on a good business plan, detailed in an efficient communication plan, with positioning and differentials that are clear and correctly translated into the design of your communication and marketing pieces.
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