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Despite being very close, marketing and advertising are not the same. Unlike what many people imagine, these areas do not have the same concept. Each has its own characteristics and can bring extraordinary results to the business if applied correctly. So, in this post, we decided to clarify the main differences and similarities between […]

Although they are very close, marketing and advertising are not the same thing.

Unlike what many people imagine, these areas do not have the same concept. Each has its own characteristics and can bring extraordinary results to the business if applied correctly.

So, in this post, we decided to clarify the main differences and similarities between advertising and marketing. So you can definitely understand the definition of each area. Check out:

What is marketing?

Marketing is a set of strategies that aims to help companies achieve their goals. This sector is responsible for planning all the actions necessary to achieve the business purposes.

Most companies aim to bring their products and services closer to consumers. For this, marketing considers the 4 Ps:

  • product;
  • price;
  • square;
  • and promotion.

They are meant to develop tactics throughout this process.

It is necessary use various tools to attract the interest of the target audience of a company, especially these days. With an intense volume of information, consumers are increasingly selective.

In this sense, the role of marketing has been changing every day. After all, it is no longer just a matter of bringing a product closer to the potential customer, but doing it with relevance, generating value.

And what is advertising?

Advertising is one of the tools that marketing uses to create its strategies. It is the act of propagating a message meeting the various marketing objectives.

An advertisement may have the purpose of sell a product, publicize an idea or attract more visibility to the brand, for example.

To exemplify: marketing is like a big cake, and advertising, one of its slices. That is, the 1st exists without the 2nd, but the promotion does not exist without a well-defined marketing strategy.

What are the main similarities between advertising and marketing?

The planning

Even though they are distinct, the 2 areas need well-structured planning. Thus, actions become more effective and provide positive results for business.

Because it is something bigger, marketing needs planning as a tool to organize all strategic decisions. On the other hand, defining the main media and investing in each one does not exist without designing a path.

The act of planning involves devising the best strategies to achieve future goals.

This is essential, since any path is for those who do not know where they want to go. For this reason, planning is one of the main similarities between these 2 branches.

The persona

Another similar aspect is that the audience that the brand wants to reach is the center of any strategy. If in the past it was common for a company to act from the inside out, today it is quite different.

Solutions can no longer be created for the consumer to accept later. Instead: potential customers who dictate the main consumer trends so that brands start producing.

However, it has an aspect that has not changed. Both in the macro environment of marketing and in the specific definitions of advertising, it is necessary to consider the persona as the main character.

Only by knowing very well who you want to talk to will you be able to win the right person for your business. That is, investing in the creation of personas is essential for both cases.

That avoids a lot of wasted time and money because when the company understands who really has an interest and potential to buy its products, it stops investing in reaching people who are not part of that group.

Consequently, it will be necessary to less time for the commercial team to convince people and less ineffective advertising. In other words, campaigns focused on the wrong audience will be eliminated and the company can only win.

The analysis

Contrary to what many people think, those who work with humans need to deal with numbers well. As with advertising, marketing is also important understand the main metrics that should be evaluated.

Investing in stocks without committing to frequent numbers evaluation means driving a car blindfolded. That is, it is impossible to understand the performance of the actions to improve them.

In addition, it is necessary to have the ability to remove valuable data from these outcome indicators and turn them into key information in decision making. In this way, it is possible to find the points that must be improved and replicate what is working.

Consequently, the chances of increasing the return on investment increase considerably. It is important to note that not everything that can be measured should be measured. Therefore, try to identify the most relevant metrics for the business before starting to measure them.

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And what are the main differences between marketing and advertising?

Measurement of results

Although the 2 areas require the measurement of results in the publicity, this happens more immediately.

At any time, you can change an element of the campaign to get better results. Therefore, it is extremely important to measure results more frequently to optimize campaigns and maximize ROI quickly.

Already in marketing, it is necessary to define a periodicity for evaluation, since the actions are larger and need a longer period to show expressive results. Therefore, it is not recommended to evaluate a marketing plan every day, for example.

Measuring results requires time and discipline. So, in many cases, hiring a specialized agency can be an excellent solution.

The focus on the external public

Marketing includes not only strategies for communicating with the market, but also with the internal public of a company. An organization’s employees represent its essence and can become great advocates for a brand by attracting more and more customers.

Therefore, there is another different point between the 2 areas, because advertising is only concerned with the external public. In other words, the focus of advertising is totally focused on creating ads to attract new consumers.

In contrast, marketing is also concerned with strategies that involve the company’s internal audience. The tactics of endormarketing they are an example of business-oriented marketing.

Specialization and skills

The market still confuses the skills that each sector requires from professionals.

In most cases, the person responsible for marketing has a multidisciplinary profile, with a broader view. He needs to understand the market, O target Audience, a competition, the Dice and all available tools to create successful strategies.

O marketing professional it’s not just responsible for creating the campaign’s objectives. He needs to know, for example, that there is a shopping journey that the consumer goes through before becoming a customer.

Therefore, it is necessary to identify the stage of this path the consumer is in, to transmit to the advertiser. Consequently, the person responsible for advertising must create the ad content most appropriate to the stage the potential customer is in.

Already the advertiser has a more limited view and understands part of the process. Its role is fundamental to achieve positive results, but the profile of the professional is different from that of the marketer. It is necessary that he deeply understand all the media available and their characteristics.

In addition, it must have a expertise in the distribution of the business budget, as well as the metrics that must be taken into account in each medium. That is, you need to have a deeper understanding of the basic techniques to be successful with your ads.

Can marketing and advertising go together?

The perfect world is when companies use these two arms of communication in synergy. However, the real situation shows us that several organizations have not yet realized that, walking hand in hand, marketing and advertising are the key to success.

Especially when talking about the digital environment, that the volume of information creates poverty of attention. For this reason, it is paramount that marketing data is considered in creating efficient advertising.

On the Internet, consumers leave traces and marketers must be aware of this phenomenon. Driven by data, it is possible to plan and create many more creative promotion strategies.

Nowadays, consumers no longer want to be interrupted by advertising as they used to. Thereby, O permission marketing must be able to increasingly guide advertisers in creating relevant messages delivered at the right time.

What are the benefits of this union?

The good relationship between the advertising and marketing teams allows create a competitive advantage in the market.

In addition, the poor performance of one area will certainly harm the other. So the best alternative is use the expertise of each of the sectors so that, together, they are able to generate spectacular results for business!

Digital marketing is changing very fast and, for this reason, it is increasingly difficult to choose the right path to follow.

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