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Being closer to your customers and prospects is something very important for a company to be successful in its sales. And that is where Digital Marketing and its most varied strategies to promote this proximity come in. One is email marketing. I imagine you already know the importance of investing in it, right? […]

Being closer to your customers and prospects is something very important for a company to be successful in its sales. And that is where Digital Marketing and its most varied strategies to promote this proximity come in.

One is email marketing.

I imagine you already know the importance of investing in it, right? After all, it is used by 92% of adults online and has a significant ROI.

And for a good email marketing strategy, you need to build and grow your email list, which should be done organic form.

That is: no buying email lists! Although many people believe that it is a good idea, this strategy does not work, because besides being invasive, it does not promote engagement.

Therefore, in this text we will present 27 ways for you to grow your company’s contact list organically, achieving good results in your email marketing strategy.

Come on?

1. Have a good offer

The first essential point is to have a differentiated and clear offer. Be objective and show the value of what you have to offer.

Currently people are in contact with a vast amount of information, so your offer has to stand out enough for the user to be attracted to it.

2. Make good ebooks

The elaboration of rich materials will make all the difference, as they are extremely valuable to the user. One of the simplest formats for rich materials is ebooks.

And make no mistake: simplicity is not synonymous with inefficiency. On the contrary, ebooks are among the materials most offered by companies and most useful to the user. Therefore, create ebooks with different topics and levels of difficulty for your audience.

3. Promote webinars

Webinars are another category of rich material and their difference lies in being a video format, live and with the possibility of user interaction.

Video is one of the most valued content formats today and provides a good user experience, so the webinar enters this scenario as a smart resource that companies can invest in both capturing and retaining customers.

4. Consider creating an online course (or training)

Online courses and training offer unique opportunities for the user to learn about a topic easy and practical way, as you can do everything from your computer and from your own home.

Thus, you can offer a course or training on relevant topics for your audience. The depth and what will be covered is up to you, everything depends on the strategy you want to follow.

The course can also be offered in several formats, such as email, ready-made videos or even live training. It all depends, again, on your goals.

5. Offer popular blog posts to download

Have you ever stopped to think that those advanced blog posts or those that generate more traffic are of great value to the user? In this sense, it can be extremely relevant for these users to always have the content with them.

For this reason, make these posts available for download in PDF using a simple form or CTA. The suggestion is start with your posts with more access (just check out what they are in Google Analytics) and by those on the social media outreach calendar or boost through ads.

This strategy has already brought positive results even here on the blog. Check out how it is done:

create pdfs to grow your email list

Do you want to offer your blog posts in PDF in a simple and practical way? Use WAU Convert, our free WordPress plugin!

6. Create a free tool

Have you ever thought how much people need resources in their daily lives, whether at work or in personal life? It is no wonder that the number of functional applications grows more and more.

Therefore, creating useful tools for your persona can be a great offer that generates great value. But, of course, a tool may not be so simple to develop, so it is usually offered for a fee or (what interests us) in exchange for user information.

And don’t worry! Your tool doesn’t have to be fancy. In fact, the best is to create specific tools, simple to use and that meet a demand from your persona. This includes, for example, calculators, spreadsheets and authoring tools.

Websites Are Us, for example, created some interesting tools for its potential customers and that generate great results for the company. Check out:

7. Make quizzes

Who has never done a quiz on Buzzfeed that throws the first stone! Jokes aside, quizzes are a great way to engage the user and draw attention.

The suggestion to be able to increase your email list with them is to leave a form when showing the result of the quiz with an offer related to it.

8. Create content

Content Marketing is no longer a marketing trend and has become practically mandatory for companies that want to get good results online. And how can creating content grow your email list?

First, by increase your chances of being found by the user, from a good job of SEO and dissemination. With this, it is possible to insert several conversion points in the content, which we will see in more detail below.

content marketing first steps

9. Insert CTAs in your blog posts

Now that we’ve seen some types of materials that you can offer, it’s time to understand how to offer them. The first good step is to insert CTAs into your blog posts.

CTAs can be used in different formats, the most common of which are highlighted text, images and boxes. And remember: CTA can be inserted at different points in the text. So, fit it where it makes the most sense, and use several of them to offer more materials (but don’t overdo it, okay?).

To monitor the efficiency of each format, it is recommended to use UTMs, standardizing what you want to identify as most efficient.

10. Make audio content available

Audio content has also proved to be a promising investment in digital marketing, both for making content more accessible and for allowing consumption on the go. The growth of podcasts shows us that people have enjoyed listening.

So how about making some of your audio content available? Through a simple email field, the user will be able to listen to the post, instead of reading it, generating value for him.

11. Offer a discount coupon

How about offering a discount coupon to users who fill out an email field or sign up for the newsletter? This is an offer with direct and monetary incentive, which shows a direct benefit for the user.

To enhance this, it is still possible to make the coupon for a limited time or change it according to the date.

So, on holidays, like Christmas, offering special coupons can be a good strategy. In everyday life, a 10% discount coupon on the first purchase already promotes greater engagement.

use discounts to grow your email list

12. Offer a toast

This offer works the same as the previous one, but this time with a free gift for the user who signs up for the newsletter and makes a purchase.

The gift acts as an incentive and promotes a sense of benefit, so it’s a great idea. To create a sense of urgency, you can limit the time of the offer or the availability of gifts.

13. Offer a free trial period

This feature works primarily for on-demand tools and services. The idea is simple: let the user try your product for a limited time before buying it.

This is interesting for two reasons: first, you get detailed information from that potential customer, not just the email; second, the chances of conversion increase with less effort on the part of the sales team.

Some companies already use this feature, such as mLabs:

use free trials to grow your email list

14. Promote contests or sweepstakes

A good strategy is also to promote contests and sweepstakes in which one of the conditions of participation is the user’s email.

You can raffle some product or service, in the case of sweepstakes, or, in the case of contests, ask questions to the user, ask them to create some project relevant to the business theme, take a photo with the product and so on.

15. Insert forms in your blog posts

Like CTAs, forms are a great strategy for blog posts. They are especially valuable for allowing the user to convert on the page itself, so there is no need for a longer path (click on a CTA and migrate to a landing page to download the form).

While both strategies are effective, forms have a greater potential for shortening the path. However, they can be larger and / or more aggressive than CTAs.

Therefore, prefer to use them little in the content, giving preference to the most important materials.

16. Use the blog header …

The header (the banner at the top of the highlighted blog) can be a very valuable space to insert a conversion point.

The suggestion is to leave an invitation there for the user to subscribe to the newsletter, as the email field is already explicit.

17.… and the footer too

The footer, as the name implies, is the banner at the bottom of the blog. And you can even think if it is really valuable to use it, after all, it is much less seen.

And the answer is “yes” for this very reason: the user who arrived there is really interested in the content he consumed or the information on the page. Therefore, your chance of conversion may be even greater at the end of your experience (if it was a good one, of course).

learn how to grow your email list using the footer

18. Insert a conversion point on your home page

Your home page is the showcase of your online business, the point of reference for your visitors. Thus, it will likely receive a relevant number of hits.

So you shouldn’t leave it without a strategic conversion point. He doesn’t have to be very aggressive or direct, everything will depend on your business. The suggestion is to insert a small CTA or subscription box for the newsletter.

19. Use CTAs on social networks

If you think that your actions on social networks should stay there, it is important to reevaluate this concept. They are excellent tools in their own right, but can be leveraged when used for joint purposes with other means.

Although social networks allow a very strong sense of closeness, they are not as direct as email, where communication takes place exclusively between the brand and the customer.

So how about joining the two and put CTAs for your newsletter or rich materials? I believe that you already insert links to your social networks in your email communication, and the opposite can be quite interesting as well.

You can use CTAs at various points on your social networks, such as:

  • bio (this goes for everyone, but mainly Instagram and Twitter);
  • photo captions;
  • profile or cover photo (Facebook);
  • Instagram Stories.

Learn all about Social Networks

20. Use customer testimonials to your advantage

Have you considered using testimonials as social proof of the value of your offer? You can insert testimonials from customers or people who have already purchased that material very close to the CTA or on your landing page, which provides a sense of identification.

21. Invest in ads

Ads on social networks or search engines are great for strategic moments and goals. They should be used to direct the user to pages of high interest for the company and that provide greater chances of conversion.

Thus, in addition to choosing the right keywords for the ad, it is ideal to direct users to pages with a high conversion rate, such as landing pages, product or contact page and even blog posts with more conversion points.

22. Make a good landing page

We have already talked a lot about landing pages here, but we must understand that it is not enough that it exists: it must be optimized.

Landing pages are strategic, since are pages dedicated exclusively to the offer and conversion. The user who reaches it already has an interest and it is up to you to convince him that that offer is worth it enough for him to offer his data.

There are several points to optimize on a landing page, such as colors, images to be used, fields for filling in and copywriting.

Before creating your own, we recommend reading this post to understand what you need to do. Later on, we’ll talk about tests you can do to see what works best.

23. Use pop ups

Pop ups may seem quite inconvenient, but they actually bring good results to marketing strategies, optimizing conversion.

Of course they must be used with care, so as not to pollute your domain and disrupt user navigation.

Having said that, it is important to know that you can invest in the most different types of pop-ups, in addition to adapting it to the user’s moment on your page. Some examples:

  • exit pop ups: appear when the user moves the cursor towards the “X”, that is, close the window;
  • pop ups with subscription to newsletter: they are interesting, as the email field is already evident, and it makes it easier for the user to leave their contact;
  • pop up according to browsing time: instead of showing a pop up as soon as the user arrives, you can configure it to appear 30 seconds or even a minute after browsing, which is interesting for reaching more engaged users with the content.

learn how to grow your email list using pop ups

24. Install (and optimize) Hello Bar

The Hello Bar is a great tool and is very worth investing in. It works on the pop up logic, but is highly customizable. It is possible to configure the background image, the colors, size, position on the screen, copy, colors and from how long the navigation will appear.

It is interesting because it already makes the contact field available for the user to fill in quite clearly. Another interesting point about it is the customization of the buttons, which allows you to use the text to guide the user’s click intention, as is the case of the Ubersuggest Hello Bar:

learn how to grow your email list with hello bar

Hello Bar has a high conversion potential and large companies are already investing in the resource!

Want to try the tool? Use our affiliate link and receive 1 month free access Hello Bar. Just register here.

25. Offer different registration options

Instead of offering the same subscription option to all users, how about offering what they want most? This greatly increases the chances that they will be interested in keeping in touch with your company.

So, a good idea is invite the user to subscribe to the newsletter and allow him to choose which topic he wants to receive. You can offer between 3 and 5 relevant options and segment your shipments based on them.

Another interesting point to segment is the frequency of receipt. Many users opt out of receiving newsletters because they do not match the frequency of sending. So let them choose between daily, weekly or monthly, for example. This is done here on the blog:

Use different form of registration

26. Run tests on CTAs

As we mentioned earlier, a CTA can have different formats and be at different points on the website and / or blog. So, nothing more logical than testing which format works best for your business, right?

You can test the colors of the CTA, use an image or not, change the copywriting … Anyway, the possibilities are many. But the most important thing is to always test only one element, so that it is clear what worked or not.

27. Test your landing pages

There are also several test points on the landing pages. You can focus on the structure of the information: photos, videos, graphics or just text will be used.

The copy is also an interesting point. How about showing in detail what will be treated in the material? You can structure the information in topics, for example, and make bold what is most important.

It is important to focus on colors. Would a change of colors positively or negatively affect the conversion rate of that page?

Finally, it is essential to test the form fields. Change them according to what makes sense for the business and also understanding what information is needed. Make it easy to fill and make the process easier, this can have a positive impact on conversions.

If you’ve made it this far, I’m sure you’re interested in a results email marketing strategy, and it couldn’t be different. Now that you know how to grow your list, I recommend that you understand how to manage it. Check out this material.

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