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The reality of many Marketing professionals does not offer many resources to use in communication strategies. Therefore, it is necessary to find ways to publicize your business for free and, currently, it is possible to reduce costs and still not lose in efficiency and accuracy in your campaigns and ads.

Within a market that is increasingly disputed in search of the attention and resources of a demanding consumer, it’s critical to find ways to promote your brand and, preferably, without adding many costs. Fortunately, with the right Digital Marketing strategies applied, it is possible to advertise your company for free.

Even with a tighter budget for Marketing, the excuses for not attracting more visitors to your pages or failing to strengthen the digital presence are over. Today, it is possible to adopt low cost strategies that, if executed correctly, can generate returns as good as a paid ad, for example.

Are you curious and want to know more about the techniques, concepts and strategies that make it possible for you to advertise your business for free? So you are in the right place!

Just continue reading this article to know the importance of reducing expenses and, of course, what are the best ways to highlight your brand for free. Check out!

What are the advantages of promoting your business for free?

Which professional who works with Digital Marketing does not dream of achieving great results with their campaigns even with little investment? The good news is that, currently, it is possible to take efficient and precise actions without the need to invest a lot of resources and, thus, publicize your business for free.

To successfully promote your brand, betting on just one strategy is not enough.

The ideal scenario, in fact, is precisely to combine tactics that require a larger financial contribution and those that do not demand so much from your budget. Some looking for quicker results and others with medium and long-term thinking.

By strengthening and acting on all fronts, you can promote your brand more accurately, impacting your target audience and, consequently, generating better results. Advertising your brand for free, however, is not limited to offering these benefits to your business.

At a time when competition is increasingly fierce, saving every penny can make a big difference. Therefore, disclosing your business for free also helps in the financial health of your company and, better, without interfering in the quality of the actions and Marketing campaigns.

What are the 8 best ways to highlight your brand for free?

So, if you plan to improve your company’s financial health and still increase your revenue, you need to know the best ways to advertise your business, right? Therefore, we have listed 8 options for you to choose the one that best fits your Marketing plan. Check out!

1. Start a blog

One of the most efficient strategies when it comes to low cost and excellent returns is, without a doubt, Content Marketing.

For this, the ideal is to have a platform to publish these contents, such as creating a blog, and, thus, providing relevant materials and articles about your area of ​​expertise.

Produce relevant content, which helps your persona to solve a problem or learn about different subjects, so you become a reference in the field.

In addition, through SEO (Search Engine Optimization) techniques, you can highlight your brand on search engines – and attract more visitors – without spending anything.

2. Publish content on social networks

Social networks have become an excellent communication channel between brands and companies, but it is not always easy generate engagement on these platforms.

According to Social Media Trends 2019, 69.4% of companies have difficulties in this task. With the production of relevant content, however, this becomes easier to overcome.

Use social networks to spread the content of your blog. In addition, you can think of different materials for each platform: on Instagram, for example, videos generate 38% more engagement than photos and images. With the right use, these channels are great allies to advertise your business for free.

3. Send newsletters

When producing relevant content, you will have enough material to send newsletters to your customers and leads, for example.

By periodically offering articles on subjects that interest your persona, you strengthen your brand’s digital presence and relevance, in addition to strengthening the relationship with users.

Data from Content Trends 2018 corroborate the importance of this strategy: 44.3% of users say they use this resource to inform themselves. Being present in communication channels that your customers – and potential ones – are an excellent way to promote your brand, especially when it does not generate costs.

4. Write Guest Posts

Any business has partners, right? When we talk about Digital Marketing, they can be excellent allies to strengthen the link building work of your blog or website, for example.

You can publish partner content on your page and vice versa, so both businesses are able to improve visibility – this technique is what we call the Guest Post.

That way, in addition to strengthening your website’s credibility and authority, you can also advertise your business on that partner’s channels. Both sides gain from the free exposure of both brands.

5. Sign up for Google My Business

When it comes to promoting your company for free, Google is a great partner in this difficult mission.

In addition to Content Marketing and ranking in search engine searches, another platform can help your brand: Google My Business. With it, you put your business on the search engine for free.

Your company will also appear on Google Maps and Google +. That is, without spending a dime, you make your business information available on one of the main Internet channels.

Opening hours, contact details (such as address, e-mail, website and telephone), profiles on social networks, in short, your main information.

6. Create relevant videos on YouTube

YouTube is undoubtedly one of the fastest growing communication platforms on the internet.

In London, according to YouTube Insights, 95% of Brazilians who are online access the address at least once a month. By creating videos relevant to your brand’s channel, you can communicate with thousands of users.

7. Participate in podcasts

According to information from ABPod (London Podcasting Association), podcasts are increasingly popular in London: there are just over 250 thousand programs made in this format.

Advertising your company on these channels is therefore an efficient way to increase the relevance of your brand.

Find a podcast that has something to do with your area of ​​expertise and try to participate in one of these conversations. Being seen with authority in a certain segment is very important and, of course, a great way to advertise your business.

8. Have representation at events

Despite the importance and relevance of strategies on online channels, the advertising of your brand does not need to be done only on digital platforms.

And an excellent way to promote your brand for free is participating in events and lectures about your company’s area of ​​operation.

Want an example? Suppose you work with e-commerce and your store has seen improvements when applying an Omnichannel strategy.

Then try to participate in events and lectures on the subject, publicizing your success story and, for free, strengthening your brand image within the market and among potential customers.

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How important is it to monitor and evaluate each strategy?

The options to advertise your company for free are many and fit even the tightest budgets, however, the low cost does not mean that any strategy will work with your business. O constant monitoring of each dissemination tactic is essential to assess the feasibility of each of them.

After all, several factors change the efficiency of each strategy: from the persona to the area in which a company operates.

Therefore, it is very important to analyze and identify the strengths and weaknesses of each of these actions and, thus, better understand which strategies work best for your business.

If your audience is in a higher age range, videos on YouTube may not generate as many results, for example, as long as an email marketing strategy proves to be quite effective.

In Digital Marketing, track the performance of each action not only is it possible, but it is also mandatory for your company’s success.

So stay tuned for the ways that work best for your business. After all, as much as the strategies are cheap, you will waste time – another precious item – with an action that offers no results for your company. Regularly evaluate your campaigns and focus on the most efficient and accurate.

The lack of resources is gradually becoming a very serious problem for Marketing professionals.

With platforms, channels and communication tools, it is possible to disclose your business for free and, even so, achieve excellent returns with your campaigns and actions for your company.

Now that you know how to advertise your brand for free, how about checking out other trends and solutions that can help your business to prosper even more? To help you in this task, we have separated 10 Marketing strategies for you to test!