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Learn in this article how to make a vacation email that surprises its sender. We will show you the main features that an email should have and some templates and practical tips to easily configure it in the tool, whether in gmail or outlook.

Email is one of the most used work tools in our routine. There, we communicate with customers, suppliers, partners and anyone who is interested in our business.

In this communication channel, the answer needs to be quick. Otherwise, it will cause irritation on the client and other senders.

The situation gets even worse when we are on vacation and we only return the message a few days later.

To avoid any kind of unforeseen event, it is essential to create an email to communicate your absence.

In this article, we will explain the following points:

Come on?

What is vacation notice and how does it work?

Vacation emails, or automatic messages with vacation notifications, are used to inform your customers and partners that you will be away from the company and without access to the Internet.

In addition, this type of email shows what paths the sender must follow in order for the demand to be met during this period.

These messages help you have a smoother vacation. After all, you will know that your customers and other people important to your business will not be alone in your absence.

The relationship with the consumer also only tends to improve, as he realizes that you were concerned to inform him how to proceed with all the tasks, without the risk of delays. It is a great Marketing strategy.

However, most people do not perform this activity, as they have difficulty writing the text with all the necessary information for the client.

What few people know is that the production of this email is not complicated. There are tools that already leave a space in the settings tab to record your absence.

There is no rule that stipulates what content should compose the automatic message. However, some elements are essential.

Among the information, it is recommended to include the days when you will not be at the company, who are the people responsible for replacing you and how to act in cases of emergency.

On vacation, you will have less stress, your heart will be healthier, your energy level will improve and your happiness will be endless. The secret is not to let an email ruin your day to guarantee all these benefits, combined?

Therefore, it is essential to know how to write a good email to delight the reader.

How to write a vacation email?

A quality automatic message should have great words, surprise the sender and help you in the best way even when you are not present.

So you must follow some tips to succeed.

Be objective

Plain text is critical in automated email. Your client will receive a message that he did not expect, so don’t make him lose his mind with a long speech.

Therefore, before clicking on the send button, check if the content answers these two questions:

  • reported why the message is automatic?
  • What should the client do during his vacation?

If the text has this information, it is not necessary to fill it with other data. That way, the sender will be happy with your concern.

Use good humor

Humor is an excellent resource for automatic messages. It makes the relationship more relaxed, since the sender will not like the subject of your content.

However, be careful when choosing the joke. A subject that is great for a miner may not have the same acceptance for a gaucho.

The way out is to study your client portfolio a lot to see if it is worth taking a chance on humor. If it’s not the best way out, use emojis to empathize with the customer.

Give a touch of humanization

It is increasingly common to use automatic messages in companies. They are not only used for vacations, but for various situations of the day: internal events, complicated moments in the team, accumulation of tasks, among others.

Excessive use of this feature causes the content to lose its charm and the message to be a little more distant from the persona. After all, who has never received an email and identified it as automatic?

So, if you intend to create a differential in your business, write texts with a touch of humanization and that is memorable for your client. He will probably be looking forward to your return.

Apply the scan

Scannability is a great technique for content to be created with the reader’s experience in mind.

Take this concept to your emails too. There are some tips that facilitate the production of content:

  • create ideas in short paragraphs;
  • think of small contents;
  • create subtitles, if necessary;
  • make lists.

Good content for the Internet should make life easier for readers to find the information they need easily.

And scannability must be applied in various communication channels, including social networks.

Review your content

It never hurts to remember the importance of a good review before setting up your email. Ask your co-workers to read the content before completing it.

In some cases it is difficult to visualize errors, as we are already addicted to the text.

So asking for feedbacks is always a good tip.

Offer a gift to the sender

This tip is worth gold for those who seek to enchant their customers daily. In the automatic message, you can offer a unique gift to the sender.

It can be an ebook, an infographic or other rich material that will impact your strategy.

An automatic email does not damage your image with the customer. On the contrary, it brings more professionalism to your relationship.

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What are the best vacation email templates?

There are several email templates that you can program during your vacation. Check out some of them below:

1. Humanized touch: creates empathy with the public.

“Hello, how are you?

I am not in the office between (x) and (x) August. And for a very special occasion: I’m going to spend a few days on vacation in Fernando de Noronha.

I will be surrounded by beaches, nature and tranquility. Therefore, I am unable to dedicate 100% of my day to reply to your email.

If you need help with any task, contact my manager or my co-worker through the following email: (x).

I hope to see you soon.


2. Email with free gift to the client: avoid frustration due to its absence.


I’m not in the office to enjoy my family vacation. So I can’t answer you right now.

Do you need my help for any urgent demand? Please contact my manager at the following email: (x).

Do you want to enhance the results of your strategy during my absence? I have separated some rich materials that can help you in this process. See below!

I’ll be back soon and with more energy to reach our goals.


3. Classic email: automatic messages that are used frequently by employees of any company.


I will be absent from the office between (x) and (x) and will not have access to my email during that time.

However, you won’t have to wait for the carnival to end to help you reach your goals.

Therefore, contact my assistant at the following email: (x).

He will be prepared to serve you in the best way.

I’m really excited to be working together again.

I hope to see you soon!


These are some examples of email that you can apply to your routine.

It is essential to make it clear that the style of the content will depend on how the relationship with your customer is.

If he is more self-conscious, do not abuse informal language.

If he is more relaxed, it is worth using a little humor and even emojis.

How to do a vacation email in Gmail?

Now that you know what an automatic vacation email is, how it works and what are the most common examples, how about learning how to set it up in your mailbox? We will use Gmail as an example in this tutorial.

We separated a very simple step by step. Check out!

First step

At the moment there is no secret. Use your computer or mobile device and sign in to Gmail.

Second step

Click the gear icon in Gmail, which represents your settings. It is located in the upper right corner of your home screen.

Third step

Then just go to the bottom of the page. There, you will find a field that says “vacation responder on”.

Then write your message.

You can make it bold, italic, underline and even change the font color. There are also other formatting features. Use the one that best matches the content of your message.

How to make a vacation email in Outlook?

After learning how to make a vacation email in Gmail, let’s talk about the process in Outlook.

First step

Initially, you must click on the file, which is located in the menu of your page.

Second step

Then just click on automatic responses.

Now you can take a peaceful vacation, as customers will receive your messages without any problem.

Remember to put a task in your calendar to remove the automatic message as soon as you get back from vacation.

Vacation email cannot be done in any way. After all, it is a great tool to delight your customer, even when he is not present at your company.

Now that you know how to make a vacation email, how about creating a signature in a few minutes? Access our subscription generator and turn all your emails into business opportunities.