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If you work with social networks, you know that all details are important when building the ideal profile. In this content, we will teach you how to take care of your Instagram bio in a creative way that reinforces the main attributes of your brand.

A good biography for Instagram is one of the first actions that should be developed in a social media plan. After all, what is the ideal way to summarize key brand information creatively, which preserves its main institutional attributes and draws the public’s attention?

Think of this small space as the main opportunity to win the first class audience. It is basically that story that says “the first impression is what remains”!

So, do not ignore the resource and start developing that concept that summarizes the best of your brand. In this content, you will learn how to perfect the bio from the following topics:

Why worry about the Instagram bio?

We now list the main reasons for investing in a good biography within the social network. Stay tuned in each one and understand what points can be improved right now!

You align expectations with the customer

It is necessary to identify the importance that a target audience, persona and well-defined audience strategies have when closing deals. After all, no one wants to waste time with a user who doesn’t talk to the brand or that has minimal chances of conversion.

A clear definition regarding not only the services, but what people will find in the profile, is important to align expectations and eliminate those users who do not make sense at the moment.

In addition, you will be even more sure of the fact that the new followers are there out of genuine interest. Brands that mask their services or don’t talk about them openly at first are harmed in the long run.

This is because they can initially attract a large number of people, but it does not take long before the content is understood by the audience, which, in turn, will have a significant dropout rate.

Information is delivered clearly

Information such as the city / state of operation, sales and contact channels are crucial to generate greater engagement with the profile. If the user has no idea where you are, or how to get in touch if you want to make a purchase, be sure that soon he will search for other profiles.

Clarity in relation to technical data is also a point responsible for filter and qualify the audience. So, ask yourself what are the main doubts that involve your brand in general and do not waste time: spread them in the biography.

The user’s attention will be snapped up quickly

Here comes a lot where we are going to talk about creativity. Extensive biographies, of the kind that “talk a lot, but say nothing” and do not present attractive elements generate disinterest.

Remember once again what we talked about about the first impression and know that your brand currently competes with thousands of other profiles on the network.

The more attractive the basic information about your brand is, the faster the customer’s attention is hooked. And, with the optimization of the time in this first contact, you will have much better chances of exploring the curiosity and the interest of the customer in the feed posts and in the stories, for example. Hence the shopping!

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How important is social networking for companies?

Instagram, which initially proposed to be a social network for users looking to share their routines, hobbies and interesting moments, has completely transformed in recent years.

In a short time, the platform gained space in the universe of monetization. Whether with the old bloggers who have become digital influencers, small brands looking to use Instagram as a direct sales platform, or big companies looking for online positioning, the network revolution is a fact already accepted by the public.

Seen as a great business platform, then Instagram has improved and nowadays it offers countless resources for companies looking to grow on the network.

It is the example of Instagram for Business, a tool that delivers comprehensive reports and analysis on audiences, content and formats.

How to make the content ideal?

The ideal content formula is not as difficult or mysterious as it sounds. By joining a few simple yet crucial points, the end result will be ready to hook new followers and also retain those who are already fans of the page.

Be clear about your proposal

Initially it is important to define clearly and objectively what is your role in the social network. Let’s think about a party clothes rental store called “The perfect dress”.

If you do not point out in the biography the purpose of the business and how it works, those who come from abroad may think that that profile is a store that sells dresses, for example, or even a “microblog” page to inspire readers about trends.

As we have already said, ask yourself what are the main information that could generate doubt in the reader.

Invest in resources beyond text

Emojis are the perfect allies when building a legal biography. In addition to being creative and eye-catching, they create a dynamic air to the content, since text-only content can sound “erased” and blend in with all the other information in the profile.

In addition to emojis, it is also interesting to invest in hashtags. Just be careful with the excess: we recommend a maximum of two in small size.

It is also important that the hashtags are already used by the profile in the feed posts, as Instagram generates clickable links in the bio itself. That way, the reader can browse more targeted categories of content!

Still thinking about the example from the store above, it would be time to divide the hashtags between casual dresses and gala dresses. It is also worth creating a tag for customers to post photos with the products and share on their social networks.

Use the break lines

When we type the “enter” key (and its derivatives) on Instagram via mobile, it doesn’t recognize the line spacing. Therefore, the text can be confused and with the feeling of being something much bigger.

One tactic is to use the break lines by doing the biography on the computer. There are also ways to make the spacing larger, which makes the profile even more beautiful visually. In this case, a simple search on Google already gives you the space, which is copied and pasted on Instagram.

Direct the reader somewhere

What will be the call to action? Enter the site? Make a call? Be clear about where it “should go” and provide all necessary links / data so that the path is followed.

It is also worth adding other “bureaucratic” information such as opening hours and days, possibility of free shipping, promotional coupons or items that catch the attention of that potential customer.

Tell a story creatively

There’s no point in having that “perfect profile” stereotype if you don’t have a story to tell. The public is becoming more and more demanding and, in the midst of the changes that came with the digital transformation, purchasing behavior has also changed.

Brands that do not talk in a genuine way are less likely to win that customer who will be enchanted and become a promoter of your business.

Therefore, expose your purposes, values, essence and personality, always in a creative way and different from what the competition has been doing. Benchmarking studies can be important not only to discard ideas, but also to be inspired.

Above all the textual and strategic resources that can be used on the social network, focus on delivering true value to your customer. This will make all the difference!

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