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To create a location on Instagram, you need to use Facebook. Open the application on your phone, click on the text box “What are you thinking about today?”, Choose the option “Check-in”, touch “Add new location”, select the category, fill in the address details and touch “Create”.

Creating Instagram location is a necessity for those who want to use the app to generate business, by viewing the content posted there.

Instagram is a social network that has already become a fever worldwide. There are more than a billion users, with at least 66 million Brazilians using the application daily. This makes London the second country with the largest number of users, behind only the United States.

Companies are taking advantage of the application, especially the interaction on the social network, which is 15 times bigger other social networks. In addition to followers, likes and shares, there is also the possibility to disclose the location of the business in posts on Instagram.

However, whoever tried to mark a specific place, may have encountered a problem: not being able to mark the place they wanted in the post, only those that are already suggested in a list.

Discover now the importance of this feature and learn how to create location on Instagram through a complete step by step. We will go through the following topics:

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Why have posts with location on Instagram?

The marketing areas of the companies found on Instagram the ideal tool to promote their products and services, facilitating sales and also branding.

In addition to being able to advertise, sponsor your posts and achieve good results through these tactics, there is also the free interaction that users can carry out without the direct intervention of the brand.

Creating a location on Instagram is one of those free ways to advertisebecause users, when searching for a location, can mark the location of your business and show their followers – who don’t necessarily follow your business – where they were. Is there free advertising better than that?

In addition, many people do research on local stores and businesses on Instagram and having a location on the network can bring customers organically, as it indicates locations that meet the search criteria.

Another advantage, for those who use tagging in stories, is that the social network groups and disseminates them free of charge to accounts that follow a city. With the location of your company created, Instagram can organically show your stories to those who follow your city’s hashtag.

Thus, posts with a location are 79% more engaged than posts without a location tag.

The feature also aims to make life easier for leads who found your store via Instagram, because with the location, they can see the address and no longer need to ask, eliminating a barrier in the service and purchase process.

Leads can even see the exact location of the store on the map, preventing them from getting lost if they don’t know the address. Whoever has a physical store has at some point lost a customer who gave up visiting the store and closed a sale because he did not find the correct address.

Taking all of this into account, we took a step-by-step approach for you to create a location on Instagram and enjoy the benefits that this action can bring to your business. Follow in the next topic!

How to create location on Instagram?

First of all, we need to say that you can’t create a location on Instagram. But rest assured, this does not mean that there is no way to do it.

The truth is that we are not going to teach you how to create locations on Instagram, but rather on Facebook, which is the only way to create locations. The two social networks are connected and, therefore, some activities are done exclusively on Facebook, such as creating locations.

It is also possible to advertise on Instagram without having a social network account, as long as you have a fanpage.

So, to create the location, you need to follow the following steps:

1. open the Facebook application on your phone – the browser version does not allow this option, as it is necessary to use GPS;

2. click on the text box where it says “What are you thinking today?”;

3. look for the “Check-in” option in the text box; {insert image 2}

4. write the name of the location you want to insert and check if it is not already on the list; {insert image 3}

5. if not, click on “Add a new location”;

6. Attention: if the option to add a new location does not appear, it is because Facebook is blocked from having access to your location. It is necessary, then, to give permission in the pop-up that appears on the screen;

7. return to step 5 after allowing your location;

8. will open a screen asking what is the category of the place whose location you want to add. Check which one fits your business, and the choice can be made through the suggestions that appear below or in the box written “Search category”;

9. after choosing the category, Facebook will open a new screen, where the options for entering name, address, photo, zip code and city appear, in addition to positioning on the map;

10. you can check the “I am here now” checkbox so that the location is obtained using the cell phone’s GPS;

11. when finished filling, click on “Create” so that the data is saved and the location is created successfully.

After performing these steps on Facebook, we can now place the new location in tags on Instagram and on Facebook itself as well.

Adding the geolocation tag, as Instagram calls this element, is quite simple. See how:

1. click on the “+” located on the main screen;

2. choose the photo or video you want to publish and click “Next”;

3. choose the filter or edit the chosen photo or video and click “Next”;

4. write the text, check people (if you wish) and click on “Add location”;

5. select the location, if it is already in the suggestion list, or type in the line that says “Find a location”;

6. click on the desired option and Instagram automatically returns to the screen in step 4;

7. check if everything is right and click on “Share” in the upper right corner of the screen.

It is important to remember that the acceptance time of the social network for a new location is variable, that is, it can be accepted automatically or take a while. Therefore, we recommend that if you want to make a new post with a new location, create the location in advance.

How to edit the location of posts on Instagram?

If your company’s old posts didn’t have a location tag or you want to change the old tag, you can create a new location in your old posts. Doing this is also quite simple:

1. click on the old post and then on the 3 balls that appear in the corner of the screen;

2. click on “Edit” in the pop-up that appears on the screen;

3. click on the location that is marked in blue or on “add location”;

4. enter the new location and click on the blue symbol in the corner of the screen.

Editing old posts seems like something that will not bring results, since the content will not be republished and appear in the feed of those who follow your company, but the benefit is in the attachment of posts to the new location. That way, whoever is curious to click on the location will see the posts that have been tagged.

Thus, it is another way for posts to be found and viewed organically, in addition to making a good impression on those who click on the location, as they will see that there is content posted there.

Does creating location on Instagram generate more leads and sales for the company?

Although there is no research proving the relationship between the increase in leads and, consequently, sales for those who use their own location tag on Facebook, we know that creating the location has its advantages when it comes to promoting a physical store.

It helps to increase brand authority, as well as bring leads organically through surveys on the social network, by coming through the geolocation tag or by tagging customers in photos, videos or stories.

Instagram is a social network that is bringing good results for those who invest time in it, through marketing strategies created exclusively for the application. These strategies can aim, for example, to increase brand authority and generate more leads for the company.

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