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Since the launch of the iOS and Android operating systems, the application market has taken on a new proportion. Over time, the processing power of tablets and smartphones has only increased, as has the technology available to create more powerful and interesting applications. So whether you want to spend time with an adventure game or perform […]

Since the launch of the iOS and Android operating systems, the application market has taken on a new proportion.

Over time, the processing power of tablets and smartphones has only increased, as has the technology available to create more powerful and interesting applications.

So, whether you want to spend time with an adventure game or conduct banking, just use a specific app. But looking at the perspective of companies, this also creates incredible market opportunities.

Companies from all over the world – and not just those from technology – started using applications as a way to increase sales and retain customers.

In order to circumvent the heavy competition and succeed, you need to invest in app marketing. Are you curious? So see what it is and how to do it to succeed with your apps!

In this post you will see:

  • What is app marketing?
  • Why is marketing important to an app’s success?
  • What is involved in the successful app marketing?
  • 4 tools to help you promote your app
  • 6 tips for a champion marketing app

What is app marketing?

App marketing is basically a pdesigned to attract people to an application and get them to download it.

But do not stop there, the app marketing is also done to ensure that users do not forget the application after using it once or twice and delete it from the device.

On the contrary, the idea is that the app is a permanent channel for interaction and value creation.

With so many quality options available in app stores, users need to deserve attention. Otherwise, they will soon move on to another solution.

App marketing is a way to prevent this rotation from happening, to make your users become fans and even recommend the app to others.

Why is marketing important to an app’s success?

Marketing plays a fundamental role in the success of any business, and nowadays many apps have become true businesses apart, or at least substantial sources of revenue for the companies that use them.

But, specifically, it is easy to highlight 4 reasons that prove the value of app marketing:

Helps create expectation

Before you even launch your app, marketing will already be important to him. There are several ways to build expectations and build a user base since launch.

If the app depends on a lot of people to be relevant this is even more important. To think that just create and users will come is a big myth, what you need is a good pre-launch marketing campaign.

Keeps interest alive after launch

What if you’re reading this article after you’ve already launched your app? No problem, app marketing is also useful for keeping interest alive after initial downloads are made.

To think that just because someone downloaded your app will stay with it for a long time is a big mistake.

It is necessary to prove every day that the space on the user’s device is deserved, especially in the first days after the download.

Highlights the application of strong competition

Well-done app marketing means standing out from what is already out there, in order to escape the ocean of equal (sometimes almost identical!) Options that exist in today’s mobile app market.

This ranges from choosing the icon that users will see every day to how to promote the app on different channels.

Contributes to user retention

It is worth noting that successful marketing is not just responsible for getting people to download your app and make use of it once or twice.

On the contrary, when this is the case you can be sure that something was missing from your marketing planning or execution. A quality marketing app also contributes to keep users active for a long time.

What is involved in the successful app marketing?

Before diving into the promotion of your app, let’s take a step back and think about some of the elements that are involved in this.

This exercise will make it easier to make the best decisions and act for the right reasons, which greatly increases the chances that the plan will work.

In a simple way, it can be said that the well-done app marketing, the one that generates downloads and promotes the real adoption of the app by users, requires:

Knowing users’ minds

Do you know how people often use mobile apps in the market in which your company operates? This question is crucial because it can reveal a lot about the types of actions that will be needed to have results.

For example, according to a Google study, 38% of users uninstall an application right after using it to complete a specific task.

Doesn’t knowing this increase your attention to the type of value you need to constantly generate to keep users engaged?

Understand how app stores work

With regard to the ranking of applications in Apple and Google stores, responsible for the two main operating systems for mobile devices today, a lot changes.

For example, while Google’s Play Store gives you up to 4000 characters to describe your app and convince audiences, Apple’s App Store works through a keyword system.

Understanding this type of difference is vital if your app is to rank well in the searches of these two stores.

After all, according to the same report pointed out in the previous topic, 1 in 4 users downloads an app based on in-store searches.

Follow consistent methods

Just like any self-respecting marketing strategy, you need to follow consistent methods to get results like app marketing. Why?

Just as digital marketing needs consistency and patience to work, promoting an app requires the same discipline.

If you think about the fact that some of the concepts used in app marketing will be slightly different from those used to advertise a website or blog, caution needs to be doubled.

Evaluate results

It is not necessary to say much about how much evaluating results has an integral part in the success of an app marketing strategy, right?

Fortunately, there are incredible tools that help with this task and make it as complete as the metrics analysis of any other digital investment you have ever made.

We’ll show you the best ones later. Stay tuned!

Stay tuned for changes in the market

The market is constantly changing, motivated by the constant innovations of the leaders of each segment and also by the needs of users, which change over time.

It is necessary to be aware of these changes so that the strategies continue to be effective in attracting and retaining users.

Have you ever thought about spending time and resources on a campaign that will reach the public outdated? High-performance app marketing requires open eyes to what happens in the market.

Tools to help you promote your app

In digital marketing, we have a multitude of tools available, including several that can be used in app marketing.

It is up to you to choose well which of these tools will be part of your arsenal and use them in the best possible way to launch your app on time and with the necessary traction from the beginning.

To help you in this mission, I have separated a list with 4 useful tools. In fact, they are apps that help promote apps! Without more, let’s go to our list:

  1. Sensor Tower: this app provides accurate data on the top rated apps in app stores and offers insights into what you can do to rank as well as they do;
  2. Localytics: this app provides data analysis from your own application, and facilitates making important decisions that affect your marketing strategy;
  3. Optimizely: one of the best known A / B testing tools in the world, this tool allows you to make changes and test page variations to find out what converts best;
  4. App Annie: it has the same proposal as the Sensor Tower, in addition to a series of interesting options, such as seeing the apps that are at the top each day, monitoring competitors, demographic information and more.

6 tips for having a champion marketing app

Winning app marketing planning isn’t just about tools, right? So now is the time for you to learn some practical tips, which can save you work and improve your performance in promoting the app.

To follow best app marketing practices and achieve incredible results, I recommend that you:

1. Use introductory videos

On the description page of your app or on your own website, placing an introductory video that shows how it works or how it sets out to solve a certain problem is a great way to encourage users.

According to data from Adobe, 40% of users believe that videos increase the chances of buying a product. So, why not invest in videos to promote your app?

2. Put your life on Onboarding

It is true that Onboarding only happens to those who have already downloaded your application, but remember that the idea is to make the user continue with it for as long as possible?

Onboarding helps exactly that. One of the reasons why so many people uninstall an app in a short time is because they don’t see it as a long-term solution, but rather as a momentary one.

Show everything that users can gain from your app from the first interaction, and your chances of success will be much greater.

3. Make your app easy to find

In addition to the organic search in the app stores, there are countless other ways for someone to contact an application and decide to download it. Just to name a few:

  • recommendations from friends and family;
  • sponsored links on search engines;
  • app reviews on blogs, websites and YouTube channels;
  • direct contact with the product through its own blog and profiles on social networks.

4. Enlist the help of influencers

There are influencers in every niche. So, if you still don’t know people who have special power of persuasion over the audience you are looking to attract, you need to find out as soon as possible.

And we are not necessarily talking about celebrities or youtubers, but people who are respected in the area that your app works.

Read in this post how to negotiate with digital influencers and get the best deals to carry out your marketing campaigns.

5. Order well at ASO

ASO, also known as SEO for Apps, refers to optimization for searches made in app stores.

ASO takes into account a number of factors that are under its control, as well as some that are not, as well as the so-called On and Off Page elements of conventional SEO.

Here on the blog we have an article that explains everything you need to know to master the subject and get along in the rankings of the main stores.

6. Focus on experience, not features

The vast majority of application developers enter a cruel war for the attention of users, that is, they are only concerned with offering more functionality than the competition.

In many cases, what users ask for is not what they really need, but the developers include it nonetheless.

Instead of playing this game where everyone loses, invest in spreading the experience of using your application. As well?

Show how your app solves the problem for which it was created better than any other competitor. This will be the best way to make you stand out from the crowd, both in app stores and outside.

Investing in apps can bring excellent returns for your company, and app marketing is indispensable for that. It is true that you will need to adapt to the characteristics of this market, but it is worthwhile to win an exclusive channel on the mobile or tablet of each fan and possible customer of your brand.

An essential part of promoting an app is creating quality content. See now when and how to do content marketing for apps!