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Quick Wins are solutions of low complexity, low investment and high cost-benefit. With them, it is possible to observe an optimization in your internal processes in a very short time, which represents an interesting way to impact your immediate results.

If it were possible to observe the company’s activities with a magnifying glass, we would see an infinity of small actions that, together, define the results that can be achieved. Therefore, the optimization of these internal processes is the main objective of managers, as this is the shortest path to success.

Imagine, for example, everything that involves a Content Marketing strategy. You need to attract the persona, convert it into a lead, implement a nutrition flow and, finally, finalize the sale. A lot, isn’t it? The faster each of these steps takes place, the better the company’s results will be.

This is more or less the idea behind Quick Wins, an extremely simple and cost-effective approach that can streamline the processes that integrate your company’s daily life. Do you want to know more about it and see some practical examples? In this article, you will discover:

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What is the concept of Quick Wins?

Nothing better to understand a concept like that than to understand its meaning in London. Quick Wins, literally translated, can be understood as “Quick Wins”, which already gives an idea of ​​what is behind this approach.

The idea is to speed up the company’s internal processes so that they generate more positive results in a short period of time. This acceleration is due to small and simple occasional changes, which should not involve any type of risk and should directly solve an identified problem.

A Quick Win, therefore, can be understood as a solution of low complexity, low cost and with practically immediate results. Naturally, knowing the characteristics and needs of your business is a basic requirement to identify the gaps for this type of optimization.

Often, the procedure adopted by the company may be out of date or simply too complex. In such cases, the simple elimination of one of the steps involved in the process can accelerate its completion without changing its efficiency. This is just an example of Quick Wins.

What are the main examples of Quick Wins?

At this point, it is already clear that Quick Wins are easy to implement actions that optimize the development of any process. So, imagine the procedures applied in your company and start questioning what could be done to shorten the path to obtaining the results.

Think, for example, of your Digital Marketing strategy. How effective is your website today? What is the average length of stay for visitors and what is the conversion rate? If the answer to these questions is not satisfactory for your venture, it is time to find solutions.

Perform tests related to the performance of your pages and ensure that the load time does not scare visitors away. To do this, you can delete images that are too heavy, change servers or make adjustments to the javascript. These measures will create an immediate impact on the visitors’ experience, so they are Quick Wins.

To facilitate your understanding, we will list some other examples of measures that can be considered Quick Wins in the optimization of your strategy. Follow!

Implementation of an analytical model

As you already know, understanding the main needs of your company is essential to find the space for Quick Wins. It turns out that, depending on the size and complexity of the enterprise, it can be difficult to visualize its entirety and understand its peculiarities.

Therefore, it is worth investing in the use of a predetermined analytical model. The implementation of a PEST analysis, for example, allows a complete knowledge about the external factors that influence the company. Simple, low cost and efficient, the use of this tool can represent a quick optimization in your strategy.

Landing page update

If you have an advanced Content Marketing strategy, you certainly already have landing pages. These pages offer content of interest to the visitor in exchange for their contact details, in order to turn them into leads. However, your landing page may not be as convincing.

Instead of insisting on more of the same, it may be a good option to update the entire landing page. A simple and responsive design, accompanied by a more striking text, can quickly boost your lead generation, representing a Quick Win for the company.

Audience optimization in digital ads

Aren’t your digital ads achieving a satisfactory conversion rate? The problem may be with your targeting. Tools like Google Ads allow you to target your campaigns to the audience that best fits your definition of persona.

So if your campaign isn’t performing properly, try new audience settings. The extension of the age group or the inclusion of new geographic regions can finally make it possible to reach the audience you want.

Updating text and keywords in digital ads

In addition to targeting, the effectiveness of digital ads depends on the text that accompanies them and the keywords used. So make sure your campaign sends a clear and compelling message and, if not, take steps to make the text more compelling.

The keywords, on the other hand, must be updated with some frequency. Its importance is related to the volume of people who show interest in the term, which can vary. Use tools like SEMrush to find the best keywords at the moment.

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Optimization of content already published on the blog

You already know that blogging is one of the most important channels for a content strategy, don’t you? The production of materials relevant to the persona optimizes website traffic and helps to consolidate your brand as an authority on the internet. However, what to do with old posts that are no longer as relevant?

Take time to review older blog posts and implement optimization measures. It may be that the elements of IF THE some of the posts are not suitable for the latest updates to Google’s algorithm. In other cases, the text itself may need changes to reflect the current scenario.

Updating or simply deleting this content is a simple and efficient way to maintain the relevance of your domain.

Adjusting layouts

When was the last time you changed your website layouts? Responsive layouts are fundamental to the consumer’s experience and, therefore, have a direct impact on the results of the enterprise. That said, consider what changes can be made to optimize the design of your pages.

If you use a CMS like WordPress or Wix, it takes just a few clicks to configure the layout and make it more accessible for mobile devices. This measure will increase the stay of visitors and increase their business opportunities, thus representing a Quick Win.

Integration of tools to the strategy

We have already mentioned using SEMrush to find the best keywords for your strategy. In itself, the use of tools that make it possible to optimize your approach is already a Quick Win, as long as it is a simple and cost-effective program.

Take online photo editors as an example. These software allow you to qualify the images used in your strategy and make them more attractive to the consumer. It is, therefore, a low complexity solution that brings positive results in a short period of time.

How to implement Quick Wins in your company?

To successfully implement the Quick Wins idea in your company, you need to avoid some common mistakes. For a start, don’t overload yourself. Trying to solve many problems at once can result in failures that will affect the strategy’s confidence and credibility. So focus on one thing at a time.

Besides that, seeking Quick Wins without having the company’s culture as a central point is sure to fail. Only by understanding the characteristics of the business will you be able to identify the processes that can be optimized. That said, let’s list some important steps in developing this approach.

Identify the problem

The identification of a problem can be done through an analytical model, such as SWOT analysis. Regardless of the tool, the important thing is that you bring together the thinking heads of your team and brainstorm to find the points that need improvement.

In this process, it is essential to establish priorities, since it is not beneficial to work on many solutions at once. To start, you can prioritize just one department or one element of the strategy.

Record information and set deadlines

When you identify what needs to be optimized, record the information regarding the problem. If the issue is the low rate of access to the website, for example, have noted the number of visitors and the time period for this analysis. This data will be important to evaluate the measures taken.

In addition, set deadlines for solutions to be found and implemented. This will help your team to organize itself more efficiently, without compromising productivity.

Find possible solutions

Once again, brainstorming is necessary, this time to find solutions. It is important that meeting participants keep in mind what their goals and deadlines are before starting the search for optimizations.

Furthermore, it is necessary that the focus be on simple resolutions, with fast effect and low implementation cost. If not, it will not be a Quick Win.

Apply the proposed changes and measure the results

When there is a consensus on what must be done to achieve a Quick Win, get your hands dirty. More important than applying the changes, however, is measuring your results.

Compare the fruits in the post-change period with the data recorded at the beginning of the process. If a positive impact is noticed, congratulations, it is a Quick Win.

Quick Wins are simple solutions that produce quick and positive effects for your business. Finding and implementing them can be the necessary differential to change the level of your business, all without imposing any major investment.

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