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If you are adept at exercising and looking for a balanced diet, I am sure you have seen at least one publication by Gabriela Pugliesi in the last few months. Calm that this post will not talk about the best exercises to lose belly in 15 days! I started with this example because I’m going to talk about the role […]

If you are adept at exercising and looking for a balanced diet, I am sure you have seen at least one publication by Gabriela Pugliesi in the last few months.

Calm that this post will not talk about the best exercises to lose belly in 15 days!

I started with this example because I’m going to talk about the role of influencers in social media, something that is increasingly present in digital marketing strategies and that can bring great results for companies.

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What are influencers?

Well-made content and aimed at the right audience is essential to have a relevant presence on social networks today.

However, in the beginning it can be difficult to reach whoever you want because your audience may not have found you yet.

But don’t despair! There are good options to get around this space between your brand and your audience, and one of those options are influencers.

Today they are people who have a large audience on social networks, usually very well targeted to a particular subject and who advertise in a subtle way, always using a language very close to the audience of the brands.

It is easy to find great examples on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube – this last network even grows more and more with the presence of prominent figures who use video content as one of the main ways to impact their audience.

That is, to send a message in the correct way and with authority of the subject: this is the role of these professionals.

Depending on the segment, influencers are examples of success in that market.

Here at Moskit, for example, the figure that is always present in our videos, events and social networks is Mateus.

This choice was made taking into account the profile of our audience, Mateus’s experience with sales and lectures management, his language and the content we need to pass on.

Practical Guide for Content Disclosure

Why have an influencer in your strategy?

It is often difficult to reach your audience in an organic and quick way, which is why having the right person at the right time is so important.

We know that spread an idea among the right people for them to spread is the way to reach your audience.

Last year, operator TIM counted on youtuber Kéfera to talk about its new plans and packages.

This was a different approach used to reach an audience that would hardly be reached in conventional advertising for two reasons:

  1. Or because they simply would not have access to that information (we know that fewer and fewer young people are hooked on TV ads);
  2. Or they would not take the past message into account.

However, coming from a YouTuber with almost 10 million subscribers on your channel, and a great reach among young people, it certainly has a much greater impact – and relevance -.

This is the idea: to bring someone who can approach their audience in a natural way and who awakens in him this desire to follow trends and follow behaviors.

How is this partnership made?

There are a few ways to start that partnership between your brand and an influencer.

The first is start a relationship naturally, presenting your product or service, telling the story, objectives and – if it is a tangible product – sending it to the influencer to get to know and see if there really is this connection between the brand and him.

The other is in the form of advertising, that is, paid posts on social media to quote your brand.

An example

Let’s assume that you are responsible for marketing for a major cosmetics company and want to bring more engaged followers to the brand’s social networks.

After analyzing the options, he arrived in an online personality that has a lot to do with the audience you want to reach (today there are hundreds of fashion and beauty bloggers with extraordinary reach, put on Google names like Taciele Alcolea or Camila Coelho and understand better what I’m talking about).

Then you got in touch, introduced the brand and sent some products, without asking for any publication. Among these products is a new perfume, which is what you would most like to promote.

The influencer can try the perfume, like it and start talking about it naturally. Or, what is more common, after knowing your brand you will negotiate values ​​for publications talking about the product.

There are also several cities that are affected by local influencers and companies have a very effective practice of registering influencers to send specific materials, products and invitations as a strategy to win publications at a low cost.

To reach the best person for your strategy, you can search through hashtags, the profiles of your target audience or hire an agency specialized in this. There are already good options in London!

Building your strategy

Once you’ve found the ideal influencer for your brand, it’s time to design the best publishing strategy.

Today we see several content formats, but the main ones are:

Remember to rate your influencer by engaging their fans and not by the total number of followers. This can help to make a results action.

Today, as these online personalities are increasingly competitive, it is normal to have to negotiate with an advisor.

So it is necessary to establish what your goals are: to get more followers, promote a launch, open a cultural contest?

Make it clear which segment you want to target, age group and everything that is relevant to your business.

And always take into account the relevance of the influencer to your persona!

Well, that’s it!

The practice of counting on influencers to reach the ideal audience on social networks has brought results for several business models.

Have you ever tried this partnership model? Tell us your experiences in the comments!

*Content produced by the Moskit CRM team.

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