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The Hacking Sales strategy combines sales tactics and advanced technologies to enhance your company’s results. Are you interested in implementing it in your business? Then check out our post with the top 7 sales hacks!

If we had to guess one of your priorities for the future of your company, we would bet on the most classic answer possible: sell more.

This is the desire of virtually every entrepreneur, in any market niche, at any time.

And seeking solutions in this sense is also nothing new. Therefore, new methods and processes are tested and proven every day, until some emerge as sustainable and scalable strategies over the long term.

This is the case with Hacking Sales. This methodology emerged and showed that it can generate high return for teams of various sizes.

If you still don’t know the concept, but want to know how to boost your sales force, you are in the right place.

Let’s unravel everything it takes to make your sales team shine, and how you can do it as soon as possible with Hacking Sales!

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Understand the concept of Hacking Sales

What comes to your mind when you think about hacking your company’s sales machine?

If you have an idea of ​​combining effective tactics with modern technology, great. This is the principle behind Hacking Sales.

The term Hacking Sales became known because of the book that bears that name, called Hacking Sales: A Playbook For Building a High-Velocity Sales Machine, by Max Altschuler.

The work features dozens of tactics that help escalate the sales force of a company when applied together with cutting-edge technological solutions.

Automation has become a key word in this type of goal, and most sales tools today have some kind of automation, be it simple or complex tasks.

This is to help teams spend more time on what comes back and less time on activities that add little value but cannot be abandoned or cut.

sales library

How Hacking Sales works in practice

How many hours a day does your team spend closing deals?

Now think about how much time is spent on research, approaching leads, attempts to schedule meetings, etc. If the time with “heavy” tasks is longer, you can benefit from Hacking Sales.

The idea of automate processes and apply cutting edge technology it is precisely to reduce the time spent on tasks that consume a lot of time without bringing so much commercial value.

With this method in action, your sales team can:

  • map a large volume of opportunities;
  • start conversations on multiple channels and qualify prospects in an automated way;
  • nurture leads and close deals in less time.

All of this in less time, with less people and spending less money. This huge difference in results is not only the result of productivity gains, but also of greater precision in the commercial process.

But to kick-start Hacking Sales in your company, you and your team will have to first define which tools will be used to use in each sales process activity.

This selection is known as Sales Stack, and is a key to the success of the methodology. Here’s how to assemble yours.

How to Build a Champion Sales Stack

Sales Stack, as already explained, is the set of sales tools that your company will use to automate processes and achieve better results.

But with so many options available on the market, it can be difficult to build an arsenal that complements well and works in an integrated manner.

But there is a right way to do this, and the first step is to know the customer’s journey well.

If you don’t already know, you will have to define that journey from scratch. You can use the template we created just for that.

Based on this journey, you will be able to set up a sales funnel, which will serve as the North for all actions in the sales process.

With the funnel defined, your team will be aware of the type of tool they will need to use at each stage, and also of the tools that should be part of the entire process.

You can keep something like:

  1. Prospect.
  2. Nurture leads.
  3. Score leads.
  4. Demonstrate the product.
  5. Submit proposal.
  6. Sign contract.
  7. After sales.

Some tools do much of the process, from automating prospecting to follow-ups and submitting proposals. Examples of such tools are Ramper and Reev.

If your team uses Inside Sales, you can benefit from a system like Meetime’s to ensure productivity and effectiveness.

To ensure quality after-sales, you also need a good CRM, such as RD Station CRM, to maintain a strong relationship with customers for a long time.

We saw just a few examples, but this is how you and your team should build Sales Stack: understand the purchase journey, map the type of tool and then choose the most appropriate solutions.

Inside Sales for Beginners

7 sales hacks you need to start using

The idea of ​​Hacking Sales is already clear, but there are still some tips in the right direction to help you get off the ground with the methodology.

With that in mind, we’ve made a list of 7 sales hacks that you need to start using as soon as possible.

All of them have technology as a driving force for the sales force, and can bring great results in a scalable and continuous way. Then, do the following:

1. Segment email lists based on specific actions

The more segmented your strategy is, according to the stage of each lead in the purchase journey, the better. But there is another form of segmentation that is worth using: one based on specific actions.

This happens when you uses certain lead actions as a trigger to generate an automatic response in your nutrition flow.

For example, if the lead visits a specific page that looks at the bottom of the funnel, you can send an automated email after a few days offering a meeting with a consultant.

Example Targeted Email

This type of initiative can greatly increase your power to move leads through the funnel and convert them as soon as they are ready.

2. Create alerts in CRM to address leads at key times

Some CRM systems allow you to create alerts to notify you when leads take specific actions.

You can be notified, for example, the moment a person opens your email. Think about the greater impact it will have if you receive a call from a salesperson within minutes of reading the message.

Workflow Example

The chance of moving forward with the negotiation is much greater. The point is: with this type of alert, your sales team can talk to leads on time.

3. Use social media as a capture tool

Social networks are an excellent relationship channel, but you cannot use them to a limited extent if you want to increase the generation of opportunities.

How about using these channels as a lead capture tool? Share rich content it’s always a good shape, just like we did with the following Facebook post:

hacking sales on social media

Using ads can also be a good option. And never ignore the power of user-generated content for this purpose, it can be a cheap and smart way to create business opportunities.

4. Improve the user experience across ALL your digital channels

All of your digital channels need to take user experience into account. This even includes those you don’t have complete control over, such as social profiles.

In such cases, the quality of the content and the clarity of the information about your company will be decisive.

But in your own channels (website, blog, etc.) there is no excuse for not doing an incredible job. Your pages must be responsive, quick to load, easy to navigate and contain quality content.

5. Create a free, high-value offer to generate more leads

A content strategy that brings consistent results involves always creating relevant material, but there are some projects that need to be even more attractive.

We are talking about very high value offers, which the persona finds difficult to ignore.

Creating an interactive tool or guide (always free) are ways to differentiate yourself from the competition, attract qualified traffic and leads.

An example of this is our Personas Generator, which, as the name suggests, indicates to the reader which would be the ideal persona for your business, helping to build your digital strategy.

Hacking Sales Tool

6. Use pixels to re-engage people who visited your site

Do most people who enter your site leave without taking any action?

Facebook or Google pixels are tools that a company can add to the site’s code to create remarketing campaigns that target these people.

7. Make post-sale email strings

The signing of the contract is far from the end of the line for anyone who is serious about creating a sales machine.

Ensuring customer loyalty goes directly through the creation of effective after-sales processes. A basic way of doing this is by creating email strings to be triggered as soon as someone becomes a customer.

These emails may include information that the person did not yet know about the product they purchased, help with training them in a specific role, or a simple welcome message.

Aligning technology and effective sales principles is the basis of Hacking Sales. With this, it is possible to automate efforts and increase your company’s profitability in an exponential and consistent manner. Now just apply the hacks you learned here and measure everything to achieve incredible results.

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