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The best way to stand out in the market today is to give what people want, and Human to Human Marketing proposes just such an approach. It is proximity marketing, from people to and with people.

There are those who believed that robots would dominate the future, that the population would mix with machines and that people would be replaced by tools. However, whoever raised this hypothesis, at least, forgot that it is the people who operate the machines and that the tools only have a reason to exist if it is to facilitate the daily lives of these people.

And in the world of Marketing it is no different. The only reason an android wouldn’t replace a human is because they don’t relate. People interact with people, people engage with people, people are important to people.

And Marketing professionals have already seen this. Since last year, a new Marketing model has emerged in the business world and is a promise with great results: H2H, or human to human, is to create connections between people.

Over the past few years, Marketing strategies, whether online or offline, have all focused on the B2B (business to business) and B2C (business to consumer) segments, and one of their shortcomings is that they did not humanize the process of buy and sell. Their focus is to address a business need.

H2H marketing takes into account people and their human relationships. Thinking that companies are made up of people, there is no way to neglect this strategy – in short, it is the human touch in Digital Marketing.

Understand a little more how H2H can benefit your company and bring stability to your professional relationships.

What is Human to Human Marketing?

In a simple translation it is the person-to-person marketing. It is the approach to marketing that touches people and in which relationships between companies and customers grow based on long-term trust.

This type of approach requires special attention to the customer. Much more than meeting and solving your needs, it is taking care that the relationship has a face, an owner, a voice that appropriates the brand and makes it close enough to give the other reliability.

Why is human to human important to the success of business strategy?

Humanizing care is important for ensure that all other marketing strategies, digital or not, are accurate and achieve the best possible result. Implementing this tactic is much simpler than it looks because it is a human connecting with another human.

In this relationship, failures are allowed to happen and tests to be made, even because as every human being understands, we do not know that a result will be successful until we test it. And this model of approach allows this practice to be tolerable because it comes from common sense.

O H2H is important to generate engagement with potential customers and the brand. It is through the humanization of business that empathy finds loopholes so that the company can get close enough to its ideal buyer to the point that it decides for it.

How to communicate in the H2H strategy?

Be empathetic

Putting yourself in your customer’s shoes lets them know that your company understands them. And that behavior can be a trigger for big deals to be closed and powerful connections to be made.

Be personal

To be personal is to be inside. It means knowing who your client is, what your name is, your desires and wishes. It is positioning your team with active listening, which is crucial for the success of this approach.

More and more people need to be heard and when they feel that this happens and that your company knows who they are, then this relationship only tends to grow and become stronger.

Be authentic

Authenticity tells you what your customer needs to hear, not what he wants to hear. Using transparency in speech and treatment will awaken confidence in your persona and thus you can have frank and careful conversations so that closed contracts have the best experience possible.

Be inspiring

Emotions are part of human beings. And having that consideration can be a key part of communicating with your customer. Everyone is looking for possibilities that make them feel good.

Inspiring people goes far beyond doing something for them, it is giving something they can hold on to and support when obstacles arrive. This is how relationships mature!

Can H2H overlap with B2B or B2C communication strategies?

The H2H method can overlap with B2B and B2C strategies because its reach is much greater and its result tends to appear faster. How it allows for greater proximity between business relationships, decisions can be made more quickly than in other strategies.

It is important to emphasize that in this approach the quality of the conversation is much more important than the quantity.

Instead of sending several emails, leaving messages or even exposing prospects to forms like “Talk to the Consultant”, the essential thing is to pay close attention to the dialogues and make them meaningful instead of just trying to expose why the consumer need your product.

How can the human to human model be implemented in corporate marketing?

To implement this strategy, it is necessary to break with the cultural standards that are already used to B2B and B2C – because it is not only centered on the customer’s behavior, but on how your company behaves in relation to it.

See some ways to start implementing this new service proposal!

Have a customer-facing mindset

Make sure your purchasing decisions are made with customers in mind. And let him know that, so that there is risk sharing and balance in the closed deal.

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Do omnichannel marketing

Having different ways in which the customer can communicate with your company will make it accessible whenever he needs it. This will give you the peace of mind and security of knowing how much you are willing to offer help, even after the commitment has been made.

Make your communication simple

Using formality can be a block when communicating in this approach, so eliminate bureaucracy and rigidity in the lines.

A good way to do this is to create rapport. This technique puts people on an equal footing and once they are on the same level, the guard is lowered and this will give you access to information that maybe in another type of conversation you would not be able to.

Train your staff to treat customers as equals

There is a popular saying that says: “treat people the way you would like to be treated”. For human to human this applies very well. Think of a salesperson offering a product for himself. He would certainly be sincere in presenting the advantages and disadvantages of what he is buying.

It is in sincerity that the human to human strategy is established. Make sure your team is attentive to details and always ready to offer the best directions to your ideal customers.

Use tools that make humanized care effective

We know that time, for many business fronts, means money. So find software that meets the need to communicate quickly. Do not let support take longer than necessary due to a lack of adequate infrastructure.

Be prepared to delight your customer

Robots fulfill a specific mission for which they were programmed, are limited and listless. However, people are not like that, or need not be. People go beyond what is agreed, take actions and make decisions many times for the well-being of others.

And this is what enchants the client: doing unexpected kindnesses to your clients tends to give a special touch to the contract signed.

Be sure to monitor your customer’s level of satisfaction

Taking preventive actions will always be much better than doing something to remedy a situation of dissatisfaction.

It is part of the H2H strategy to appreciate that the maintenance of the agreement is carried out with dedication. This is because in this case, perfection is not expected, but a commitment to ensure that everything happens within what was agreed.

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What are the advantages of adopting the human to human strategy?

Having your company differentiated in the market

Nowadays people are not used to human proximity – despite being what they want – and offering it to them is a way to provide a good experience with your company.

Win over devout customers

Well-served customers don’t waste time bargaining. They are willing to pay the proposed amount to obtain quality and personal service. In addition, satisfied customers become promoters of your brand – and this is the best way to advertise your company for free.

Anyway, people buy from people and as complicated as humans are, there will always be a way to speak their language. The companies’ mission is to explore how, where and how to apply this language to sell more, strengthen their brand and generate value for the market.

So, put into practice the tips on human to human marketing given here and make the most of this strategy, which is a trend for this and for years to come.

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