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URL shorteners can be the perfect solution to make your links more attractive and optimized. Discover the selection we made with the 10 best in the market and choose your favorite!

If you have a social media strategy you already know that the original links on your website or blog cannot always be used in their full form.

As much as your URLs are well structured and semantic, it’s just a matter of space. In addition, there are other cases in which using a URL shortener also makes a lot of sense.

At these times, what tool do you use? If you still don’t know or have tried several and don’t know which one to decide, you’ll like this article.

Let’s do an analysis of the pros and cons of the most popular options on the market. This will help you decide quickly and accurately.

Is ready? So let’s start!

Why know the different existing shorteners?

Basically because the end is near!

What kind of apocalyptic promise is that? Well, if you think you don’t have to worry about any tools because you already use the famous Google URL Shortener, you better be prepared.

The company has already announced that it will discontinue the tool in 2019. The good news is that with the alternatives shown here you won’t even miss them.

And if you’ve never used Google, you won’t feel like visiting it.

Discover the 10 best URL shorteners

We separate 10 of the best URL shorteners on the market and we’ll show you an analysis of the pros and cons of each option.

At the end of this article, you will be able to choose the shortener that best fits your needs.

And if you feel that several of them solve your problem satisfactorily, do a quick test and see which one has the best user experience, both for you and for others who work with you.

No mess, here’s the analysis:

1. Bitly

Bitly has been one of the most popular URL shorteners in the world for some years now.

This must have something to do with the free plan very generous that the service offers. The features of this plan easily serve the needs of a small business, so it is worth getting to know it better.

Free account features include:

  • customization of shortened URLs;
  • click tracking;
  • disclosure of the main sharers;
  • geographic data of the people who click on the links.

All of this can be done to up to 500 personalized or 10,000 non-personalized links. Not bad, don’t you think?

If you don’t want any of these features, you can also just use the shortener right on the Bitly homepage, without registering. But in that case, it may make even more sense for you to know our next option, TinyURL.

2. TinyURL

This tool is for those who want practically no resources other than shortening URLs. To give you an idea, TinyURL is so simple that it does not require registration, nor does it have a paid plan with more features.

This is also its weakness. If you are looking for something more robust this is certainly not the best choice.

On the other hand, if you want the basics of the basics without a headache, just go to the website and paste the link you want to shorten. You can even customize part of the links quickly and easily.

If you are in doubt about the quality of the redirect, it will help to know that more than 1 billion URLs are shortened every month on TinyURL.

3. URL Shortener by Zapier

Zapier is an incredible automation tool that can be used in many ways in your marketing strategy.

And the personnel responsible for the system created a specific tool to shorten links automatically. As well?

Imagine that after publishing a photo on Facebook you want to link to this photo and save it to a Google spreadsheet. With this tool, it is possible to do this process automatically, and the link generated will already be short.

Incredible, isn’t it? Despite this, this function is a little more specific than those offered by others, and not everyone needs this type of resource.

The feature is part of Zapier’s free plan, so you don’t pay anything for it.

4. Is.Gd

Of all the options seen so far, Is.Gd is the closest to Bitly, and is even better in some ways.

The site also allows you to shorten any URL in a practical way without registration. But unlike Bitly, too you can customize the address and track your clicks without registering.

In addition, you can generate a QR code from the URL if you want. This is very useful for placing on printed material, such as banners and business cards.

On the other hand, Is.Gd does not have an interface as graphic and pleasant as Bitly. Making a simple registration on the other tool can compensate for the larger organization and ease of use.


Owly is the URL shortener for Hootsuite, one of the world’s leading social media tools. That means that if you want to use Owly, you need a Hootsuite account.

This tool works similar to the ones we have already seen: it offers customization and traffic reports that can be essential for the analysis of your online strategy.

In addition, like Zapier, it allows you to shorten a link automatically as soon as you schedule a post to publish on social networks.

Still, if you don’t use Hootsuite to schedule your posts on social media, it’s easier to choose another option. After all, Owly is not so superior to any of the shorteners we’ve seen here.

Content and Data Marketing

6. Shortener

The Shortener is another alternative of simple and direct shortening. Similar to Google Shortener, just enter the site and paste the desired URL to shorten.

As is standard, you can also track the number of clicks the link receives, but that’s it. The strength of this tool is that, in addition to being simple, it is available in London.

Despite this, the term “shortener” here may seem like a catch, since depending on the size of your link, it will be the same size after being shortened. The reason?

The formatting of the link in this tool is “”, that is, nothing really short.

7. Yourls

Yourls shortens even its name, as it is an acronym for “Your URL shortener”. And it is unlike anything we’ve seen so far, as it is not a website that you access to do the procedure.

Before, is an open source system that you install and run on the server itself. It is as if you were going to create your own shortener, using a ready-made template.

With it you can choose whether your links will be public or private and use a bookmarklet to shorten any URL right in the browser, with just one click. Finally, it has some tracking functions as well.

In general, if you want more power to customize and control all the links you shorten, this may be your choice.

Otherwise, you don’t have to take the trouble to install a solution on your own server when there are so many quality ones ready to use.

8. Rebrandly

Rebrandly goes a little further than the common URL shortener does. The focus of this tool is to customize your URLs so that they are more effective in attracting clicks.

So, although offer click reporting and other tracking activities, the main feature is the possibility to extensively customize your URLs, and not just superficially, as in most cases.

The free Rebrandly plan allows for up to 1000 customizations in 1 domain. You can also create QR codes, which is always good. There is still a paid plan, but getting the free plan is more than enough.

9. is another complete URL shortening service. That means it has all the features you could ever want.

The tool is completely free, with no limit on shortened or crawled URLs. In addition, it also has a link tracker and multiple custom domains.

10. is a paid tool for small businesses, and offers everything you need to shorten your URLs and track their progress.

You can dig deeper into the statistics page, follow the most popular content, see what times of the day people click on your links most, where they are from, add specific tags and much more.

Despite this, the lack of a free plan, when there are other equally good options for free, can be a problem.

As you can see, all the shorteners on this list are quality. What you need to decide is just which applies best for your use.

And don’t get too attached if you realize that several of them will serve you well. Just choose a follow up with him. This will help you to continue to focus on the main thing, which is to generate value for your customers.

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