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Lectures are a great way to gain knowledge quickly and still know what the experts in your area think. So check out our list of the top 25 TED Talks on Digital Marketing!

Learning new things can be a lot of fun. Of course, extremely important for our personal and professional development.

One way to learn new things is to take tests and analyze the results. Another, much faster, is to pay attention to those who are already experts in something. How to attend lectures, for example.

So we curated 25 of the best lectures and TED Talks available on the Internet for those who work with Digital Marketing or want to improve their knowledge in the area.

Before jumping to the content and viewing all the lectures, the videos are divided into 3 categories:

  • short videos (up to 10 minutes);
  • average videos (10 to 18 minutes);
  • long videos (over 18 minutes).

Another important caveat: most of these talks have Subtitles in London, but some of them in English only, automatically generated by YouTube.

Now that you know this, it’s time to start learning!

Short videos (up to 10 minutes)

1. Shimpei Takahashi: Play this game for original ideas

Shimpei Takahashi grew up dreaming of the chance to work designing toys. But when he started his career, he faced the difficulty that so many creatives have faced: the block to create something new and that is a success.

Your solution to this problem was Shiritori, a very creative game capable of unlocking your mind and letting the flow of creativity appear.

2. Dan Cobley – What Physics Taught Me About Marketing

Dan Cobley always loved physics and studied the subject a lot in his youth. However, the paths of life took him to Google, where he worked as Marketing Director.

In this talk, he shares with people how Newton’s 1st Law can help you think about branding, how Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle helps you understand consumers and more.

3. Kevin Allocca – Why videos go viral

Kevin Allocca has what is a dream job for many: he watches videos on YouTube 8 hours a day. In this lecture, he shares the 4 main patterns he has seen in all viral videos in recent years.

For anyone looking to work with video content marketing, Allocca’s teachings are essential.

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4. Reny Gleeson – 404: The history of the page not found

The 404 error of the sites (the one that appears when we try to access an address that does not exist on the page) is, in fact, an excellent tool to deal with your visitor.

Typically, this type of situation is your website’s exit door. But it doesn’t have to be.

In this humorous lecture, Reny Gleeson helps to explain how a custom 404 error page can be a powerful tool for your digital strategy.

5. Derek Sivers – How to start a movement

In this video, Derek Siver doesn’t need much time to show you how you need only 2 people to start a movement. It is undoubtedly one of the most impactful content for anyone working with branding.

Average videos (10-18 minutes)

6. Margaret Heffernan: Because it’s time to stop crowing at work

What is the secret to collective productivity? That is the question that business leader Margaret Heffernan seeks to answer in this lecture. And spoilers: it involves the participation of superhens.

Using scientific experiments and examples from teams that have reached the solution to some very difficult problems, Heffernan proposes a new method of corporate organization to achieve the best of all the collaborators on your team.

7. Seth Godin – How ideas spread

In 2003 (therefore more than a decade ago), Seth Godin was accurate in his interpretation of how the Internet changed the way of working with Marketing.

So many years later, we still have a lot to learn from your presentation on how ideas spread and what needs to be done for your product (whatever) to be commented on by the public.

8. Simon Sinek – How great leaders inspire action

According to Simon Sinek, most companies make a big communication mistake: they only talk about what they do and how they do it, forgetting the main thing: because they do what they do.

According to him, companies that are able to communicate their “whys” achieve greater success in their Marketing actions.

In this lecture, he presents his model of the Golden Circle and how to use it in practice.

9. Seth Godin – The tribes we lead

There are many reasons to meet Seth Godin. And here he shows one more of them.

For those who work with Digital Marketing, Seth’s views on the subject are extremely valuable and help to understand the best way to communicate with the different online tribes.

10. Tim Urban – Inside the mind of a master procrastinator

Tim Urban is a blogger and writer. Like many creative marketing professionals, he struggles with deadlines to accomplish his tasks.

In this lecture, he uses a lot of good humor (and excellent graphic resources) to explain how a procrastinator’s mind works and how to try to change that system to be more productive in all areas of his life.

11. Rory Sutherland – Life lessons from an advertiser

Digital Marketing is new, recent. Those who work in the area today are exploring a region that has not yet been mapped.

But that does not mean that there are no lessons to be learned from Traditional Marketing, as this lecture by Rory Sutherland makes clear.

The advertiser, with years of experience behind his back, talks a lot about the power of people’s perception and the intangible value of the products we sell.

12. Amanda Palmer – The art of asking

Content Marketing is about attracting and not interrupting the consumer. But eventually, we need to interact directly with the audience and ask them to do something.

It is at this time that many professionals crash, without being able to develop good CTAs that guide the public through the sales funnel of their strategies.

Amanda Palmer is an expert on that. With her art training and experience as a living statue on the streets, she has perfected the art of asking and created a career out of it. In this lecture, she shares some of that knowledge with the public.

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13. Kevin Slavin – How algorithms shape our world

The life of a Digital Marketing professional revolves around algorithms. We need to understand them if we want to perform well on social networks like Facebook and Instagram or on Google.

In fact, a whole field of knowledge within Digital Marketing is dedicated exclusively to understanding the search engines to optimize our content in our favor.

That is why Kevin Slavin’s lecture on the modern use of algorithms is essential for our professional future.

14. Joseph Pine – What consumers want

This talk has been going on for almost a decade, but it is still as relevant as when it was released.

In it, author Joseph Pine (from the book Mass Customization), does not deliver a list of what consumers want or don’t want.

However, it gives you all the information so you can tailor your campaigns to exactly match your audience’s desire.

15. Robert Legato – The art of creating the impressive

Robert Legato is one of the great visual effects artists in Hollywood, an Oscar winner for Titanic, The Adventures of Hugo Cabret and Mogli: The Boy Wolf.

In this talk, he tells some of his techniques for creating impressive images. However, the most interesting from the point of view of Marketing are the concepts of Legato on how our perception of reality is adjusted to seek an experience, something impressive.

16. Lera Boroditsky – How language shapes the way we think

In Marketing campaigns, our goal is to communicate to the public a certain idea or value regarding the brand we represent.

To achieve this in the most satisfactory way possible, we need to master the language used or we risk not transmitting exactly what we want.

This talk by Lera Boroditsky, a cognitive scientist, offers an interesting perspective on how language shapes our thinking.

17. Celeste Headlee – 10 ways to have better conversations

If your profession depends on your ability to talk to people, it is important to master the basics of dialogue and how to conduct it in the best way.

Whether in attendance, working on social networks or in meetings, know how to talk productively is an important skill for a marketer.

In this lecture, radio host Celeste Headlee teaches the 10 rules she learned in her profession on how to have better conversations.

Long videos (more than 18 minutes)

18. Elizabeth Gilbert – Fueling creativity

In 2009, the author of Comer, Rezar e Amar went through a very internal conflict: what to do after launching the biggest success of her career? How can you not succumb to the pressure of trying to control your inspiration and creativity and deal with the possible fact that you may never be as creative as you once were?

This dilemma became one of the most exciting and important lectures for all those working in creative areas.

19. Steve Johnson – Where good ideas come from

Have you ever stopped to ask yourself how good ideas come to mind? If we knew where they came from, it would be much easier to come up with some solutions during those more complicated meetings at work.

Steve Johnson decided to dedicate his time and work to pursue good ideas and identified some patterns that help create the type of environment that is conducive to the emergence of innovations. He calls it Net Network.

In this lecture, he explains the concept and talks about how to apply it on a daily basis.

20. Andrew Stanton – The Clues to a Great History

Andrew Stanton is the screenwriter for films such as Toy Story, Finding Nemo, Wall-E and Monsters S.A. He is also one of the main reasons for the successes of Pixar films.

In this talk, he shares his views on how stories work and how to captivate his audience.

For those who work with Digital Marketing, being able to master the art of storytelling is essential to communicate effectively with your audience.

In this video, Stanton shares two secrets of storytelling. The first is to pique the public’s curiosity. The second is … well, you’ll have to see it to know.

21. Morgan Spurlock – The best TED Talk ever sold

Morgan Spurlock is a documentary filmmaker known for his inventive approach to the subjects he addresses in his films.

In 2011, he released one of his most famous works: The Greatest Movie Ever Sold, a documentary about the relationship between advertising and film production in the USA.

In this lecture, he talks about the backstage of the production of this project.

The content of the content is critical in relation to certain practices of the advertising market, but that is precisely why we need to consume it.

22. Dan Pink – The puzzle of motivation

If we could define Digital Marketing in a very simplistic way, we could say that it is a set of techniques practiced online in order to motivate consumers to take action.

In this lecture, Dan Pink (analyst and writer) reflects on the psychology behind the mechanisms of human motivation.

The content shows how the model of offering incentives to motivate people has been scientifically refuted several times, but even so, it continues to be used in our sector.

What is the alternative for this? How to motivate your audience? This is what this lecture teaches.

23. J.J.Abrams – J.J.Abrams’ mystery box

One of the creators of Lost, J.J.Abrams is a filmmaker with a trademark: his love of mystery. And how to sell them to the public.

In this talk, he talks about his passion for mysterious boxes and how they are the basis for audience engagement, be it a movie, a Steve Jobs presentation or, of course, a marketing campaign.

24. David Allen – The art of stress-free productivity

Marketing is an area that demands great productivity from its professionals, which generates a huge load of stress for everyone.

In this lecture, coach David Allen (productivity specialist) talks about how it is possible learn how to turn stress into productive capacity and gain an advantage in your work environment.

25. Chip Kidd – The art of first impressions

We are in the habit of judging the book by its cover, even though we know it can be harmful.

In Marketing, it is important to use this habit of human beings in our favor to pass on a new message in the best way to the consumer.

In this lecture, the graphic designer Chip Kidd tells the two main techniques that designers use to communicate things in a visual way (and how we can apply this in everyday life).

What’s up? Did you enjoy learning even more about the marketing universe with these incredible TEDs?

Then also take the opportunity to visit our complete guide on Digital Marketing!

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