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As keeping close to the consumer is increasingly important today, the types of customer service need to be diversified. Especially in today’s faster world, people demand autonomy, dynamism and a lot of quality. They want to be well served and want this to happen optimally. In this sense, it is essential to know […]

As keeping close to the consumer is increasingly important today, the types of customer service need to be diversified. Especially in today’s faster world, people demand autonomy, dynamism and a lot of quality. They want to be well served and want this to happen optimally.

In this sense, it is essential to know what are the available options, in order to create the best configuration for your target audience. See below what are the most common means and learn how to use each one.

The main types of assistance used

Depending on the needs of each consumer and the performance of the company itself, some types of customer service are much more advantageous than others. The range of types of assistance is quite diverse today, and among the main possibilities are:

1. Presence at the POS

The most traditional way is, without a doubt, face-to-face service at the point of sale. It may be the store itself, or some stand or information point that the consumer can turn to.

It is the case of someone who asks for guidance to make a certain purchase or, then, who has doubts or complaints about a certain purchase.

For a long time, this was the only method used. However, with the arrival of e-commerce that are strictly virtual, it is possible to understand the increasing need to look for other equally efficient means.

2. Telephone

The use of the telephone is also quite common and convenient in most cases. It can be used by both the customer who takes the initiative and the company.

It is the case of a company that calls to speak to the customer and offer a type of offer or solution, as well as the person who gets in touch to resolve a point.

In medium and large organizations, a telephone exchange is used. It can even function as a SAC and also as a call center.

Traditionally, it is still one of the most used ways of talking to those who matter most, although it has been increasingly integrated with other possibilities.

3. Email

Communication via electronic addresses tends to be very convenient for both parties, so as not to generate large costs or to take a long time.

However, to talk to consumers by email, you need to ensure maximum organization and diligence. Keeping informed about previous contacts and creating a history of information is crucial to make everything more agile, satisfying and with more quality.

It is a suitable option for both small and large companies. Through it, it is possible to offer a very effective service, but it must be very well planned, since everything is registered.

With this, a serious error on the part of the attendant can mean losses for the business if the consumer decides to pursue his rights.

ebook email marketing

4. Chat

With the growing popularity of corporate website creation, chat is being used more and more. It allows real-time interactivity with the person, which is usually done with the help of a kind of robot.

Responses are pre-programmed and this is a way to better direct contacts. Minor problems and questions are resolved more quickly and the rest can be referred to a real operator.

Because of its characteristics, it is a tool that is not able to guarantee total satisfaction. However, it is a way to increase the efficiency of the other channels.

5. Social networks

Social media dominated much of the market. They are great channels for promoting the brand and also for interacting with contacts and consumers. Through comments or responses it is possible, for example, to identify people who are dissatisfied or who have a problem. The private message features, present in the entire network, allow the subject to be dealt with properly.

The customers themselves can send messages directly to the company, in search of answers to their specific questions or problems. The great thing about this type of channel is the fact that people like its convenience and practicality.

However, it is essential to maintain promptness, as excessive delay can impair satisfaction. In fact, more than 80% of people expect an answer in less than 24 hours and almost half want to be answered within 60 minutes.

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6. Self-service

Aiming at the increasing need and interest of customers to have independence and autonomy, self-service is a possibility that should not be disregarded.

As its name implies, it is a way of ensuring that the consumer himself resolves his issues, as far as possible. One way to do this is through the FAQ.

Having an area on the site with the main problems and doubts and their respective solutions ensures that the consumer does not need to make an order for an attendant.

In the case of the telephone, this comes through the famous recordings, which guide the customer in a standardized way, according to each situation. If he feels the need, he can ask an attendant to solve his problems.

Market news

Although these possibilities cover the main requirements and needs of those who relate to the brand, the market presents news on this topic. The intention is to create increasingly satisfying experiences, while saving organizational resources.

With technology increasingly on the rise, it makes perfect sense that technological integration is the big star of the main novelties. Speaking of which, some of the most relevant include:


The omnichannel consists of creating such a powerful integration between channels that they work as one. The person does not feel that he is moving between different points and manages to have a much more consistent experience.

For support in general, this is no different. There is a need to create channels that are fully integrated with each other, in order to make the experience of those who arrive at the business as easy as possible.

This is the case of a service that starts on social networks and is transferred to the phone, without major difficulties. Or else via an email that continues in person.

For this to be possible, it is necessary to employ other technological resources, such as the use of CRM to integrate the data related to customers.

Chatbots on social networks

To demonstrate how the connection between channels is increasingly important, another among the types of service that promises to be successful is the use of chatbots on social networks.

This is a possibility that started to gain prominence in 2016, mainly in promotional actions carried out in Messenger, the Facebook chat. If before it was limited to larger companies, today options of all sizes have tested the possibility.

From the presentation of previously defined responses, the customer can choose the one that makes the most sense to him, receiving an immediate response. This is important, even, to resolve the issue related to the need for speed when speaking in these media.

chatbots and marketing

Early attendance

In a way, many of these possibilities are linked to early care. It consists of using technology tools to recognize and anticipate possible needs of those who buy.

Note that this is not about reacting to a person’s request, but about anticipating it. Before it even expresses its wishes, the company acts to resolve the main issues.

The use of chatbots can be an example, as well as sending personalized newsletters with solutions to problems not yet raised. You can also use SMS notification of possible changes or problems, as well as send reminders that can be useful.

This is a trend that is still on track to reach the market, so it is likely that it will become more intense in the coming years.

Video conference

Buyers are increasingly interested in humanized communication. People want to feel like they’re talking to other people – in the so-called H2H interaction – and not to a company.

Given this, a possibility appears on the horizon: the use of videoconferencing. Using resources such as Skype or even social networking applications and other communicators, the customer will be able to speak directly with a video attendant.

This tends to require more training on the part of professionals, but it also promises to strengthen the relationship between the brand and those who consume.

Communities and forums

The existence of communities and forums is not new. In fact, these elements are confused with the emergence of the internet itself. These have always been resources to bring together people with the same interests in search of exchanging knowledge.

However, until then this was a niche untapped by brands. More recently, managements began to notice that being present in these places means being able to speak directly to the public.

With this, there tends to be a growth in the presence of businesses in these virtual environments. The main objective is to resolve doubts – such as product indications – while strengthening the brand.

In Quora, for example, it is not uncommon. From the question of a user about which tool to use for a given task, it is customary to find CEOs and managers of companies that offer the resources sought.

The types of customer service vary according to the needs of those who buy and those who sell. Thus, it is possible to select the best options. In addition, there are novelties on the market that promise to make everything even easier and with high quality.

Regardless of the channel, want to know how to get it right? Then check out our customer service best practices manual!

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