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Among the main social chat networks, we can mention: Messenger, Telegram, Signal, LiveChat, Happyfox, Jivochat, My Live Chat and Slack. They can bring you closer to family, friends, customers and also to your work team, serving to meet the most different needs.

Are you from the MIRC era? Did you update the MSN nickname? Did you enter different chat rooms at UOL? Even when it was still all over the internet, social chat networks were already relevant.

Without a doubt, the arrival of WhatsApp changed this game even more, and the popularization of the use of these channels by brands also brought new needs.

Thus, currently, there are several chat options offered by the market.

With different functionalities, deliveries and objectives, they serve people who want to chat with friends and family, allow brands to establish a more intimate contact with their customers and also provide companies with a simplification in internal communication.

In this text, you will see 8 social chat options and get to know in depth what each one has to offer. Check out!

What is the importance of social chat networks?

Among other objectives, we can say that one of the main purposes of social chat networks is bring people together and allow connections even when there are long distances or lack of time.

This was one of the biggest changes that channels like MSN, Orkut and other precursors brought.

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Over time, brands have also appropriated these channels and saw them as the perfect opportunity to create a closer relationship with your customers.

Another common use of these channels is in integration of work teams within companies. They are great tools for exchanging files and information – and not just for those working in the home office model.

Even teams that work with physical proximity can buy time and avoid distractions with the help of technology and software that allow this fast and efficient integration.

Therefore, it is essential to know the different options of applications offered by the market and, thus, identify which is the most suitable for your objective – be it personal, be it professional.

What are the top 8 social chat networks on the internet?

Social chat networks go far beyond WhatsApp. Do not believe? Then read on and discover 8 different options that can be useful in both your professional and personal life.

1. Messenger

Messenger is probably the best known among the social chat networks listed here.

Initially, it was about Facebook chat. Over time, Mark Zuckerberg’s company started to treat him as a separate social network and, nowadays, it is necessary to have installed the proper application for mobile access.

The functionalities are diverse and include sending text messages, images, videos and audio, in addition to making calls to whoever provided the cell phone number to Facebook.

Messenger is a good option when chat is related to personal matters, since you already have a list of all your friends there.

For professional matters, there are the following disadvantages:

  • for mobile use, a second application is required;
  • for use on the desktop, accessing Messenger via Facebook, you will not necessarily have your professional contacts added and, in addition, we know how the Facebook feed can contribute to procrastination.

Below are some more interesting options for this purpose.

2. Telegram

From our list, Telegram may be another acquaintance of yours. The app gained popularity in London when a court decision threatened to shut WhatsApp down.

From then on, it ended up being adopted by some London users as the first chat option and became famous for having disseminated the use of stickers – functionality that has recently also been added to Mark Zuckerberg’s social chat network.

Although WhatsApp is the champion in number of users in London, Telegram stands out in some aspects. See some of them:

  • cloud storage of messages and files exchanged, which takes up less cell phone memory;
  • possibility of sending files greater than 60 MB of WhatsApp;
  • a username allows you to add contacts without having to include the person’s phone number in the cell phone list;
  • creation of groups with up to 5,000 participants, something that brands and content creators have joined to get closer to fans.

3. Signal

Signal is a chat application that allows you to exchange text messages, audio, video and GIFs.

It can be accessed via smartphones and also has a desktop version. Like WhatsApp, it also uses the cell number to identify users. The chat can be done individually or in a group.

Through a wi-fi or mobile data network, it is also possible to make free audio and video calls, even international ones.

The messages are all encrypted, which guarantees the security and privacy of users. Another differential of the application is the fact that it is open source, which means that users themselves can make changes to improve the functionality of the software.

4. LiveChat

LiveChat is a customer service software created in 2002 and today has more than 27,000 paying customers around the world. In the Software as a Service (SaaS) model, the program gathers messages that usually arrive through different channels in one place, such as email, social media, and website chats.

In addition to assisting in the management of this service, the software provides several analytical features, such as the sales conversion rate for a lead earned through online chat.

5. Happyfox

HappyFox is customer support software and acts similarly to LiveChat. However, one more feature of this platform is the creation of tickets, in which it is possible to manage different contacts between different collaborators in a more simplified way.

The platform sells itself as “easy and simple” to use, which is true, especially in relation to its very lean layout.

HappyFox also allows integration with email and other channels for collecting interactions. It is possible to test the free version before purchasing the paid model.

6. Jivochat

Want a single attendance manager? So Jivochat can be a good option. Through it, it is possible to respond to customers who got in touch through online chat, email, social networks and even via phone. In addition, it is also possible to integrate it with other applications, such as Messenger.

With a layout that reduces distractions and provides different tools in a clear and direct way, Jivochat can also be used in managing reservations for those who work in hotel area.

When the team is mature enough, it is even possible to improve processes and improve what is offered as customer experience.

With the attention due to the complaints received, the team gains more agility to answer and correct them.

7. My Live Chat

My Live Chat is a free option which allows the inclusion of a dialog box on your website using simple HTML code.

Automatically, you already allow your visitors to contact you through this chat to learn more about your products or services.

Although it is very useful for those who are starting a business and cannot make large investments, there are limitations in this chat, as with most free versions.

The main one is the absence of a center for managing and integrating the messages of this channel with those of others, such as email and social networks.

8. Slack

Slack is a very popular platform for internal company communication and sells itself as a channel capable of increasing productivity of a team.

The centralization of messages, the sending of files and the possibility of creating different groups are really quite useful for those who need to share different information and references throughout the day.

These teams can be organized according to teams, projects, customers or any other need. This is one of the reasons why Slack is the darling of internal communication in advertising agencies, for example, in which it is common for different teams to act with different clients.

Another advantage of the software is the possibility to join a group or leave whenever necessary, which is not the case with email sequences. In addition, it is also possible to limit side conversations on deviant subjects within the group.

Regardless of your goal, certainly there are social chat networks to suit your needs, and this text is proof of that.

It doesn’t matter if you want to establish personal or professional contacts, these channels are very useful, practical and, in general, easy and intuitive to use.

Do you want to know other important aspects of social media marketing in addition to online chats? So download our kit on the subject right now and have a good reading!