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In addition to delivering valuable content to the public, blog conversions are essential for digital strategy. These actions are always associated with the objectives of the company’s marketing plan and the more they are adopted, the greater the success within what was proposed.

Achieving more conversion on blogs is one of the goals of Content Marketing actions, but this depends directly on alignment with a set of good practices.

Each company has the type of conversion they need most at any given time. This is part of the strategy in that particular context and, given these particular needs, optimization is essential.

It is these good practices that make the published content encourage the reader to take some important action.

In this post, you will better understand the benefits of getting more conversions and know what are the 8 ways to optimize these actions.

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What are the benefits of increasing blog conversion?

Increasing conversion to blog is a search that makes perfect sense, after all, really competitive advantages can be achieved.

This goes beyond numbers: is a sign that the audience is closer, what goals are being achieved and that the blog you created has a good reach.

Next, find out the main advantages and how they positively impact the content strategy.

Generate engagement with the reader

If a blog is getting more conversions, it is a sign that the reader is involved with the published content. Each of them has CTAs that lead to these actions, something that can only be realized if the public really sees value on that post or material.

By increasing conversion, it is a sign that competent strategic work is being done. Thus, the natural path is for the reader to engage more.

The more he is satisfied with what the posts bring to him, the more he will perform conversion actions.

Achieve company objectives

A company’s marketing plan is always developed in light of the goals it has. Different moments in the business require different goals to be achieved, such as increasing sales, expanding the contact base or simply expanding the brand. Conversions are critical to this.

In practice, each conversion is an action. For example, if the company’s goal is to increase sales, with each purchase made, a conversion has been achieved. For this, the content of the blog, at the bottom of the funnel, should prepare the reader and direct them to perform this action, in this case, the purchase.

Improve business metrics

In the era of digital transformation, metrics are of great importance to have an analytical view on the performance of a business. The numbers are very valuable, however, they must be evaluated in depth.

As much as the metrics require care, they are important and bring indicators that draw attention.

A blog will always have, at some stage of the strategy, the proposal to generate actions. If the conversion rate is low, there is a problem with the way the content stimulates the reader.

When there are more conversions, the metrics increase, however, far beyond the numbers, in this case, there are concrete results!

When is it time to seek more conversions?

Achieving conversion to blog is always an objective, however, there are times when it becomes even more urgent and relevant. Within different circumstances and strategies, this search can intensify and then it is time to act.

Next, understand the different contexts that demand a search to optimize conversion on the blog.

When the sales team needs more leads

To make sales, the commercial sector needs contacts. People who are likely to buy and are interested in what the company has to offer can be good leads, which will result in conversions.

Strategies such as offering materials and a newsletter are great ways to generate more conversions, so they can be valuable ways to capture more contacts from these people, something decisive for email marketing actions.

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When conversion rates are low

Low conversion rates should turn on the marketing team’s warning signal! A blog that does not generate actions is not necessarily composed of bad content.

There are many details, even in the structure of the site, that can alienate the reader. Ideally, try to understand the source of the problem, fix it, and work on other optimizations that will help generate more conversions again.

When there are good opportunities to increase sales

The good opportunities to increase sales volume come at specific times: launch of new products, sales, promotions, business dates, among others.

At such times, the blog can be an important tool to help the reader convert in the face of these opportunities. It is important to know how to take advantage of periods and generate content that leads the public to buy.

What are the 8 best actions to convert more?

Converting more is not so simple. There is no magic formula for generating actions, however, an effort in many ways can help a blog become more conducive to conversions. Next, see what are the 8 best actions to be taken and the effects they generate.

1. Reduce the ads on your content

Ads are important, they generate income, but are they really that fundamental to your blog? Many of them can generate a impaired navigation, Besides the visual pollution they cause.

The experience of accessing your blog is a factor that has a direct impact on the conversions obtained.

Reduce the number of these ads and always prioritize the user experience. If he is unable to access the posts or use the site easily, it can irritate and generate dissatisfaction. Leave only the most profitable ads and position them in a way that does not hinder navigation.

2. Make the baseboard less polluted

The footer is an area where, in general, there is a lot of sin, above all, due to the excess of advertisements and information. This is another case of the browsing experience and, of course, it also has a direct impact on blog conversion. Try to keep the baseboard as unpolluted as possible.

In practice, when it comes to posts, this is a region where CTAs are positioned. Naturally, the more different information there is, the more confusing the reading will become.

The tendency is that the user does not pay full attention to the call to action and, in that simple detail, a conversion can be lost.

3. Develop eye-catching and valuable CTAs

By the way, the way the action is proposed to the user is one of the factors that most impact conversion rates. A well-made CTA needs to involve, bring a proposal of real value, be objective, but without being arrogant and must also be respected, that is, if you propose, you have to comply.

CTAs are the final moment of each content, after the reader has already been educated on that subject. Depending on the funnel level, at that moment, he is ready to make a decision.

The message of this call to action should be a complement that encourages this conversion, since the user will be ready for it.

4. Deliver valuable content

Content marketing is a strategy in which there is a exchange ratio: the public wants to consume interesting content that is important to them, while, on the other hand, a company generates this material with an eye on a series of other gains. Conversions are part of that flow!

However, for these actions to happen, it is important that the posts really add value to whoever is reading. Producing quality copyrighted content that takes solutions and meets the demands of the public and persona is essential. The better, the more conversions are generated.

5. Offer bonuses from your content

Good content will always leave the reader wanting more and, in a valuable strategy, offering this add-on can also be a great chance of getting conversions. For example, this bonus is a widely used strategy when you want to get more leads.

At the end of the content, offer a reading to complement what has just been read. The chances of the user being interested are great and, in order for him to have access, offer a small pop-up with the request to register the email so that he receives the material.

6. Prefer simple and objective landing pages

The landing page is a fundamental element to generate conversion in blog, since it captures important data to obtain leads. However, the public wants agility and dynamics at that moment, to have access to the e-book or other rich material as quickly as possible.

A landing page needs to be simple and have an objective proposal. Request data quickly, without the process being too long. It must also have basic information about the content and the design must be attractive.

7. Offer easy registration fields to the newsletter

Another way to get good leads and generate conversions is newsletter signups. They can be on CTAs of all kinds, from those at the end of the posts or even on banners spread across the site. On the blog, a good strategy can be to make access to that entry easy.

For this, a good measure is make simple fields available in places of good visibility in the blog. They should also be objective, such as: “insert your email and receive more content regularly”, in a small, attractive and practical box.

8. Use CTAs in the sidebar sparingly

The blog sidebar has great visibility, is flashy and can be a very important area, as long as it is well used. Precisely, because it is very powerful, some blogs exaggerate and fill this area with banners and CTAs.

This confusion of information means that nothing there is really perceived entirely. Therefore, a space that could generate good CTAs is below its potential. Ideally, use moderation. Thus, CTAs will convert more efficiently and more often.

Blog conversion is part of a successful marketing strategy! These tips can be very valuable for efficient planning of your content. Follow each one and watch your conversion rates increase significantly!

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