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Beautiful images and well thought out cuts are not enough to create an attractive video. It is necessary to go further and think about other characteristics that, at a first moment, may seem secondary, but are equally important. The soundtrack is one of them. When we think of a sound that harmonizes with the rest of the video content, we don’t […]

Beautiful images and well thought out cuts are not enough to create an attractive video.

It is necessary to go further and think about other characteristics that, at a first moment, may seem secondary, but are equally important.

The soundtrack is one of them.

When we think of a sound that harmonizes with the rest of the video content, there is no mistake: the chances of the video going well are very high.

Free music for videos are ideal options to escape the financial and bureaucratic issue surrounding soundtracks – and this is precisely the topic of the post.

If you want to understand the importance of developing appropriate soundtracks in your strategy and, more than that, discover the best platforms that involve offering free music, this content is for you!

Why should I worry about that?

Before presenting the best free music sites for videos, it is essential to understand why to prioritize the soundtrack of your content.

Think about music in general first. It’s hard to live without it, isn’t it?

Whether in sad or happy moments, music is always present in our lives.

We are sure that music has already interfered with your mood at least once in your life!

Science has been studying music and its power to interfere in human beings for a long time – so much so that it is not difficult to find research on the subject out there.

It is like the study carried out by the University of Technology in Sydney, Australia, together with Radboud University, in the Netherlands, which revealed something very interesting: Music and creativity go together!

According to the researchers, songs considered to be happy and in high spirits have full power of positive interference in a person’s creativity.

Imagine, then, the power that you, the content creator, have in your hands.

The soundtrack, when worked well, is crucial when it comes to enchanting and generating genuine interest on the part of your leads.

In addition to all the power of music – which is proven by studies around the world -, think simply: Would you watch a video full of interesting themes and images – but without music or with a soundtrack disproportionate to the content offered?

It’s fact: The soundtrack exists as a kind of vital organ in the great organism which is the video content.

Without it (or when it exists, but poorly worked), the rest of the material makes no sense and becomes boring.

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What are the best free music platforms for videos?

When done without responsibility or sufficient study, the use of music in videos is something that can become a nightmare for the content producer.

The reason is called Copyright.

It is not possible to take any song from the internet and add it to the video, after all, the songs belong to someone.

Therefore, their reproduction must be paid for.

When we talk about content for profit, then, the use of music becomes even more complicated.

It is necessary to study and understand a lot about the subject in order not to make mistakes.

The most practical and safest solution, then, is the use of free music for videos.

They are known as royalty free and, with them, there is no need to worry about legal and financial issues.

Just look at the videos and go!

Knowing this, we selected the best options for sites that offer the feature.

Come see what they are and how they work:

1. Free Soundtrack Music

Free Soundtrack Music is a kind of community in which musicians around the world make their creations available for others to use in videos.

It works in 2 ways: free of charge or from the purchase of “credits”.

In the 1st option, the video must credit the owner of the music. In the 2nd, in addition to other advantages, it is not necessary to place the credits.

It is possible to buy credits with values ​​starting at $ 3.50, and the site has several songs in styles ranging from jazz to metal.

2. Partners in Rhyme

Partners in Rhyme is considered by connoisseurs of the subject as one of the best options to search for soundtracks for videos.

In addition to songs offered in countless musical styles, you can also find sound effects.

This feature that can add an even more original and creative tone to your video.

There are many free songs, without the need to worry about credits and copyrights.

However, you can also buy music packages.

3. ccMixter

CcMixter offers more than 50 free music genres, which can be used as great soundtracks for your videos.

Just like the sites mentioned above, there is a vast catalog of free music, as well as paid selections.

The platform is known for availability of remixes and samples, which are samples of songs used heavily by electronic music producers.

If there is any doubt about what a sample is, listen to the song Ice Ice Baby, by Vanilla Ice, after listening Under Pressure, from the band Queen.

The initial beat of the song, which was produced by the rapper, is a sample.

4. Free Stock Music

Free Stock Music is another site considered to be one of the best – and it’s not for nothing.

In addition to the large amount of music collection, the site is updated frequently, which allows videos to gain a new face whenever desired!

After registering (registration is mandatory), the user can download all the songs they want on the website.

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5. Free Music Archive

The Free Music Archive is known (and recognized) for its giant collection.

There are more than 10,000 songs available!

That way, I doubt not finding the perfect soundtrack for your video.

An important feature in relation to this site is that, in it, you need to be aware of the rules regarding copyright.

There are approximately 6 of them, which limit the use of some songs depending on the purpose of the content.

When it comes to for-profit videos, for example, it is important to filter the search, as some songs cannot be used in content like this.

6. Crate Sounds

In Sounds Crate, the user has a download limit of 5 songs per day.

The fact, however, does not make the site anything less interesting for the content creator.

It is still worthwhile to browse the platform and discover several exclusive contents.

In addition to the free plan, the site offers the user the option of paying $ 49 a year to access more professional and even more exclusive content and sound effects.

6. Looperman

Looperman is a portal with approximately 2 million (yes, you didn’t read it wrong!) Artists who make their music available for free use in videos.

It offers an average of 60 musical genres, which meet the most diverse tastes and needs.

7. Incompetech

Kevin MacLeod, a musician who has already made available more than 2 thousand royalty-free songs (that is, free to use), signs the compositions of Incompetech, a very popular site in the industry.

The portal filter is very interesting and allows searches from rhythm, size and speed, for example.

Incompetech’s main music genres are rock, classical, contemporary music and soundtracks.

8. Free Sound

Sound effects don’t just work on feature films or video clips.

There are very cool and creative ways to work with them on videos that are part of a marketing strategy.

The dynamism, the fun and the more playful aspect are interesting features that can be added to a video that works well using special effects.

Knowing this, Free Sound comes in as a great library of sound effects for videos.

There, you can browse through various categories and choose the most appropriate ones.

9. AudioJungle

As much as AudioJungle does not offer copyright-free music without charging a fee, there is no way to ignore it.

You can find materials for as little as $ 1!

The quality and diversity of the songs offered on the website is really very good, so the investment is more than fair.

On the portal, you can see the most famous songs at the moment in a sort of ranking, and you can also buy really cool sound effects for a minimum price.

In addition to the sites cited in the course of this post, there are numerous other portals that offer free music for videos – however, with fees from the site itself.

They vary a lot and start from smaller values, like the one dollar mentioned here, and arrive in packages of 170 euros, for example.

Regardless of the options you choose, the important thing to keep in mind is that the construction of the video as a whole is worth it in the end.

That is why, think about every detail imagining the result and always remembering to use and abuse techniques of enchantment and lead retention!

We guarantee that music is one of them and that it is worth investing in sound resources.

So, did you like our free music sites for videos?

If you are really interested in the subject, be sure to also learn about how to promote your content with our complete Video Marketing material!

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