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Capturing well qualified leads for your company is always a considerable challenge. It is necessary to explain the importance of your service, educate your audience and only then talk about offers. However, this can be even more complicated when it comes to SaaS lead generation strategies, since your product itself needs a […]

Capturing well qualified leads for your company is always a considerable challenge. It is necessary to explain the importance of your service, educate your audience and only then talk about offers.

However, this can be even more complicated when it comes to SaaS lead generation strategies, since your product itself needs a more specific promotion, thus being more difficult to do with a large part of the public.

The concept of “Software as a Service”, or SaaS (Software as a Service), is gradually gaining acceptance by the general public.

In addition to being a great option for startups that have less distribution resources, this change also benefits the customer. Installation is easier and this solution can be easily adapted as a business grows.

However, to take advantage of this new market, it is important to invest in good SaaS specific lead generation strategies. Without a consistent influx of new customers, no company can stay for long.

Thinking about it, here we list some strategies that you can follow and how they can be implemented within your company so that you can get in touch with your personas efficiently. Follow:

1.Learn as much as possible about your product

The starting point for any marketing campaign is information. Understand your product, how the company works, what your productive capacity is, how your team can respond to different demands and unforeseen circumstances, among many other things.
Know your own skills and resources largely affects the development of any plan.

Therefore, before investing in larger-scale marketing, it is more important to reflect on your own actions within the company. Some good questions to ask are:

  • What are your goals as an entrepreneur?
  • What markets do you intend to develop in?
  • What is the main difference of your product in relation to the competitors?
  • What is the general philosophy that you promote within your business?

It is not necessary to have all the answers right away to develop an initial plan. However, the more of them you have, the better. And if the information is still scarce, take the time to collect it.

2.Learn about your audience too

As in the previous topic, your SaaS lead generation strategies also depend on how well you know your audience. So ask a few more questions:

  • What are your main consumption habits for my persona?
  • How do they decide which brands are most relevant?
  • Which content formats are most attractive?
  • What kind of language do they use on a daily basis?
  • How do you do online research?
  • What are your real needs?

Again, the more questions are answered, the better.

The point here is that, unlike information about your own company, that of your customers will be a little more difficult to access. It is not possible to simply look at the internal records and have all the necessary data already refined.

So, a good starting point is to take these questions to your current customers. If your company is still relatively small, then it will be easier to collect this type of information directly from them.

However, if there are many contacts in your base, then you will have to use other methods, such as Data Mining, open polls, among others.

3.Optimize your Landing Page

Following with more concrete SaaS lead generation strategies, a good way to convert your audience is to ensure that your landing page is properly optimized. This is both in the technical sense of navigation and in the way it attracts the reader.

First, develop your page so that it is readable on a variety of devices and operating systems, including computers, tablets and cell phones. Having a poorly optimized site for these platforms can cost more than half of your conversions.

Then, optimize your landing page design. Insert calls in visible places, use an easy-to-navigate layout, avoid polluting the screen with too much information, use colors to highlight what is most important.

Finally, invest in a pleasant and functional look.

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4. Offer e-books

In the past, advertising efforts were limited to space disputes. Who had the biggest ad in the newspaper, the most striking billboard, the most time in commercial breaks, etc.

However, thanks to the internet, it is much more difficult to force your audience to look at your advertising instead of the content. So today, what companies dispute is the attention and time of their leads.

So, you need to offer something in return for that time and attention. That is why there are so many strategies focused on inbound marketing and the creation of relevant content.

A good example of this content is a free e-book with information that your leads need before making a decision.

In general, they are slightly more effective than a post. First, in exchange for the e-book, you can ask the visitor to register, which can be considered a conversion to lead. In addition, the material tends to be better interpreted as a value offering than an open page on a blog.

5.Publish content consistently

One of the most common mistakes made when developing an Inbound Marketing plan is not having a predefined schedule of posts.
Think about how you consume content on a daily basis, you probably check the same channels with some regularity, expecting something new. If one of them stops showing new posts, then soon you tend to forget about it.

Likewise, your SaaS lead generation strategies should consider the frequency with which you interact with your potential customers. Maintaining a regular publication schedule helps to convey more security, which helps guide your audience towards the purchase decision.

Of course, all content depends largely on which topics are most relevant to the audience today. Just be disciplined and always follow the market to understand what your leads need to know.

6.Reuse evergreen content

There are some contents that are known as evergreen, that is, it doesn’t matter if they were posted 1 month ago or even 1 year ago, they still have the same relevance today. Such posts allow them to be revisited and promoted numerous times.

In general, this content addresses topics that you can talk about most often without boring your audience. Basic financial tips, tutorials, among other things that interest most of your new visitors.

This may not be such a common scenario for a SaaS company, as its theme itself is relatively recent. But there are many related topics, mainly about technology and innovation, that fit into several other contexts.

This is a practical way to lower your production costs and make better use of the content created so far.

7.Promote your social networks

Social networks, such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, among others, are a fundamental part of any marketing campaign and lead generation strategies.

Its primary function is usually to bring your brand closer to the public and promote your content in a more direct and less invasive way, in addition to collecting data about part of your audience, of course.

These platforms are a much better channel for maintaining a close relationship with your audience. Through short posts throughout the day, you can maintain your presence and attract more visitors to your page.

All of this contributes to the highest conversion rate over time.

Of course, you should always keep in mind that each social network has its particularities. The audience that visits LinkedIn is not the same as those on Twitter or Facebook. Finding the right channels and for your target audience is one of the keys to your campaign’s success.

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8. Offer your services in Trial mode

Last but not least, one of the best ways to capture more capable leads is to allow them to use your services, even if in a limited way, free of charge.

It may seem counterintuitive, but this practice already has several success stories in different scenarios.

The first option is to offer a limited version of your service free of charge. Only the most basic features, which do not consume much of the company’s resources.

In return, you will not only have access to a larger base to collect data, but you will always be one step closer to converting it into customers.

Another option is to offer your full service for a limited time. This makes the user not only approach without commitment, but also get used to the service and understand its relevance.

This helps to break the first resistance barriers and makes the whole SaaS acceptance process faster.

With these tips, you should surely be able to better elaborate your strategies for generating SaaS leads.

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