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The interviewed content is an offer from Websites Are Us that aims to deal with complex personas, subjects or businesses. The difference is the possibility of inserting a specialist’s view into the material, providing more authority for the blog. Know more!

Studies, research, news and other materials published on the internet are essential during the content production process.

This is because the writer uses these sources as references to better understand the subject and contextualize it, always bringing the theme to the reality of the business and the persona of the blog.

But what to do when, within the content strategy, we identify the need to address a subject that has no online references? So the content with Websites Are Us interview.

It can be used in a variety of situations, such as when we want to present a product or service, highlight a successful case, bring an expert’s opinion on the subject to a blog or talk to a persona who has technical knowledge on the subject.

The application of content with an interview involves any scenario in which we may use a person’s experience as the main source of reference for the production of the material.

Do you want to learn more about the content with Websites Are Us interviews and how it can be used in your marketing strategy? Just continue reading this post!

What is content with an interview?

The interviewed content is an offer from Websites Are Us that emerged to compose strategies that need to deal with specific subjects in an even more exclusive way. Thus, the service aims to meet, above all, four main demands.

1. Complex people

Some personas have a high level of technical knowledge in the subjects covered in the content, which makes it impossible to build material on a regular basis, using only online references.

After all, normally, they may not offer in-depth information that is sufficient to dialogue with the reader.

2. Complex subjects

When dealing with technical or controversial issues, it is common for the writer to face limitations that make it impossible to construct the content in a didactic way.

In these situations, professionals who have mastery of the topic can contribute by sharing their vision and knowledge during an interview, and all information collected will serve as a guide for the production of the material.

3. Complex business

Businesses that have specific products or services, for example, need to direct efforts to educate the market about the solution offered, in order to show the public how their pain can be resolved.

In these cases, content with an interview identifies the specifics of the business and translates them, presenting the theme to readers in a didactic and educational way.

4. Specific demands

Some specific demands can also be addressed through content with an interview, such as:

  • success case – when you present the experience of another consumer with your brand;
  • institutional content – used to describe the brand, as well as its history, market, values ​​and so on;
  • sales add-on – materials that describe the operation of a specific product and that can be used as support by the sales team;
  • opinion article – content that presents the interviewee’s vision to readers;
  • specific formats – materials that require a different format than regular blog posts.

What are the advantages of this offer?

The main advantage of content with an interview is, above all, to present the view of an expert on the subject on the topic. The benefits obtained are reflected at all ends, such as:

  • O reader it benefits, since it receives even more relevant information on the subject;
  • O business manages to present a specific scenario and adapted to reality;
  • O interviewee, which is the reference in the theme, gains recognition for exposing his experience;
  • O market is educated with rich information;
  • with all that, the brand stands out from the competition for positioning itself as the subject authority.

Above all, the interview aims to better understand the subject from the perspective of a specialist who is a reference. As a trained person, we have, as a result, a material with even more added value.

What is the process of producing content with an interview?

Different content formats can adopt the interview as the main source of reference, such as blog posts, ebooks, infographics, among others.

The main specificity is that there are additional steps in the production process that require a more active participation by the team that follows the Digital Marketing strategy within the company.

The main stages of content with an interview are:

  1. theme approval – the theme is agreed between the client and the WAU analyst;
  2. agenda approval – the agenda contains a description of what will be found in the content;
  3. interviewee indication – at this time, the contact details (name, phone and email) of the person who has the authority to speak on the subject must be provided;
  4. interview – the WAU team will present a questionnaire for the source to discuss the matter (via phone, e-mail or other communication channels);
  5. transcription – from the generated audio, a transcript is made that will serve as a basis for the writing stage;
  6. essay – the editor presents the information collected in the interview and adapts it to the language of the blog and the reality of the persona;
  7. review – the revision step analyzes the text in terms of grammar and suitability for SEO techniques;
  8. approval and publication – the text is sent to the team for analysis, which may request adjustments, if necessary, or continue with approval and publication;
  9. extra steps – content that requires diagramming, such as ebook and infographic, has extra stages of production and evaluation.

Within Websites Are Us, there are two teams responsible for conducting the production of content with an interview. The definition of which team will take care of each strategy is made during the negotiation, when the specific needin order to understand which offer is more aligned.

The team Services is one of those responsible for delivering the content with an interview. Here, after the approval of the agenda, the copywriter is the professional responsible for conducting the interview with the specialist and writing the content according to what was specified.

The main advantage is the possibility of having a even more active participation in the content, since there is a direct contact between client and editor.

The team of Network focuses on managing strategy and deliveries, with the support of freelance professionals in the production stage. Here, the respondent responds to the questionnaire on the subject and then transcribes it.

This generated material is sent to freelance writers who are part of the project’s favorite team. Thus, it gains in terms of productivity with the support of a community of qualified freelancers.

Regardless of the team that will lead the production of the content, having active customer participation is essential. After all, since he is part of the daily routine of the brand, it is possible to identify who are the most qualified people within the company and in the market to talk about each subject.

It is worth remembering that the interviewee does not necessarily need to be part of the company’s staff. Therefore, their respective customers, partners, suppliers or renowned people in the market can be essential to share information on the topic.

What good practices to adopt to manage the strategy?

Actively participating in the content production process is a way of ensuring quality delivery, aligned with the business and the persona’s needs. Therefore, the main good practice for producing content with an interview is maintain an active and constant participation in all stages.

During the content mapping stage, it is always a good idea to identify which topics are being discussed within the company and align with that talk to content production strategy.

Therefore, by identifying a possible interviewee and bringing suggestions for topics to WAU’s analysts, we were able to build a plan more aligned with reality.

At the stage of the agenda, it is essential to make a thorough analysis of the information that is proposed. For the content with an interview, specifically, the agenda will serve as a guide not only for the writing stage, but also for the preparation of the questionnaire.

Therefore, ensure that the information is detailed and that the available references provide a good context for the subject.

When approving the agenda, indicate the interviewee which is the main reference on the subject. Armed with this information, the WAU team will begin the first stages of production, starting with direct contact with the indicated interviewee.

As a client, since you already have contact with the interviewee, it is important to show him the importance of the interview and the reasons why he was appointed. Take advantage of this moment to recognize you as an authority and engage you in the conversation.

Also try to help the WAU team to find the best way to talk to this source, indicating the best contact channel, the ideal time, among other details.

After the interview is carried out, we proceed to the stages of transcription, writing and proofreading. Soon after, the text is sent for approval. Always remember to give constructive and didactic feedbacks that help to make the next deliveries even more aligned.

If necessary, request adjustments, as they are a good way to educate the team on the specifics of delivery.

Just saw how the content with interview can be a good ally in your Content Marketing strategy? If you deal with persona, subjects or a complex business, just look around and identify who is the ideal source to discuss the topic and generate opportunities for everyone involved.

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