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Game Marketing is a strategy focused on promoting a company, product or service through games. As with films and TV series, promotion through popular video games can be extremely advantageous for brands.

The market is more and more disputed and the consumer no longer welcomes traditional and common ads and campaigns within marketing. Thus, it is necessary to know how to explore what the market has to offer and innovate in its strategies, always aiming to create actions that generate better returns for your company.

In a highly connected society, thanks to the accelerated process of digital transformation, video games are no longer exclusive to a very specific niche of the population. Today, they are extremely popular and, therefore, Game Marketing can be an excellent strategy for promoting and popularizing your brand.

How about, then, to know more about what Game Marketing is, what are its main characteristics and how to use this strategy? Continue reading this article to learn how you can put together a marketing plan to take advantage of video games and promote your brand efficiently. Check out!

What is the importance of diversifying your Marketing strategies?

Before going deeper into the concept of Game Marketing, it is essential to understand the importance of using different Marketing strategies for the promotion of a company. An example? As much as sponsored links are efficient – especially in the short term – Content Marketing, for example, cannot be ruled out.

After all, it is necessary to think about actions that quickly highlight your company, but also those in which relevance and authority increase or that help to build customer loyalty. With Digital Marketing, it is possible – and easier – invest on different fronts to ensure the greatest success of your actions and campaigns.

Video games are increasingly popular and easy to buy: they can be played on computers, notebooks, tablets and even smartphones. In other words, it is an opportunity for companies to publicize their brands even during a period of leisure and fun, resulting in a more natural experience for the user.

What is Game Marketing?

Organizations advertise their products in films and TV series, right? In addition, they usually sponsor or advertise their brands at different events and sports teams. Game Marketing is therefore an extension of this vision to the gaming universe, using these platforms to promote a company.

In practice, the strategy consists of taking advantage of this scenario and its various channels to promote a brand. It can be through its own game, a natural insertion or even a more conventional one. The advantage of Game Marketing is the variety of advertising options, allowing you to find the most suitable for your purpose.

To make it clearer how Game Marketing works and what are the possibilities for exploration within this strategy, we have separated the main characteristics, from the objective to the actions that can be more efficient. Check out!

Natural and less invasive dissemination

Traditional advertising has been losing ground to strategies and techniques that impact consumers in a more natural way. Game Marketing is an example of this, inserting a brand within the universe of a game. Thus, it is possible to improve, for example, brand awareness, that is, brand awareness.

Various applications

The applications are varied and can be from the most subtle to the most incisive. The game Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory, for example, is an excellent example: Nokia put its brand on the technology devices used in the game, naturally inserting the company into the game universe.

Also, racing games are even more real with real car and motorcycle models, right? Brands take advantage of this and make their creations available so that users have a more satisfying experience and, consequently, able to strengthen the brand.

Football and other sports simulators, for example, have exclusive advertising boards for their platforms, allowing an experience closer to reality and being able to expose brands, companies and services in these spaces. The options are diverse for organizations to find the ideal model for their goals.

More accurate actions

Another important feature of Game Marketing is the accuracy that actions and campaigns can have. After all, audience segmentation is very clear in relation to games and platforms. Therefore, it is possible to bet on activations in games that have more to do with your target audience, for example.

It is a behavior that is in line with the main trends of Digital Marketing, focusing on creating accurate and precise strategies. For example, in the same game that Nokia bought a space, Ax, a male deodorant company, also inserted its brand due to the audience of the game: men between 18 and 34 years old.

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What is the relationship between eSports and Game Marketing?

Many of the possibilities that offer excellent returns for companies have appeared mainly in recent years. The reasons are many, ranging from technological advances to the popularization of eSports. Game Marketing, therefore, has become even more attractive for brands precisely because of the growth of this market.

Therefore, within this universe valued at $ 1 billion in 2019, the various investment opportunities in the sector also grow. Game Marketing is one of those consequences of recent growth, further enhancing the possible returns with sponsorships, advertisements and marketing actions in the virtual scenario.

Game Marketing is, therefore, an excellent strategy to be analyzed by any company that seeks a competitive differential to stand out in an increasingly competitive market. With the right strategies, it is possible to use an environment so popular these days to promote your brand with precision and efficiency.

In this article, we also talked about the relationship between eSports and Game Marketing, right? The reality of one has completely changed with the growth in popularity and relevance of the other. So, how about going deeper into the universe of eSports and the marketing strategies that took games to the world level?