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Attracting people’s attention is an increasingly difficult task, as people have not been paying much attention to commercials or advertisements on the internet. So, to solve this problem, we try to use ways to advertise without speaking directly about the products. The desire is to introduce brands and concepts in a natural way, which […]

Attracting people’s attention is an increasingly difficult task, as people have not been paying much attention to commercials or advertisements on the internet.

So, to solve this problem, we try to use ways to advertise without speaking directly about the products. The desire is to introduce brands and concepts in a natural way, which does not look like traditional ads.

However, how can we use this strategy in digital marketing? In this post, we will define what these are strategies and we will answer that question so that your actions can please your target audience more. Follow:

What is invisible marketing

Currently, with the amount of information available, companies and marketing sectors are wondering how they can attract consumer attention.

Several alternatives – like pamphlets and TV ads – seem to be running out of steam. From that, it was understood that one way to advertise and get a response is to do it differently.

That is, an ad without the face of an ad. Thus, in addition to the consumer not avoiding seeing what is being shown, he may even find it interesting.

Thus, invisible (or hidden) marketing came to say things without actually saying them, showing them without rubbing the product on the consumer’s face. That is, an advertisement in which many would consume without notice.

Consequently, it is possible to test how consumers will react to new and possible products without them even understanding that they are being tested.

After all, in recent times, it is simpler to attract the user’s attention from comments or recommendations of friends than to use large vehicles to propagate it.

After all that, we can say that hidden marketing is about discrete actions to promote a product or service. For this purpose, situations of public awareness are used for broadcasting without a formal announcement being made.

Some of the actions can be seen in soap operas, films and, mainly, on social networks. In all of them, people appear with what the company wants to disclose, as if they were in fact consumers.

Several times the media really test the products to know if the product really delivers what it promises so that its image is not compromised.

The main advantage and reason for the success of this type of marketing is the ease of using ideas and products of a certain company in a friendly way to consumers, reducing the barriers that a traditional ad could have.

Some famous examples are:

  • in Elite squad 2, in a scene where a citizen shoots weapons with a Claro cell phone, quickly sending it to Colonel Nascimento’s monitor;
  • in 2010, at the World Cup, Luis Fabiano celebrated a goal by hitting his chest with a closed fist. Although the scene appeared to be the result of pure patriotism, it was nothing more than a repetition of a gesture already made in a Brahma commercial.

Although these reasons are famous, we can see them daily on social networks, in movies and in soap operas.

It is possible to use the concepts of hidden marketing in online campaigns by companies of any size.

How to make marketing invisible

We have prepared for you some ways you can advertise without speaking a word of your product:

Use of content

When you search for terms or how to do a certain thing on the internet, you don’t imagine that reading is not just simple content, is it?

The use of content marketing intend to take rich and useful materials to the target audience so that they find it interesting and become an active reader of the website and publications on social networks.

So, producing rich material is a good way to show your message, your products and your services without them even appearing in publications.

content marketing first steps

Attracting customers based on the sales funnel

If producing content is already interesting, imagine doing it systematically so that people are educated until they purchase the service or product in question?

For this, we use the strategies of the sales funnel. Initially, the person will deliver their information in exchange for some rich material (such as e-books, webinars and short courses).

From this, several contacts are made in order to demonstrate the importance of the products or services that are marketed by the company. Here, the desire is to convince the reader of how some problem can be solved using solutions previously established by the institution.

Soon after, it demonstrates what are the points that must be analyzed before the acquisition, which are usually the company’s qualities and values.

When the lead sees a more formal ad or publication calling them to buy, they’ll believe they need it and will be ready to do it.

Sales Funnel Planning Kit

Group interactions

What do you think of someone who really likes to participate in groups, always with relevant answers? It looks pretty good, doesn’t it?

You can use profiles like this to participate and interact in groups, demonstrating that you are a reliable and understanding person about what you say.

The goal is to send other participants to your company’s websites without them even knowing it.

To do this, when possible, link your comments with existing blog posts so that Internet users can find your materials.

Posting on social networks

You can use your social networks to do the same actions that we have already mentioned above.

Acting normally, deliver useful content, post photos with products or other actions that do not directly advertise your services or products and that can be understood as natural.

At social networks are the right environment for you to publish materials that bring fun and information to your persona.

Contact with partners

Finally, another way to advertise without even talking about your product is to keep in touch with people who run related websites and complementary products.

There are several ways to do hidden marketing, such as:

  • exchange mentions in articles, demonstrating the usefulness of your product or service;
  • invite and be invited to write a post about how the persona on the other site could benefit from the solutions offered by you;
  • publish photos together with eye-catching captions – but natural.

Invisible marketing can be seen as a philosophy of your company in providing a better experience for your user, introducing your products and their philosophies slowly, so that he always thinks that the company’s biggest concern is to bring information from quality to it.

To produce quality content, see everything you need to know about content marketing in this post.

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