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Carlos owns a company and decided to reformulate his digital marketing strategy, expanding investments in his website and social media. As an entrepreneur who doesn’t know much about content marketing, he decided to seek more information before making any decision. After doing some research, although I still have some doubts, […]

Carlos owns a company and decided to reformulate his digital marketing strategy, expanding investments in his website and social media. As an entrepreneur who doesn’t know much about content marketing, he decided to seek more information before making any decision. After doing some research, although he still had some doubts, he believed he was ready to develop a strategy and put it into practice. After a few months, however, he realized that the return on his investment (ROI) was not being very good, but he was unable to understand very well why or what he could do differently to achieve better results. At that moment, Carlos understood that the best option would be to seek help, both to clear his doubts and to develop a more efficient strategy.

And you, identified with Carlos? Have you read a lot about content marketing, but still have some questions? Do you want to develop a strategy, but are not sure where to start? A consultancy can help you! Check now how:

What to expect from a consultancy?

A content marketing consultant is a professional who is able to answer all your questions on the subject. Thanks to his experience, he has enough knowledge to guide you from the most basic point of structuring your campaign to more advanced details such as conversion and optimization improvements.

The consultancy has, as an initial step, the objective of ensuring that you become an expert in all concepts, only then we move on to the next stage, of strategy development. At this point, some points will be defined, such as:

  • What are personas and how to define them?
  • What is a nutrition flow?
  • What makes a qualified lead?

The consultancy can solve all doubts like these and more!

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Assist in the development of an efficient strategy

Once you know everything about content marketing, the next step is to create and put in place an effective strategy. To develop it, it is important to know and understand its step by step. Following the following steps is essential to creating and distributing the right content, to the right people, at the perfect time:

  • define what goals you want to achieve
  • know who your personas are
  • know at what stage of the customer journey these personas are

Inbound marketing aims to attract visitors, convert them into leads, close the sale and, ultimately, satisfy the customer. Content marketing, in turn, is one of the strategies used to achieve these goals. But how to do that? Following these steps, with the help of a consultancy, there is no mystery!

The first thing to do before developing any strategy is to think about what goal you want to achieve with it. Thus, it is necessary to define what we call the S.M.A.R.T goal, which means that it must be specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and temporal. If doubts arise in the definition process, a content marketing consultant can help you, ensuring that your goal follows all of these principles.

Some examples of meta S.M.A.R.T. are:

  • I want to increase the number of conversions by 5% every month
  • I want to increase the number of customers from 100 to 150 in 3 months

To better understand the concept, see this post on the Hubspot blog on how to set S.M.A.R.T goals

Before thinking about what content should be produced, it is essential to know for whom it is being produced. To do this, you need to create your company’s personas, which are fictitious representations of your ideal client, developed from information about work, habits and demographic data, and obtained from your current clients through a short interview. In this step, the consultancy can give you suggestions for a question script to be followed so that you can get the data you need to create personas.

After collecting this data from some of your customers, the next step is to analyze it for patterns. Your company probably has more than one customer profile, so you may be able to identify more than one persona. Initially, however, the ideal is that you create only one or two, to facilitate the content production process.

  • Customer journey analysis

Now that you know who your personas are, you need to know what stage of the customer journey they are at. Are they still at the top of the funnel, discovering your product or starting to show interest in it? Or are they already in the middle of the funnel, considering or already showing intention to buy? There may also be some at the bottom of the funnel, at which stage the lead is evaluating their purchase options to make a decision.

It is very important to take the customer journey into account before producing content, as this is different for each stage of the funnel.

Now that you know who your personas are and what stage of the customer’s journey they are in, it’s easy to produce relevant content for the right people at the right time. For this, some tips are important:

  • Remember to use the same terms and language in your content as your personas
  • Using keywords is essential for your content to be found by your personas on search engines.

In this step, a consultant can help you determine some guidelines for the content to be produced for each stage of the sales funnel and for the different personas of your company.

  • Content distribution

Just as important as producing the right content, for the right people, is knowing how to distribute it. To do this, we need to take into account, once again, who your personas are and at what point in the purchase process they are.

How to develop an efficient workflow? Where should I disclose top, middle and bottom funnel content? Content marketing consulting can help you a lot in defining the best distribution strategies.

  • Measurement and analysis of results

After developing and putting a strategy into practice, the next step is to analyze the results to assess their effectiveness. From this information, a consultancy can help you to know if you need to modify any stage of this strategy or not. But how to measure and analyze these results? The following tools can help you:

Assist in the use of platforms

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To put your strategy into practice, there are tools that can help you both in the production and distribution of content, as well as in the analysis of results, and a content marketing consultant can point you to some and give you tips on how to use them. These platforms allow, for example:

  • define who your personas are
  • manage and segment contacts
  • develop a workflow
  • develop calls-to-action, landing pages and forms
  • automate the sending of emails and blog posts and social media

Thus, these platforms have the advantage of allowing your content marketing strategy to be automated, from attracting visitors to your blog and converting leads, in addition to facilitating an integrated analysis of this strategy in one place.

To learn more about these platforms, see this topic from the Content Marketing Forum, in addition to our ebook on marketing automation.

Is that you? Still have questions about how to develop and put into practice a content marketing strategy? Or how to use these tools? Talk to one of our consultants!