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Lovemark is a concept used in Marketing to refer to a brand that has already managed to generate a good level of trust and commitment among its customers and that therefore remains in their memories and is recommended to other potential customers.

Most of the brands that “got there” did this because their goal was more than getting loyal customers. The real secret of its success is to make people feel love for your brand, turning them into lovemarks.

Make your brand a lovemark it is nothing more than winning the engagement of its customers, taking it to its maximum expression.

In other words, making the link reached between your brand and consumers such that it exceeds any rationality, including the benefits of your products and services.

To transform your brand into a lovemark you need to know your target Audience and focus on your needs so that you literally start to feel love for her.

In this article we will explain everything you need to know about this interesting topic and why you shouldn’t rest until your brand reaches that point. In it, you will see:

Come on!

Which is lovemark?

The concept was defined by marketing and advertising genius Kevin Roberts, and it is basically a marketing strategy in which love and the brand come together.

An lovemark is the one that has managed to position itself as the first option of its target audience, thanks to the generation of well-established emotional bonds that make the loyalty and commitment of its consumers turn into love for the brand.

According to Kevin Roberts the link between a brand and the consumer can become a passion if the brand can develop three elements:

  • sensuality;
  • intimacy;
  • mystery.


To understand how a brand can be sensual for consumers, we can return to Kevin Roberts, who explains that a brand is sensual when it has the ability to stimulate each of our senses.


In the context of lovemarks, intimacy refers to the fact that brands are capable of having a intimate relationship with customers, as if they were a couple.

This means that commitment, passion and empathy are the bases that support the relationship between the consumer and the brand.


Talking about mystery in the context of Marketing refers to the fact that brands always generate expectations in their consumers. That is, you can always have an ace up your sleeve, available for generate unexpected emotion in customers when they know your product.

If customers knew every detail of something yet to be launched on the market, there would be no curiosity to know each of the details of the product or service.

Making an analogy with love relationships, usually if you are not curious and expectative about that person you like, you end up losing interest in them.

Another way to create this mystery is by telling stories that will spark the imagination of customers, and make them visualize themselves within these scenarios (while, ideally, these scenarios are related to the brand in question).

Brands should seek to generate these three elements so that consumers can be carried away by their charms and fall deeply in love.

That way, customers who feel love for your brand will end up choosing it without caring about the price or the benefits that another supplier may offer. Isn’t that incredible?

Why is it important for a brand to become a lovemark?

The importance of the meaning of lovemark for companies it is that your brand goes from a medium level of engagement with the public to generate a level of commitment so great that it could be compared to being truly passionate.

The fact that companies carry out marketing strategies with the objective of generating greater and greater engagement in people who consume your products or services causes them to end up placing their loyalty above their rationality.

This means that the loyalty and commitment we have to our lovemark is tested when making a purchase decision, for example:

  • Is this really necessary?
  • is this the best option for me?
  • is it worth spending that amount of money?

That is why if your brand reaches this level of engagement, you have the advantage of being able to work with a higher price range than that worked in the market.

This means that due to the fact that your consumers are driven by love (and not reason), the cost of your product will be something to be left in the background.

Another advantage of applying this concept is that products start to have a high demand among consumers, lovemark it is associated with status, and that is something that everyone wants.

How to build a lovemark?

To make your brand a lovemark it is essential to consider three main aspects, which we present below.

Focus on a niche market

To be able to transform your brand into a lovemark in a simpler way, it is of great use that your advertising campaigns and marketing strategies focus on a specific market niche.

This means that you are already at another level if you identify a group of consumers that are not well served by the competition and offer a product that they really believe to be incredible.

Aim at emotion, not reason

Nowadays it is a fact that if their advertisements manage to stir people’s emotions, there is a great possibility that they will end up opting for your brand when looking for an article or service that helps them in any situation.

If you are able to capture the attention of new customers through empathy, it ends up developing a link between your brand and the customer, and he ends up giving in to the emotions generated.

Keep your customers curious

Whenever you launch a campaign, never tell everything. By keeping your audience curious and expectant, you will definitely have them always aware of your new releases.


It is impressive the power that emotions have in consumers today. At lovemarks will always differentiate themselves from other brands because they simply focus on emotions.

So, we can confirm that the saying that love is blind is totally correct. If your brand can constantly move emotions and you build loyalty that exceeds the limits of rationality, you can say for sure that you have a lovemark.

Remember that you must always be constantly renewing and looking to keep your customers loyal and passionate, making them ambassadors for your brand.

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