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When talking about the impact of video marketing the numbers don’t really lie. In fact, they show a truth that, if we stop to pay attention to our own behavior, we will see: videos have become our preferred format of content and can no longer be ignored by marketing teams. But how to highlight a business by […]

When talking about the impact of video marketing the numbers don’t really lie.

In fact, they show a truth that, if we stop to pay attention to our own behavior, we will see: videos have become our preferred format of content and can no longer be ignored by marketing teams.

But how to highlight a business through this strategy?

We decided to learn from those who are already successful: the most famous brands on YouTube.

Are you curious to know what they do and what are the secrets they use to reach the target audience in full? So, this content was made for you!

Is it worth it to bet on Youtube?

If you are tuned in Digital Marketing, you surely already know that the internet has become the biggest showcase that exists on the planet.

It is through it that much of the first contact with a brand takes place. Users discover new products, check the reviews of other customers and even decide whether or not to make a purchase.

Among so many content formats that can impact someone, one of them stands out for reaching all audiences.

Yes, online videos have that power!

Check out some of the statistics below:

  • 86% of internet users in London watch online videos;
  • 56% of these internet users say they spend more time watching videos online than watching TV, and 86% acknowledge that they access the web even when they are watching television;
  • today, Internet users spend more than 15 hours a week watching videos online;
  • Cisco’s forecast is that in 2020, 82% of internet traffic will be dedicated to videos.

But perhaps you are thinking: all of these numbers talk about consuming videos on the web, not specifically YouTube.

What you may not know is that 99% of people who watch videos on the web use this platform.

Today YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world, losing space only to Google, which already favors showing results in videos in searches

It beats better known social networks like Facebook and brings together 1/3 of the web users in the world.

Together, these people watch more than a billion hours of video a day. To give you an idea, its reach is so wide that it reaches more adults 18 to 49 years old than any cable TV channel in the United States.

And in London, how is this picture?

  • In 2015 alone, YouTube’s watch time grew 70% in the country.
  • Of the 85 million Brazilians who watch videos online, 82 million use this platform to consume content.
  • 95% of the Internet user population searches the site at least once a month.

As you can see, the statistics are clear: online videos are dominating the internet.

And among all the platforms that offer this service, there is no denying it: YouTube is the main protagonist.

And what are the most famous brands on Youtube and their strategies?

To have a result it is not enough to create a channel on YouTube and cross your fingers for your company to take off.

In order to guarantee success, it is essential to have a good strategy. Therefore, we have selected some brands that have done this perfectly so that you can be inspired and know how to reach your audience.

Magazine Luiza

In Canal da Lu, the hostess is a nice animation that represents Luiza, owner of Magazine Luiza.

She does much more than showcase merchandise: she interacts with the public using a close, didactic language. The feeling is that that close friend is giving tips and recommending your favorite products.

The channel’s themes are varied.

She unboxes launches, teaches the consumer how to use and solve problems and doubts that may appear after purchase (how to connect the phone to the Playstation, for example), compares the product options on the market and even teaches tricks to win games with the game you purchased.

Thus, the consumer does not have the idea that he is consulting a store channel.

In fact, the whole interaction seems very familiar, making the purchase decision aid not invasive. It is not without reason that the channel has already reached 1.2 million subscribers!

We can summarize the highlights of the success of this strategy in:

  • Focus on the persona
  • Direct interaction with the consumer
  • Personality


In addition to having some of the most coveted products in the world, Apple is one of YouTube’s most famous brands.

Your channel has more than 6.3 million subscribers, who watch videos that range from surprising productions to the famous FAQs or questions.

And when it comes to amazing production, don’t expect anything Hollywood. Sometimes they are just touching stories, showing everyday situations from a perspective with which the audience identifies.

In addition, of course, the channel shows how to use the features of its Apple products, ensuring that users have the maximum benefits from usability.

Apple also gives a show on its channel with the same points that we saw in Magazine Luiza, but two other great differentials are:

  • Post-sales content
  • Simplified communication

Leroy Merlin

Those who enjoy decorating and DIY know why the Leroy Merlin channel makes it one of the most famous brands on YouTube, with 44 thousand subscribers in London.

Knowing that most of their audience wants to have a more beautiful and functional home, they show how ordinary people can have it.


They teach how to choose the best product, taking into account the characteristics of the environment, the design of the piece and the quality of the material. They even show examples from before and then offer ideas for those who want to renovate the house. There is even a complete DIY course on the canal.

Aware of new consumption patterns, Leroy Merlin stands out for:

  • Put yourself next to your customers
  • Customer education before and after the sale

What is behind these marketing strategies?

As you can see, there is no single formula for succeeding on YouTube and winning over audiences.

However, one characteristic is very clear: this platform does not require major cinematographic productions or huge investments.

Although the channels of the most famous brands on YouTube have different characteristics, as we have seen, we can see that 3 strategic points are present in all of them. Let’s take a look:

1. Personalized communication with the public

All of these channels create a close relationship with your target audience. The focus is not only on product presentation or advertising, but mainly on interaction.

Therefore, it is not enough for the company to have a YouTube channel or a page on social networks. It needs to interact, respond to comments and, above all, listen to what the consumer needs and expectations are.

But for this communication to be effective, there is a secret: personalization. The company’s message and even the language it uses must be compatible with the audience it wants to reach.

For that reason, the first step towards marketing success – and that includes video marketing – is know your persona very well. More than demographic characteristics such as age, gender, income range, location, it is essential to identify patterns of behavior.

That’s how YouTube’s most famous brands figured out how to approach their consumers and stood out on that channel.

Guide to creating personas

2. Are aware of trends

When some of YouTube’s most famous brands started investing in their channels, videos were not as popular as they are today.

However, they were in tune with this market trend, foresaw the growth of the format and bet on it.

They kept an eye on what the market was asking for, what was most successful with the target audience. At times, they even reversed the marketing logic that was practiced at that time. However, they did this because they knew it was what the audience expected.

If you want to highlight your brand, this is an important lesson.

The future of digital marketing is in videos. Technology has allowed other possibilities such as animations, motion graphics, live streams, etc. It is important to stay tuned in these possibilities and walk along with these trends.

3. Relevant content

This is the main pillar of Inbound Marketing and applies perfectly to video marketing.

Realize that the channels of the most famous brands on YouTube are not trying to sell at all costs. Its focus is not exclusively on displaying products or promotions.

More than that, the role of content is to educate the lead. It is providing some kind of knowledge that will help you to solve your problems, to solve your pains. To do this is to respect the customers’ buying journey and earn more than their pocket – it is to earn their respect and trust.

the customer journey

Take the example of Leroy Merlin. Many of your videos teach consumers how to do what they need. They discover how to make their home more beautiful and functional. Selling the products that the public will use to accomplish that task is a mere consequence.

Therefore, the relevant content comes in 1st place. Its main objective is not to sell a product, but to really help the consumer. That is the secret to success.

Finally, YouTube’s most famous brands show that video marketing is worth investing in. With knowledge of the persona and an appropriate strategy, this channel can make your company stand out in the market and boost sales.

This content was written by the VidMonsters team.