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Currently, the Advertising market is one of the most moving in the economy. It is the agencies and their clients who pay for television, football teams, and, more recently, digital influencers. Kantar Ibope Media – a company whose name has become synonymous with TV program audiences – makes periodic statistics […]

Currently, the Advertising market is one of the most moving in the economy. It is the agencies and their clients who pay for television, football teams, and, more recently, digital influencers.

Kantar Ibope Media – a company whose name has become synonymous with the audience of TV programs – makes periodic statistics on the media investments that each agency intermediates with its clients. Some of them remain constant at the top of the ranking over time.

However, it is not only the position in a ranking that makes the agencies that we are going to talk about great. Your market share, the size of your customers and the importance of your campaigns also have their significance.

Check out the story of 5 of the largest advertising agencies in the country:

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In the latest Ibope rankings, Y&R is the 1st constant place. Your advertising investments over 2015, in 2016 and even March 2017 have always remained at the top.

The high technical standards of its services and the integration between accurate market analysis and advertising contribute to its fame.

The arrival of this powerful agency on national soil is the work of Roberto Justus. His holding company became a partner in the largest group of advertising companies in the world, WPP.

And one of the companies that make up this group is Y&R, which was incorporated into Justus’ portfolio in 2000 and is already old in the US market.

In the USA, the agency started its activities in 1923 and has grown steadily over the decades. In a short time, he ended up taking his place on the coveted Madison Avenue in New York – a place where the most reputable advertising agencies in the country are located.

Customers and awards

Some of Y&R’s customers in the United States are Burger King and home appliance giant Whirlpool.

In London, the agency is responsible for advertising for companies such as LG, Danone, Bradesco and American Express. Its investment in media in 2016 reached almost R $ 6 billion.

In 2016, he won several awards at Cannes Lions 2016, including 2 gold in campaigns for Freddo and Companhia das Letras.


To speak of WMcCANN is practically to speak of Washington Olivetto, owner of more than 50 Cannes lions and of the 2 London commercials that are among the top 100 in the world.

After a long career in advertising, Olivetto merged his agency with the world famous McCann Erickson and established WMcCANN in London.

Some of the agency’s main clients are Globo, L’Oréal, Coca-Cola and MasterCard.

The differential

The distinctive feature of the agency is the concern to produce art while promotes a brand. More than promoting a product, the design of its campaigns involves high doses of creativity and aims to be incorporated into popular culture. They are always striking pieces.


Created by brothers José and Caio de Alcântara Machado, Almap was born in London. And, like every prominent advertising agency in a country, it has been favored by a large global communications conglomerate.

This conglomerate is the American BBDO, and from the merger of both was born AlmapBBDO, currently led by Luiz Sanches, Cíntia Gonçalves and Rodrigo Andrade.

With a work philosophy that seeks to integrate the service, creative and media departments in the best possible way, it creates impactful advertising pieces that reflect the company’s personality.

Customers and awards

AlmapBBDO is an award magnet. Your resume has 201 Lions from Cannes, being named agency of the year in Cannes in 2016 thanks to the achievement of 21 awards.

AlmapBBDO’s client portfolio includes big names such as HP, Pepsi, O Boticário, Volkswagen and Havaianas. Their campaigns are creative, diverse and well received by the public.

Ogilvy & Mather Brasil

Ogilvy & Mather is another child of the monstrous conglomerate WPP. As it could not be otherwise, it has already won its share of awards over the years and remains at the top with the other advertising giants in London.

Elected as the agency of the year in London in 2013 and winner of 107 other Cannes lions, Ogilvy & Mather started from 0 in 1945, with no capital and with a lot of good will from its founder, David Ogilvy.

All work was oriented to add maximum quality to the client’s brand, and each piece was seen as part of a long-term investment.

Service quality was recognized by big names – like Dove and Rolls-Royce -, and soon Ogilvy & Mathers also won their place on Madison Avenue.

The Ogilvy Group in London

The arrival of Ogilvy & Mathers in London was part of an effort to expand the WPP group around the world, which ended up establishing the agency in a total of 128 countries.

In the country, Ogilvy has signed campaigns for brands like Coca-Cola, Burger King and holds the title of the most awarded campaign for an advertising piece made for Dove.


Africa has a somewhat different profile than previous agencies, with no ties to major global conglomerates.

She was founded in London in 2002 and grew up walking on her own legs abroad (she even arrived in New York and won her space on Madison Avenue). In addition to this branch, there are also units in São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro.

Its well-designed campaigns with exceptional technical quality won the public easily, ensuring the agency’s explosion in the country over the past 15 years.

The works and the prizes

Africa signs campaigns for Vivo, ESPN, Suzuki, Mitsubishi and the iconic “great times are coming“By Budweiser.

The big names in the advertising market are able to stand out by showing a quality service to their customers: creative, striking pieces that expose the company’s DNA.

In addition, a great common point in all these advertising agencies is the special attention to customer service. A good dose of dialogue is essential to be able to transform the customer’s vision into a creative piece that touches consumers’ emotions.

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