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Understand why waiting for 2020 to start investing in content can be quite harmful. See 7 reasons to invest in content today!

You certainly must have heard someone saying the expression “don’t leave for tomorrow what you can do today”. And you certainly ignored it completely because leaving things last seems to be an inherent characteristic of human beings.

The expression probably popped into your mind when you spent that sleepless night to finish a college project.

And even with that feeling of regret and fatigue at the next job, you did the same thing. And so on until your CBT.

Well thinking about this feeling of “I should have started earlier” I started to identify a common pattern in many people who want to start investing in content.

“I will leave it to start in January”.


Advice: don’t do this. Don’t leave for January what you can start in November / December.

And if my advice was not enough to convince you of this, I will present 7 reasons why you shouldn’t wait for 2020 and start your content strategy now!

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You’ll start to get results much faster

Content Marketing is a strategy that requires time, dedication and patience.

Do you want to have your first results only in the second half of 2020?

When you create a blog and start feeding it, the results will not come right away. To have the incredible numbers we have today, with more than 400 thousand monthly hits on the blog and more than 20 thousand leads generated, it was 3 years of hard work.

And each month made all the difference.

To give you an idea, in our ebook the ROI of Blog Corporativo 2.0, we made an analysis of page views of the life cycle after the publication of 4,476 blog posts by users of the Websites Are Us analytics platform. The results are extremely solid and prove that an article’s traffic only grows over time.

reasons to invest in content marketing

You don’t want to waste 2 months, do you?

Starting earlier you will have more pages indexed, you will start the year with planning done and you will see the results much faster.

Your competitors are not waiting for you

Other of the main reasons to get started soon is quite simple: competitors are not standing still

According to real data from the largest Content Marketing survey in Latin America: 71% of companies in London already invest in content marketing and 61.7% publish on blog.

While you are sabotaging yourself by telling yourself that starting in January is the best idea, your competitors are indexing pages, achieving good rankings on Google pages and gaining traffic that could possibly be yours.

Then you will have to run after the time you have lost and you will have to convince the audience that you are already consuming other content that yours is better.

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Searches decrease in December, but do not stop

A silly thought is that December is a dead month. And it’s not!

It is clear that the traffic and the number of searches performed on Google decreases considerably, but it does not mean that they stop.

Still, it is an opportunity for you to start showing your face to the public and even taking advantage of seasonal dates like Christmas and New Year on your blog and on your social networks.

You will not start in January

Well, as I said at the beginning, we always procrastinate. And winning is simple: do it!

January is the first month of the year, a month full of things, planning and changes. So there will always be a new task that you will give attention to and the January you promised will end up becoming February. Although February has Carnival, better leave it for April!

But okay, pretend it’s true and I pretend to believe in this “January”.

Even in this reality, until you start your strategy, create your personas, create your blog, define your goals, make a marketing plan, etc., it will be February and you will still start putting your blog to work.

Use a low demand period to plan for periods of higher demand

If December is a month when searches are slowing down, it is the perfect time for you to spend planning and defining your goals and personas to start the year in full swing.

In January, traffic starts to grow again and things start to move normally. Are people looking for solutions again and are you just starting to outline your content strategy?

No! This is the month when you need to have your blog and your social networks running with great frequency.
Think carefully. Do you do your annual planning in January or in November / December?

Yeah! And why would your content strategy be any different? You don’t plan when the year starts. You put into practice what you have already planned!

Prices tend to increase in January (for all markets)

I didn’t even want to hit that key, but I need to talk about money.

And regardless of which market you operate in, you know, in January the trend is for prices to increase.

In other words, if you intend to hire a Content Marketing company or an agency, the tendency is for you to find better prices at the end of the year than at the beginning of next year.

So if my arguments about your strategy and results haven’t convinced you yet, think about your pocket.

And along that line, we have another reason for you to get even better prices!

Does your team not believe in this strategy? Then download our support material “How to convince your team that Content Marketing is the best option for your business!”

Greater chances of negotiation

December can be tricky to hit sales targets for different niches. Most of them for the erroneous thought which I demystify in this post.

This opens a wonderful door for you.

After all, companies want to hit a goal and will do anything to achieve it. This increases your chances of negotiation, opening doors to promotions and prices that you will hardly get in the first half of 2020.


Well I hope that if you plan to invest in content you have understood that, for your sake, postponing the start of the strategy until next year can be a serious mistake.

If you, like me, are thirsty for good results and want to arrive that same month next year celebrating incredible results, listen to your mother’s voice echoing in your mind at that moment and for your own good:

Don’t put off until tomorrow what you can do today!

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