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With new technologies and easier internet access, consumers are changing a lot over the years. He has more and more autonomy when it comes to choosing a product or service, researching the price difference and the cost-benefit offered by the brands. Whether this research is online or offline, when a consumer […]

With new technologies and easier internet access, the consumer is changing a lot over the years.

He has more and more autonomy when choosing a product or service, researching the difference in price and cost-benefit offered by brands.

Whether this research is online or offline, when a consumer decides for a product or a company, he is already aware of the main characteristics of his object of desire and knows very well why he chose it.

Because of this, it has proved essential that the marketing and sales strategies are changed to keep up with these changes, in order to offer the right item for the persona and in an irrefutable way.

Among the tactics adopted, there is a large investment in the proper implementation of marketing processes, in the realization of intelligent and assertive campaigns and, to influence and win over the public, in the correct application of 4 Ps of Marketing or, as it is also known, Marketing Mix.

In general, all these strategies aim at the same objective, to grow the lead base and increase the number of sales – this is where Holistic Marketing comes in.

It aims to unite different processes, activities and demands of Marketing, from a 360º view of all sectors of the company related to the execution of the business, recognizing the importance of each one individually, but also synchronously.

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What is Holistic Marketing?

But what is Holistic Marketing really? It is a strategy that considers a business as a whole and not divided into parts or sectors.

According to the precepts of Holistic Marketing, all departments work together to create a positive and homogeneous idea in the consumer’s mind, ensuring that he chooses his product or service and not that of the competition.

In Holistic Marketing there are some key concepts that must be explored. Below, we explain each one better.

Integrated Marketing

For integrated Marketing to be effective and fulfill its role, the 4 Ps of the marketing mix – product, price, place and promotion – must act in a synchronized way to pass the right message to the consumer.

When these items are in balance, it becomes much easier to captivate and influence your target audience.

Regardless of whether it is via digital marketing or traditional, various tools can be used, such as email marketing, websites / blogs, social networks, television, radio, print, etc.

To find out which one will be the most successful for your business, get to know your persona in depth and know which means will have the most effect to attract attention and win you over.

It is essential, according to holistic marketing, that the message transmitted in each of these tools is unified, true and consistent with the company’s image and values.

Marketing of relationship

We can define the Marketing of relationship like all the attitudes adopted by the company that aim to create and maintain a positive relationship with customers, in order to build customer loyalty.

There are many practices that can be used to make your target audience a fan of your company and delighted by the services provided. Among them, we can mention:

  • offer bonuses and the possibility of a loyalty plan;
  • provide quality customer service;
  • conduct satisfaction surveys on products and services;
  • send product offers of interest to the customer;
  • send messages on special dates.

The important thing is to make it clear to the customer that he is important to your business and that, by choosing him, he will be benefiting.

In addition, it is not only the customer that must be considered in the approach given by Relationship Marketing according to Holistic Marketing.

You also need to remember your employees, suppliers and anyone who has direct or indirect contact with your business, always valuing good coexistence.

Performance Marketing

Do you want to be sure that your actions and marketing strategies are bringing the expected return? Performance Marketing is the answer!

Through it, you will monitor all the activities carried out by your enterprise and understand what the target audience is returning.

From the analysis of the right metrics, it is possible to have a sense of both the financial return – rate of loss of customers, ROI, product quality etc. – as non-financial – ethical, legal, social and environmental actions, consumer satisfaction, etc.

By knowing this data, it is possible to justify all investments made in marketing, what should continue to be done and what should undergo changes or be eliminated from your schedule.

Internal marketing

Term arising from administration, Internal Marketing or Endomarketing is the one carried out with a view to the company’s internal public, that is, its employees.

Actions are planned and promoted, offering benefits and the appropriate infrastructure to perform the function, motivating and training the worker, to increase the degree of satisfaction and the feeling of recognition by the company.

A satisfied employee tends to strive to provide quality service, in addition to mastering all the necessary information to be passed on to the customer.

There are many reasons for not leaving Internal Marketing aside, but according to Holistic Marketing, you will reap good results, such as:

  • retaining talent;
  • reduction in the turnover rate;
  • greater connection between employee and company;
  • more quality in internal communication;
  • increased sales;
  • alignment with company values ​​and culture.

Main practices of Holistic Marketing

As we mentioned briefly at the beginning of this post, normally, a business is composed of different sectors, some of them directly related to the sales and marketing of a product or service.

When Holistic Marketing is adopted in a company, sectors such as sales, marketing, finance and HR start to work together.

Thus, each one contributes with its specificities to improve the company’s performance.

As you can see throughout this text, Holistic Marketing is a strategy that is gaining a lot of popularity, mainly due to its ability to raise the competitive edge of a company in the market, in order to fix the brand image in the consumer’s thinking.

Now that you have understood the concept of Holistic Marketing, its components and how to put it into practice, understand how to make a digital marketing strategy from the beginning:

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