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Anyone who studied Administration as a college or technical course already knows this term: Marketing Management. Professionals in the field also know and many other people have also heard of it. But in fact, do you know what Marketing Management is? What is it different from Marketing? Advertising? In fact, the […]

Those who studied Administration as a college or technical course already know this term: Marketing Administration. Professionals in the field also know and many other people have also heard of it.

But in fact, do you know what Marketing Management is? What is it different from Marketing? Advertising?

In fact, marketing is one of the aspects within the Administration course. We have the financial, accounting and human resources aspects, we also have marketing, which is dedicated to studying the consumer and his demand and how his product can help him.

Let’s go a little deeper into this concept and the differences.

In this post you will learn:

  • What is Marketing Management
  • The concepts of Marketing Management
  • What is the professional working in this area

What then is Marketing Management?

What differs the study of marketing for advertising and advertising and what these higher or technical courses teach, is that advertising and advertising will prepare the material that will best communicate with the public of the brand.

They will be responsible for creating the project, concept and part. Be it a folder, a piece of digital marketing or even an advertisement.

Marketing management works before and after this creation takes place. The professionals responsible for this area must understand the consumer, what he wants, what he needs, how the product is suited to that.

Then you must understand the profile of this audience and how to reach them. And it encompasses everything: from the persona to the language.

It is also up to him to map which channel will distribute that piece. Television? Newspaper? Internet? Department store? Convenience? Does not matter. It really matters where the public is and how they consume the information.

Then the creative professionals will be able to take this information and think about how to reach the determined audience.

After this process, the distribution must be made.

It does not stop there. One of the most important things in any strategy is to measure the results and measure the efficiency and effectiveness of that project. It is important to have well-defined KPIs of what you hope to achieve with communication.

If the results were expected or better than expected, it means that we were successful. If she didn’t perform as intended, it’s time to go step by step, not to blame someone, but to see where the mistake went and fix it for the next campaign.

If we think of a word that could define what this marketing management is, we can say: strategy. Without a strategy, without knowing where we are, where we want to go and how we will get there, efforts are not focused and will be guaranteed results.

The area is also responsible for:

  • Develop marketing plans;
  • Identify growth opportunities in the area;
  • Develop and improve communication in order to strengthen the brand;
  • Develop the best offers for the consumer market;
  • Communicate the value that must be delivered by the product / service;
  • Measure what is being done.
first steps in digital marketing

Marketing Administration Concepts

Some say that the concepts of marketing management are divided into four large groups. Other teachers of the subject say that there are seven concepts and that together they can be deployed in others.

Anyway, let’s think about the three main concepts that show the differentiation between marketing and other advertising, advertising, sales, sales promotions, etc.

Product concept

This is the oldest concept of marketing management and so we can say that it is somewhat out of date. In fact, for some products and services, that thought can still be used.

For more complex sales or for products that are not of basic necessity, the concept no longer helps us so much.

This concept assumes that consumers respond positively and only to reasonably good products and at fair prices. That is, if you have an ok product and good marketing communication it will sell itself.

He also says that consumers know the competitors present in the market. How much does each alternative cost. Since all products are reasonably good and are not differentiated, price is the only differentiating factor.

Sale concept

Companies that have a sales-oriented focus usually have a strong, well-trained and very sharp sales team.

It emerged right after the concept presented above, where the orientation is towards the product.

In this view, it is believed that the consumer will never buy enough from a company unless a greater than expected sales and marketing effort is dedicated.

For example, a salesperson who says that the item you want to sell is the last one in stock and the person needs to buy now. Or say that the price will increase the next day. It is necessary to convince the customer at all times that that is the best for him

The most beautiful car, the clothes you wore best, the best candidate, a condition never seen before, that is, all these actions are calculated so that the greatest sales effort translates into bigger and better sales.

This concept has its risks, where the buyer may feel pressured and even complain about the company in digital media, SAC or Procon. But when worked correctly it is sure to increase sales at the end of the month.

sales library

Marketing concept

The concept of marketing is quite new when it comes to the four concepts of marketing management. He assumes that the most important part of guiding a company is based on the company’s ability to determine the needs of a market, its wishes and to build value for those who buy.

In possession of this information, adapt your product or service and communication in order to promote this satisfaction more effectively than your market competitors.

The concept of selling and the concept of marketing can be confused by many professionals in the field. To understand what each view leads us to think, we can say that the concept of selling is concerned with the needs of the seller. The marketing concept is focused on the customer, their needs and how they will be satisfied. That is, in the whole process, from knowing what to offer, to whom to offer and to where to offer.

The professional working in this area

The marketing administration professional must have some technical knowledge and some ideal behaviors.

His education is not exclusive to related courses such as administration and marketing, although it is an important point, but his knowledge can be determined by practice and other complementary courses.

Is important:

Be analytical

The professional in this area must be able to read data and extract important information from them. Knowing how the market operates is also interesting. He must work with this information to outline the best marketing plan and the best strategy to be followed.

Know marketing methodologies

Traditional marketing and digital marketing are very important to be known and applied by these professionals. Knowing the theory and how to apply it is essential. There is no point in creating a complex strategy that cannot be really implemented by your operational team.

That is, common sense also applies here.

Be proactive

When starting a marketing plan or strategy, we often have nothing done previously ready and to be used as a starting point. Being proactive, studying the market, studying the methodologies to deliver the best work is essential.

Have a vision of the future

Where are we today? Where do we want to go? What are we willing to face to achieve this goal?

The professional must know the company well and be very clear about its goals, strengths and weaknesses. Only in this way is it possible to build a product, market, promotion, value and other strategy. In addition to knowing the company, knowing and understanding a little about the market is also essential. After all, as we have already said, there is no point in creating strategies without knowing well what is happening around you.

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One thing that we stopped talking about throughout this text is that advertising, advertising, journalism, design, all of this is important. Each has a value and is part of the strategy. We don’t want to diminish them.

But as we could see, marketing management is part of the strategy. It is to determine the company’s objectives and help to define how the product will be made, to whom it will be made, how it will be delivered and for how much. It is understanding what the value delivered through it will give strength to your salespeople and your marketing team.

The team can only execute a strategy in possession of that thought strategy.

And the professional who can take care of this in your company must like numbers, facts, methodologies and have a clear vision of who they are.

Is that you? Did you already know this term “marketing management”? Do you have a well-defined marketing plan for your company? Do you know who your customers are? You should know this at the tip of the tongue, after all the reason any company exists is its customers!