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If you regularly publish quality content and record good visitor traffic, you may have already wondered how to monetize your blog and earn good money from it, right? Well, this is not such a difficult task, contrary to what many people think. There are some techniques and tools available that can […]

If you regularly publish quality content and record good visitor traffic, you may have wondered how to monetize your blog and earn good money from it, right?

Well, this is not such a difficult task, contrary to what many people think. There are some techniques and tools available that can help and almost nobody talks about them.

A few years ago, it was enough to create a Google Adsense account and add some ads through the blog pages to quickly earn good money, if there was a large and constant flow of visits, of course.

But, Google’s policies have changed and they don’t pay as well as they used to. Even so, it is a tool to be considered, since working together with other methods can bring great recipes to the blog.

Today, to successfully monetize a blog, you will need to work a little harder and be creative. But those who commit themselves will really have their efforts paid off.

The reality is that there are many blogs, in different niches, making good money and you can do the same. Want to know how?

Find out now how to prepare your blog for monetization and what strategies you can use:

1. Define a niche for your blog

Defining a niche for your blog is the initial and most important step. So you can become an authority on the subject and attract a more qualified audience.

For example, a blog with weight loss tips would be a good niche to monetize, as visitors have a specific need and you can serve them with practical tips.

However, a news blog or other topics, however, would be more difficult to attract a loyal audience, since it is not specific. Not to mention that visitors will not have a strong inclination to buy something.

So, think about it. The more targeted the blog, the smaller and more qualified the audience will be. That is, you can generate more revenue with fewer visits.

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2. Increase visitor traffic

Now comes the second and not least step. Focus on generating a large and regular flow of visits. You will only be able to monetize your blog with visits and many users enter your blog every day.

For example: if you have a physical store and nobody enters it, you will not earn money, right? It’s the same online. Huge visitor traffic is one of the things that all high-earning sites have in common. So, start implementing traffic generation techniques on your blog.

Learn and apply the techniques of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and Inbound Marketing (Attraction Marketing) on ​​the blog to make it more attractive and convert a good part of the visitors into qualified leads (consumers who are constant for their content).

As for the volume required, there is no magic number. Each blog and niche is different.

For example, if you’re writing to a highly targeted audience, you can earn some money from five or ten thousand visits a month. However, if you only use advertising, you will probably need more. At least 100 thousand visits per month.

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3. Monetization methods

3.1. Paid advertising (Google Adsense and Private Network)

Let’s start with the best known and most used method: advertising through Google Adsense. For most blogs, the main revenue is still generated through it. But, as I said, it will need a lot of traffic.

Google Adsense is perfect for those just starting out and still has a low volume of visits. But, when you start generating more than 100 thousand unique views per month, on average, you will probably have greater gains if you also use a private advertising network.

They will send more specific and relevant ads to the public that frequents your blog, which can generate even greater profitability.

Advertising is just a means of monetizing a blog and should not be the only one used. To create a consistent source of income, the ideal is also to apply other means that we will discuss below.

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3.2. Affiliate programs

Want to make more money, even while sleeping? Join affiliate programs. This is another proven method that works. Here, you will be paid for recommending products and services through a banner that will link to the purchase site.

One of the easiest and fastest ways to get started is through, as it has the largest affiliate program in the world. All you have to do is link to an product on your blog, and when a visitor clicks and buys something, you receive commissions for sales.

A great way to use this scheme is to post product review content and indicate it via a link that takes you to the website. There are also other affiliate programs that serve each niche well. Hotmart, for example, would be ideal for selling digital products containing more in-depth information on the topic it deals with on the blog.

Patience and dedication is the key to making good money with affiliate marketing.

3.3. Sale of own products (physical or digital)

This is one of the most profitable methods of monetization. In the affiliate program you sell products from other people and companies. So, why not sell your own?

Of course, this will take a little more work, but the rewards are much greater. The sales proceeds will be all yours. In addition, you can create an identity (brand) and build a loyal community.

There are two options here:

  • Sell ​​a physical product: clothes, sports equipment, smartphones, etc;
  • Sell ​​a digital product: applications, software, e-books, other services, etc.

For physical products, you should be concerned with inventory and logistics. In the case of digital, it can take less work, since there is no need for physical inventory and delivery can be done online.

To be successful with this method, use a different pricing structure. Make sure that there is an entry-level product accessible for beginners and a Premium product (more expensive and complete) to serve the loyal and more demanding public.

3.4. Services provision

If you have any sales skills and passion, this is definitely the best method for you to monetize your blog. You can sell your copywriting services, design logos, make music or provide any other type of online service.

The good news about this method is that you don’t need a huge amount of traffic to make more money. But, you will need to deliver quality and contact the right people to offer your services. The more customers you win, the more money you can earn each month.

Take advantage of your blog to show your knowledge, experiences and skills. Write content that establishes your authority on the subject and increase the reach of the most qualified audience.

3.5. Sponsored posts

This monetization method is an increasing trend among niche blogs. Here, a brand pays for the blog owner to create content that promotes their products and services. It works as a camouflaged ad, merchandising, an indication disguised in a post on a related topic.

As a small blog, you probably won’t be able to form a partnership with big brands. But, it can be a good one for startups and small businesses. With reasonable and consistent visitor traffic, make contact with some startups offering this type of service. In addition to increasing the blog’s monetization, it will generate greater influence for companies on the web.

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3.6. Evaluation of products and services

While in sponsored posts you indirectly indicate a product or service, here you can evaluate them, make a complete analysis and indicate them directly to those who are reading or watching your content.

In this format, you will give your private opinion after the test and this can be tremendous marketing for a brand. Expressing your opinion can lead a legion of followers to use the product or service and be highly profitable for companies. Offer this type of service more for some brands and increase the ways to generate revenue on the blog.

3.7. Subscriptions and private content

The trick in this method is to leave visitors with a taste of wanting more. You will seduce users with fantastic services and content and, when they are loyal, force a registration or migration to a premium plan.

Netflix uses this method by providing a free account for a period. Spotify offers ad-free content if the user signs up for a premium account. If you have a service-based software or blog, this strategy can work very well.

If your blog only offers content for reading, audio and videos, private content is a technique that can work well. The Financial Times uses this method, requiring the user to register if he wants to read more than one article per day.

For a blog with a low flow of visits, this method could do more harm than good. However, you can offer a series of superficial content and charge a small amount to those interested in accessing more complete and in-depth content in the form of courses or e-books.

3.8. Have a YouTube channel

One of the most important tips on how to monetize your blog, we saved it for last. Create a YouTube account. Produce videos, in addition to written content, and generate even more revenue for your blog.

Since YouTube belongs to Google, having a channel will increase its relevance on the web. Not to mention that videos can be added to your blog pages, generating double revenue: with page and video views, individually.

London is one of the countries that most consumes content on YouTube videos and may increase the reach of a more qualified audience there.

Take advantage of these tips on how to monetize your blog and start a successful internet business today.

So, did you like the tips? Learn more about a blog and how to improve yours to meet your business goals with our complete and free ebook!

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