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“Exchanging an idea” is slang that did not become popular by chance. It represents very well what we do all the time: talking. Whether at home, on the street or at work, the fact is that someone is always exchanging an idea with others. In fact, even on the internet, what else exists is an application for […]

“Exchanging an idea” is slang that did not become popular by chance. It represents very well what we do all the time: talking.

Whether at home, on the street or at work, the fact is that someone is always exchanging an idea with others. In fact, even on the internet, what else is there is an application to chat.

And, along with the conversations, it is undeniable that two things arise: gossip and opinions. The 1st does not interest us, but the 2nd has everything to do with what we will talk about in this post.

Word of mouth marketing is when people, exchanging an idea, talk about their experiences as consumers of a product or service.

Did you know that this tool, when well explored, can be a powerful ally of your brand? Find out now how to use it to sell more and better:

The word of mouth marketing concept

Word of mouth marketing is a translation of buzz marketing, a strategy born in the United States as an alternative to mass media.

Instead of investing millions in ads in newspapers, magazines, radio and TV, it spreads the brand’s message from person to person.

A much less expensive way – but brilliant –, which takes advantage of the human being’s need to express himself to establish or strengthen a brand, a product or a service.

Efficient and economical, word of mouth allows reach your target audience accurately and, once the message has spread, works like the viral, with the potential to multiply quickly.

Does word of mouth marketing still work?

Yes. Although it is often misused or ignored, word of mouth marketing finds fertile ground on the internet, whether on websites and blogs, on social networks or in communication applications

The question is to understand how it works and how to build a positive buzz for your brand.


Each audience reacts to different stimuli. Do you know what makes your customers speak well of your company? This is the 1st step.

Find out what makes them react positively and negatively to work both for your brand.


2 of the main rules of every good chat is to know what to approach and how to approach it. So, it is no use simply finding some customers who repeat an advertisement.

It is necessary to work on the message so that it is not just repetition.


Word of mouth marketing needs to be more than a beautiful or effective message.

You need to practice everything you want your client to understand and pass it on – otherwise, it’s just misleading advertising.


A good deed at a given time is not enough.

The public quickly realizes when a company acts in a way to win sales and customers. In addition to feeling cheated, customers will start doing negative advertising.

The qualities of word of mouth


People don’t trust companies; people trust people.

So getting your customers to spread good reviews about your product or service can be the dream market differential.

It is far more likely to get new sales from someone’s recommendation than just an ad.


As much as there is no formula, from the moment you use your clientele as a basis to spread your message, she will speak to people from the same circle, with a profile that probably also has an interest in what you offer.


In the past, it was much easier to deal with the masses. With the bombardment of advertisements, it was a matter of little time for the defects to fall into oblivion.

With the internet and, mainly, with social networks, the customer has an active voice about what you consume and how you want to be treated.

The share button works like wildfire, quickly spreading messages.


Word of mouth marketing is the perfect strategy for speed up purchasing processes.

If a prospect already sees ads and is interested in the solutions presented, when he sees a friend indicating, it is more than likely that he will quickly become a customer.

4 tips for doing word of mouth marketing

⒈ Invest in relationship marketing

Create and maintain a relationship positive with customers is super effective.

Invest continuously in offer benefits for those who choose their company in the face of competition. If you are just starting out, it is essential to establish yourself in the market.

Valued and happy customers with the quality of the product or service provided tend to be loyal. What’s more, they are also more likely to spontaneously share their experiences.

⒉ Produce viral content

Help your message to be spread and replicated. For that, it needs to be simple and surprising, something that runs away from the commonplace of traditional ads.

One of the most used forms is the audiovisual. The reason is simple: in addition to entertaining, videos attract attention when they are posted on social networks.

And what attracts the most attention is more likely to be clicked, liked and shared.

⒊ Serve the customer well, always

Problems exist, as well as solutions.

Have you ever stopped to think what your company may be missing by not investing in treating the customer always well?

Defects and exchanges, everything can be a way for your company to show the customer that it is your most precious asset. After all, without consumers, your brand does not exist.

Follow strategies content and digital marketing, using the social networks not only as a channel for spreading your information, but also as a way of answer quickly and easily.

Therefore, invest in training, satisfaction surveys and other assessment, control and improvement tools to ensure that each buyer is always sure that your company is the best choice.

⒋ Focus on customer experience in the sales process

We say that it is necessary to treat the clientele always well. This means agility in solving problems, answering questions, offering benefits …

One of the most precious tips we can offer to anyone who is going to invest in word of mouth marketing is discover the customer journey and take advantage of every step of it to offer an unparalleled positive experience.

What did you think of this article post? Were you tempted to give word of mouth marketing a try? Enjoy to learn about the importance of recommendation marketing!