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If your company doesn’t produce content yet, you’re in a tough spot. But once you’ve discovered the importance of investing in a strong content marketing strategy, know that there is a long way to go. What sets a brand highly recognized by its fans and followers of a brand […]

If your company still doesn’t produce content, you’re in a difficult situation. But once you’ve discovered the importance of investing in a strong content marketing strategy, know that there is a long way to go. What differentiates a brand extremely recognized by its fans and followers from a brand that is not yet known? In this article, I will talk a little bit about how having content as an essential pillar in your marketing strategy will help your company to be recognized and admired. For this I will use a metaphor that I developed that I call the content marketing pyramid. Many companies think that just starting to produce content is enough, but this is a big mistake.

The base of the pyramid: Get out of the jungle of sameness!

Most companies are here. Companies in the sameness jungle don’t have a good return on investment with content marketing. If your company produces blind content, generic content, without personality, you are just another bland blog / Facebook / Twitter lost on the interwebs. Trust me: there are thousands of companies that keep their blogs up to date, send newsletters and produce content without any strategic direction, this is really common.

If you are just producing content without knowing exactly who to talk to, what agenda to address and when to address a particular subject, you are competing, unfocused, with hundreds of other articles and brands spread across the web. Going in this direction it is better to slow down your investment in content, educate yourself and plan in a structured way, how to start your performance. There are several places to find out, to plan your strategy and also learn more about content marketing. Check out some materials that can help you in this challenge:

Evangelization: The way to become a reference

Companies that begin to see a well-planned content marketing strategy often begin by evangelizing their market and working to attract their target audience and create a consistent digital presence. They are clear about who their personas are and what the content’s roles are in their business strategy. If your company is here, by now you already know who the personas you want to talk to are (in the kit above you have a model for creating personas) and what content you should target them to strengthen your digital presence. Perhaps your subject is something unknown to the general public, your site has little traffic, or there is still no engagement on your blog. Don’t let yourself be overwhelmed. Many brands give up on this point. The critical point here is to maintain your persistence and generate a consistent machine to retain and attract your readers. Invest in newsletters, free ebooks, and promoting your content on social networks. So you start captivating your audience and can direct them to stop being just visitors and become followers. Right now, we have some materials and tactics that can help you consistently evolve and create your way to the top of the pyramid.

  • Know the main metrics;
  • Learn how to measure the results of your content marketing strategy;
  • Use guest posting and get links to your site;
  • Learn how to promote your content efficiently;
  • Invest in interviews, extensive and in-depth articles, rich content, etc.

Authority: The top of the pyramid

This is a desired position, and hardly achieved. Many brands are able to create authority and become a reference in their area of ​​operation. Remember, an authority has no visitors, it has followers. Conta Azul, for example, is a company that stands out as a synonym for quality content for small and medium-sized entrepreneurs. Present in various channels such as blog, youtube, guides and free materials, they generate thousands of monthly hits on your site through content and already attract more than 15% of their thousands of customers through content marketing (Check out the case here). The transition between the evangelizer and authority is gradual and takes time. The important thing is that the more people recognize your brand as an authority on your subject, the more likely they are to trust your brand and become your customers. That’s why we started this blog, for example. The objective of is to become the biggest reference on content marketing in London and thus raise the banner of our company, Websites Are Us in thousands of companies that want to leverage their business through content. If you’re already an authority, and want to turn your followers into customers, here are some interesting materials:

I hope that you enjoyed. By following these steps and understanding these techniques and concepts, you will be closer to building a champion brand, with a strong presence in the minds of your customers. So, what did you think of my representation above as a model for creating digital authority with your company? All feedback is welcome, be sure to comment!