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Need alternatives to Google Adsense? We have separated for you 25 different ways to monetize your app without a headache!

If you have a blog, chances are you know, have used, or at least heard of Google Adsense, one of several extremely useful Google tools for your blog.

Adsense allows you to monetize your content, thus combining the useful with the pleasant.

However, since it is extremely demanding on its users, many bloggers can be banned for the most diverse reasons, and are no longer able to recover your account.

One of the most recurring reasons for these bans on Adsense is usually the verification of invalid activity (“Fake” clicks on the ads, such as your own clicks, or clicks coming from your friends, relatives and acquaintances).

So, if you have already been banned, already had some unpleasant experience, or simply prefer to try other alternatives, rest assured that they exist, and are many!

To make your life easier, let’s show you now 25 Adsense Alternatives to your blog, and explain how each one works.

It will be difficult just to decide which of the alternatives you prefer! Come on!

Infolinks is an alternative to Adsense free, And unlike many others, there is no requirement for a minimum of monthly page views to participate.

Its approval depends only on the quality of the blog content.

It is currently one of the biggest monetization networks and is used in about 128 countries.

Payment can be made via PayPal and bank transfer.

For PayPal, the minimum payment must be 50 dollars, and for transfer, the minimum is 100 dollars.

One of the great advantages in Adversal is that its account is usually approved very quickly, so you don’t have to wait that long for an answer.

It is a great alternative to Adsense, which usually generates excellent results for its users.

However, there is a requirement to be a part of it: Your site must have at least 50,000 page views per month. Does not meet the requirement? Enjoy being here and see also how to increase traffic to your blog in 7 steps.

Adversal payment can also be made via PayPal, and the minimum amount is $ 20.

This is a good alternative – and London! – Google Adsense.

Afilio is the leading digital performance network in London, and has award options for CPL, CPA, CPM or CPC (we will use these expressions a lot, so if you have a lot of questions about them, be sure to check out the SEO glossary , with 82 terms you need to know).

There is no requirement for a minimum of visitors or views for your blog to be accepted, which can be very good for beginners.

Chitika is an alternative to Adsense that allows you to customize the advertisements displayed on your website, in addition to offering advertisements within the context of your blog.

This option is great for the blogger who wants to keep the blog aesthetically coherent and pleasant, even with advertisements.

It is possible to minimum payment of 10 dollars via PayPal, which can also be very good for beginners.

This is perhaps the most similar alternative to Adsense! is like an Adsense from Yahoo and Bing.

With a high CPM, is available in all countries, and it is possible to payment via Paypal.

The minimum payment amount is 100 dollars.

Formerly known as “AdsGadget”, Qadabra is an alternative to AdSense that allows minimum payments from only 1 dollar via paypal!

This minimum value makes this option extremely attractive for beginners.

To be approved by Qadabra, however, it is necessary to have plenty of content on your blog.

The network is available in all countries.

Payments can be made via PayPal (minimum payment of 1 dollar), Payoneer (minimum of 20 dollars) and bank transfer (minimum of 500 dollars).

facebook ads

Revenue Hits already has a well-established name, having been in this industry for many years.

The minimum payment is 20 dollars, and can be done via PayPal, bank transfer or Payoneer.

There are several types of ads, such as banners, PopUnders, footer, shadow box, among many others.

Approval is almost immediate.

Let’s say you write blog posts about products that are easily sold on Amazon – which is pretty easy since we’re talking about largest online store in the world.

With Amazon Associates, you can earn a commission, for all purchases made on Amazon, from the links on your blog!

And it improves: you do not earn the commission only on the product that was directly linked, but also for any product that is purchased from the link they clicked on your site. Good right?

Keep in mind that unlike many of the other alternatives, it will not pay for CPM, but for purchases made on the site through its links.

Yllix is ​​a great alternative to adsense, free and available in all countries, offering several award options, whether for CPM, CPA, or CPC.

Ads can be made by Banner, PopUp, PopUnder, among many others.

Payments are made via PayPal, Payza and Skrill, and a great advantage is that in these payment methods, the amount Minimum withdrawal can be only 1!

For this reason, Yllix ends up becoming a really attractive alternative for beginners.

Payment via bank transfer is also possible, in this case with a higher minimum amount so that withdrawal is possible.

Also a good alternative to Adsense, PopCash’s focus is on Pop-under ads – less intrusive ads than pop-up ads, down of the content.

Payments can be made via PayPal, Paxum and Payza, and the minimum withdrawal amount is 10 USD.

If you don’t want to get away from Google that much, Google Ad Exchange works as a “premium” alternative to AdSense!

Because it is so exclusive, it is a little more difficult to meet the requirements to be part of this network.

This network has a high CPM, and allows you full control of the ads that will appear on your blog.

However, there is a requirement for English content, and a minimum of 25,000 pageviews (or 5,000 unique visitors) per month on your site.

Payment can be made via PayPal, and the minimum amount is $ 50.

Practical Guide for Content Disclosure

This alternative to Adsense has a high CPM, and works in a very similar way to Google Ad Exchange.

A network that has strong customers, like Chevrolet, Energizer, Harley Davidson and even Netflix.

Despite having many requirements to be accepted (for example, 1 million page views and 100 thousand unique visitors per month), it is the ideal alternative for those who have a blog with predominantly male audience.

Another alternative to AdSense that does not require a minimum number of visitors for your blog to be approved!

Sonobi has been in existence for a short time, and is already proving to be a good option.

The minimum payment is $ 50 for PayPal.

In this free alternative to Adsense ads are available for banners, buttons, texts and others, with customizable sizes.

There is also the option of ads for the mobile version of your blog.

Payment via PayPal and Payza is possible, and the minimum withdrawal amount is only $ 10, making it attractive for beginners.

Formerly known as ValueClick, Conversant is used by customers like HuffingtonPost, and has a customization option.

There are requirements to have the blog approved, as content in English (although your site can be from any country), and a minimum of 3000 visitors per month.

If your blog does, for example, product reviews, VigLink can be the ideal alternative for you.

That’s because it works in a very different way from the majority listed here: you get a commission, On top of every purchase made from your links!

PopAds is another alternative that specializes in PopUnders, just like PopCash.

Available in more than 50 countries, and easily approved.

Payment by PayPal, as long as the minimum amount is $ 10.

Content and Data Marketing

Similar to VigLinks, this alternative can also work very well for bloggers who write about products, allowing you to earn commissions for purchases.

It is most effective for blogs on fashion, beauty, lifestyle, automobiles, technology and electronics.

Keep in mind that just like VigLinks, Skimlinks works very differently from AdSense (and you can use AdSense and Skimlinks together, by the way).

The minimum payment is 10 dollars.

Kontera – which recently changed its name to Amobee – it is an alternative with a style very similar to Infolinks (the first alternative mentioned in this list).

There are options for advertisements by image, video and links. Payments are based on Pay per click.

There is no minimum traffic requirement on your blog.

This alternative to AdSense acts as an intermediary between you and the advertiser, and pays for direct ads, not CPC or CPM, as most ad networks do.

But keep in mind that it’s a little harder to get approved by BuySellAds, since you need to have a good traffic on your blog.

Another great alternative to AdSense, in Adsterra it is possible to pay by PayPal and even by Bitcoins!

CPM is usually quite high.

The types of ads available are banners, sliders, popunders and interstitial ads.

Some requirements to be accepted are the quality of the articles, not having an excessive amount of advertising on your blog, in addition to a minimum of monthly visits.

Propeller Ads is the ideal alternative for anyone who has a blog aimed at topics such as movies, games, videos, finance, software, entertainment in general, among others.

For being specialized in these niches, with Propeller Ads you can have even more profit than with AdSense.

Payments can be made via PayPal, Payoneer and bank transfer, and the minimum withdrawal amount varies according to the method chosen.

With a simple and easy to read interface, this alternative offers advertising options only for desktop, but not for mobile.

Ads can be in banner and video display, for example.

It’s surprising how many Adsense alternatives exist, isn’t it? And those are just some from them!

Also keep in mind that you can use 2 to 3 of these alternatives to the same time (with the exception of some, such as Crave, which requires exclusivity) – although it is recommended that you experiment little by little, in order to discover, which one works best for your blog.

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