Economy of recurrence in the view of Diego Gomes and Rodrigo Dantas – WAU

Websites Are Us CEO Diego Gomes and Vindi CEO Rodrigo Dantas will be together in a webinar on Monday, April 15, to discuss the economics of recurrence.

Will the subscription model be the future of all companies?

The market for technology companies is constantly changing. New models have emerged and SaaS (software as a service) companies are increasingly common.

This is because this new business model is predictable and recurring and it shines the eyes of entrepreneurs and investors.

According to SaaStock’s classification, Websites Are Us and Vindi – companies in the SaaS model, especially in Latin America – are like superstars in this recurrence model.

Therefore, we will bring together Diego Gomes, CEO of Websites Are Us, and Rodrigo Dantas, CEO of Vindi, to discuss the economics of recurrence in a live webinar.

These two market giants are going to give their vision of the model and talk about how both companies act in their determined strategies.

In addition, we will address several issues, such as:

  • metrics for SaaS companies;
  • the future of software companies;
  • attracting investment from SaaS companies;
  • SaaS companies’ strategies;
  • how WAU and Vindi track their results and what their strategies are.

The Webinar will take place on the day 04/15 at 3pm. And you can and – should – ask any question for both.

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