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Adobe Illustrator is graphics software focused on editing vector images. This tool is part of the Adobe package and can be used to create illustrations, logos, typography and much more!

O Adobe Illustrator it is one of the necessary tools in the daily life of marketing teams, especially those who work with the creation of visual pieces.

Although they are mostly used by designers, it is important that managers and other team members also know how the program is operated and, above all, demystify the idea that such handling is very difficult and complicated.

To do this, we wrote this article in order to present what can be done with Adobe Illustrator, some practical examples so that you can start using it today, and explain the differences that exist between it and other Adobe products.

Come on?

What is Adobe Illustrator

O Adobe Illustrator is Adobe software whose main function is to work with vector illustrations. It can be used on both Windows and Mac computers.

Although the program has a trial, its full version is paid and the acquisition is worthwhile for those who constantly need well-crafted images for their marketing actions. Illustrator CC, the latest version of the program, has an interaction between users and graphic designers.

If you have used or known other Adobe programs, using Illustrator will not be too difficult, as its menu has an order very similar to that of other software. The first shortcuts have the functions of opening, creating and saving files.

Using Illustrator, you can even edit three-dimensional objects and apply the same effects offered by Photoshop. Of course, this does not mean that the two programs are the same, they have their differences and we will talk about this later in this article.

To use the tools that the program brings, you can go to the left, as they are all there. So, to create objects, effects and content, you (or the designer designated to use Illustrator) can find all the functions necessary to get the job done.

Adobe Illustrator

In fact, at the top of the screen you can see the mobile windows that are so called because whoever uses the software can move or hide them in order to facilitate the visualization and handling of the program during work.

Illustrator CC, unlike its previous version, has greater support, in addition to bringing new tools involving brushes, fonts, file insertion and CSS export.

See below some more of them.

Using Adobe Illustrator

For some marketers, using software like Illustrator seems complicated. To end this, we raised here some ways of using the program that you need to know, either for proper handling, or at the level of knowledge to accompany the work of the designer.

The first step is to open a new document. To do this, just go to File and click on New Document. On the screen that appears, you can specify the file format, with the most common orientations being “portrait” or “landscape”.

Adobe Illustrator2

On the left side, several tools for creating and editing images and text are displayed. When choosing any of them, at the top of the screen, just above the document, the options for configuring the tool you chose will be shown.

For example, when using text, you can select its size, color and font.

To create visual elements, you can use the pen to draw. If you prefer perfect shapes, choose the shape builder to create squares, triangles, stars, among others.

Adobe Illustrator3

Finally, to fill the drawing made in Illustrator, you can start by changing the colors of the strokes and fill. To do this, just click on “Windows” in the menu and then on “Swatches” (or “samples”).

Tips for using Adobe Illustrator

Now that you know how to use the program at a basic level, here are some tips that can help you even more.

Organize your layers

When creating a layer in Illustrator, it is essential that you have a lot of organization, starting with an essential tip: rename all your layers.

To get an idea of ​​how important this is, here’s an example that has nothing to do with the software: you know when a colleague doesn’t organize files into folders in Google Drive and you get lost trying to find them?

Something similar happens when you don’t rename layers in Illustrator, especially when you send the file to the designer.

If the designer needs to edit an element of the image, he will need to click a lot until he finds it, which will require more work time.


Embed the images in the file

If you need to send the designer a file made in Illustrator, imagine that he cannot find the images because, in reality, they are on your computer and not on his. Believe, this is a common mistake.

Therefore, when creating the .ai file, embed the images in the file. To do this, you must go to Window and look for Links, the images inserted in the project will be presented. At the bottom right, click on Embed Images and this will unite the file and the images in it.

Adobe Illustrator5

Align to the grid

To do this, just go to View and then Show Grid. The program will show the grid, however, your objects will not be aligned, unless you go to Snap to Grid later.

If you are in doubt about the function of grids, they serve to help to compose the layout in order to keep everything in one pattern in a harmonious way. This can be seen in the spacing that exists between the objects, sizes and quantities of elements in the file.

So, contrary to what some think, the grid should not be applied only to logos, but to everything.


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What is the difference between Illustrator, Photoshop and InDesign

Some people have a hard time differentiating Adobe products and what each one is specifically for. Although they complement each other, software such as Illustrator, InDesign and Photoshop are quite different.

And how important it is for people who work in marketing to know why, we raised here and the main differences that exist between the three.

What does Adobe Illustrator do?

As we said in this article, Illustrator is Adobe software designed for vector creation. It came even before Photoshop and was made available only for the Mac for the first ten years.

Nowadays, Illustrator has become the market leader, to the point of surpassing its main competitor, Corel Draw, due to the ease in using vectors.

While Photoshop works with images, Illustrator is mostly used for vector creation. Instead of an aligned pixel map, he operates the creation of drawings by curves, which attributes the possibility of enlarging or reducing the image in any way he wishes, whether in vector illustrations, layouts or in a visual identity.

What does Adobe InDesign do?

InDesign is a program created to do layout work. Therefore, its focus is on graphic pieces such as editorials, advertising materials and printed presentations.

For this reason, it is widely used by professionals who need to assemble magazines, newspapers and even e-books. The same goes for stationery items used for advertising purposes such as pamphlets and posters or even materials such as handouts and printed presentations that require very good quality images.

What does Photoshop do?

Photoshop is known to be the most popular professional image creation and editing program. Despite having started out as a basic editor, its updates have been adding more and more new functions, to the point that, today, it even allows the manipulation of 3D objects.

As its focus is on images, Photoshop is a software widely used by designers, art directors and photographers, because its tools even allow you to optimize photos originally taken with low quality or insert elements in it.

Do you know when you need to bring five people together in one image, but each is in separate photos in different environments? Through Photoshop it is possible to make this junction. Therefore, it is also used to create other types of assembly, for example, your team assembled with the company logo in the background.

Thus, it is clear what are the differences between the three and what each software is for!

Did you like to know more about these software and want to deepen your knowledge about Adobe Photoshop? So, also check out this article to learn more about it!