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Email marketing is one of the most efficient strategies when it comes to nurturing and converting your leads. Contacting your current and potential customers with the right message at the right time is the best way to create and maintain a good relationship. According to the Email Marketing Trends survey conducted by […]

Email marketing is one of the most efficient strategies when it comes to nurturing and converting your leads.

Contacting your current and potential customers with the right message at the right time is the best way to create and maintain a good relationship.

According to the survey Email Marketing Trends conducted by the Inteligência Websites Are Us team, 77.2% of the interviewed companies adopt this strategy.

And of these, 76.2% have a professional dedicated to Email Marketing.

The market uses this technique more and more and the demand for specialists grows together. Studying on the subject has become a great opportunity for professionals in the field.

It was thinking about exactly that that WAU University developed a complete and updated content on the subject.

WAU University Email Marketing Course

With a focus on Marketing professionals who want to specialize and achieve increasingly positive results with this strategy, the WAU University online course addresses all topics on the subject.

Whether you are a student, an analyst or a Marketing manager, certification will help you understand all stages of Email Marketing.

You will learn from the first steps to the delivery of your messages, including how to plan your strategy, content techniques, metrics to be followed and how to perform conclusive tests.


Clara Borges is responsible for transmitting all her knowledge acquired during her journey as an Email Marketing Manager at Websites Are Us.

She was able to extract all the learning she had from sending more than 6 million emails by the company, performing all the activities that a good strategy demands.

With a very clear and objective didactic, it is easy to capture all the content of the course and have great insights during classes.


This is an introductory module, where in one class the structure of the course and the functioning of both the platform and the final test are explained.

You will understand a little more about the 9 certification modules, in addition to receiving access to the exclusive WAU University group on Facebook.

First steps

Here we will take the first steps to carry out a successful strategy. Let’s talk a little about what is Email marketing and get to know some interesting statistics on the subject, such as that 92% of adults online use email.

In addition to learning the best practices for building a list of contacts organically and how to relate to it in a healthy way that brings results.

Planning your Email Marketing Strategy

After taking the first steps, it was time to plan your strategy.

In the first class of the module you will learn about email formats and how to use them. You will understand what a transactional, relational and promotional email is, and what are their differences and goals for each.

Being ready to take the next step and find out when and to whom to send your messages, creating segmentations and increasing their relevance in the inboxes.

At the end of the module, the topic covered will help you to create an editorial calendar according to your monthly, quarterly and annual goals.


With its structured strategy, it’s time to create killer content for your emails.

In this stage of certification you will learn how to write headlines and email bodies in a simple and practical way, but which has been helping to generate the main results of Websites Are Us.

Finally, Clara addresses 7 tips to improve your messages even more.

Results and Metrics

Current Marketing is monitored daily through numbers, and with E-mail marketing is no different. In the “Results and Metrics” module, you will learn how to use all the information in favor of improving your business.

The subjects covered are the main metrics, how to calculate them and what they indicate. Helping you to focus on monitoring the results that matter to your goals.

Nutrition Flows

In this part of the course, we will talk about what is lead nutrition, one of the best practices to create a good relationship with your audience, then going through how to make a nutrition flow in practice and how to write a flow that generates conversions.

You will also learn to monitor your results in a way that can always optimize your flows.

How to Deal with a Disengaged Base

We Marketing professionals know the value of registering on our email list. But what about when people choose not to receive your messages anymore?

Understand that cleaning up your list is also essential to keep your strategy working as well as possible. In addition to knowing a reactivation flow that will bring back most of the customers who have not made contact in a long time.

Email Marketing Tests

Have you heard of A / B tests?

This practice is used to refine your Marketing strategy and increase your efficiency.

Here we will address how to perform these tests in Email Marketing creating an opportunity to generate more openings and more clicks on your messages.

The content has a step-by-step guide for you to perform this technique in the best possible way.


Only 72% of emails that are sent in London arrive in the recipients’ inboxes. And that’s because people don’t care about delivering messages.

If your deliverability rate is below 95%, you should be concerned about that.

This is the subject of the last certification module.

You will understand why worrying about sending your emails is essential to have a healthy strategy that generates great results.

Proof and certificate

For you to be an email marketing specialist certified by Websites Are Us, we will conclude the course with a test of 60 questions of multiple choices.

All questions are related to the content of the video lessons and if you watched them all taking notes and reading the complementary materials, you will not have much difficulty.

Are you interested in learning from one of WAU University’s Digital Marketing courses?

Do not waste time and start today become a email marketing specialist.