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Thinking of pursuing a career in any area of ​​Communication? Do you want to work with the creation, dissemination and realization of incredible and attractive publicity campaigns? So, going to college in Advertising is a way to consider! Even if you identify with some activities of the advertising professional, you still have many doubts about the career, the course, […]

Thinking of pursuing a career in any area of ​​Communication? Do you want to work with the creation, dissemination and realization of incredible and attractive publicity campaigns? So, going to college in Advertising is a way to consider!

Even if you identify with some activities of the advertising professional, you still have many doubts about the career, the course, the student profile, the best institutions to study and much more, right?

So, how about ending uncertainties before deciding to dive deep into the area? Continue reading this post. Meet 6 facts you always wanted to know!

⒈ Responsibilities of the advertiser

When created, every product, service or solution needs to be presented to your target audience in the best possible way.

Considering all the elements and aspects of a product, it is up to the advertiser to work in a very comprehensive way so that a campaign generates incredible repercussions.

Therefore, its main duties are:

  • definition of the target audience;
  • creation of packaging art;
  • incorporation of the product into the company’s identity;
  • determining the advertising approach;
  • selection of suitable channels for the exhibition;
  • elaboration of communication elements;
  • campaign monitoring.

THE definition of the target audience it consists in understanding the consumer’s profile, which can only be effectively achieved through studies and research. The concept was improved in Digital Marketing with the concept of Persona.

THE creation of art the packaging of each product is what will add aspects that will sharpen the consumer’s senses or bring him an understanding of his needs. Graphic design is one of the pillars of Advertising.

An edible product, for example, must awaken not only your appetite, but the desire to consume it; a hygiene product must be practical and / or comfortable; in a service offering, the point is to demonstrate your ability to solve problems.

It’s also up to the advertising team make the corporate identity present in the product. Therefore, there are a number of requirements that make a campaign suitable or not.

Choosing the ideal approach for ads, as well as the channels to which they should appear, is a key point for the success of the campaign, being the part that requires a lot of planning and responsibility.

A good advertising campaign aims to expose the product to the eyes of the consumer in strategic locations and channels, so that the brand creates its space in the daily lives of the target audience.

Anyway, it’s up to the advertiser, too, monitor the progress of the campaign and ensure that all this work works in practice.

⒉ Graduation

As with most undergraduate courses, theory is present in most of the disciplines – mainly in the 1st year of the course.

Even so, it is common to find some similarities between the courses in the area of ​​Communication at the beginning, after all, they are fundamentals that are valid for all professionals in the segment.

From the 2nd year onwards, some specificities begin to emerge. The student learns the essential skills to deal with the daily life of an advertiser, such as media, creation and planning.

As we said, it is well known that the advertiser must understand several things. Therefore, at some point during the course, the student will encounter some subjects, such as:

  • Economy;
  • Statistic;
  • Photography;
  • and Marketing.

It is undeniable that knowledge enrichment is an excellent feature of the Faculty of Advertising.

There will certainly be a group of disciplines that are more encouraging and others that are discouraging. However, the fact is that they all add a lot to training.

⒊ Student profile

Generally, the first question for those who are considering attending an Advertising college is: “should i be a creative person?”.

It can be said that creativity is important, but should only be seen as a quality to be worked on, because it is part of several characteristics that a professional can have.

This means that you, being a creative person, will already have a greater incentive to pursue an area in which creativity is a major requirement. If you are not creative, there is no problem!

Not all areas of advertising require such creativity. Contrary to what many people think or see in films, the publicist is not the genius who suddenly comes up with a great idea.

The important thing is that, within the scope of the course, you identify with some areas and enjoy working on them. That way, naturally your creativity will manifest during your career.

Another issue that causes concern to students who choose a Communication course is shyness.

The good news is that universities encourage social interaction among students, in addition to offering support through training and activities that involve interaction with other people.

Having – or acquiring – the facility to relate to people is a primary characteristic for becoming a successful professional in the field.

If you are an introvert, it is recommended to work on it doing exercises during your daily life, trying to improve your sociability since early. Especially because advertising does not consist of individual works, but collective.

Finally, in addition to having characteristics (regardless of degree) and interpersonal relationships, the advertiser must be committed to results.

You can be very creative and know how to establish a great relationship with everyone, but your ideas and persuasions should not take precedence over the results.

It is the results that will determine the effectiveness of your campaign; everything else around you will be a whim.

⒋ Internship

Getting an internship in the Advertising market is not a simple task. As in many other areas, there is more demand than vacancies.

Such competitiveness is one of the reasons why the trainee in Advertising is highly demanded by the agencies.

In other words, this means that the internship will not be marked by the patience and tolerance that reflect in moments of learning. There will be a lot of demand for results.

The trainee must be competent in some fundamentals to remain in the position, which is still a way to learn about the reality and the daily life of the advertiser.

In order not to feel like a domestic bird coming out of the cage, take advantage of the college to carry out interesting projects and activities that alone add to your skills.

Another good tip is forget the question of studying by grades; study to gain experience and a good portfolio to present to agencies.

⒌ Labor market

Surely you have already realized that there is a lot of dynamics and diversity within Advertising, right? Undoubtedly, these factors reflect opportunities.

As a result, opportunities may arise in areas that you do not see as a strong point. However, the challenge will always be present, even when the vacancy in question is that of your dreams.

In such cases, determination is a differential and both when looking for a job vacancy. Regardless of whether or not you are strong, grab the opportunity with all the love.

But, what do you think about the error? There is simply no reason to be afraid of making mistakes, as mistakes are part of any professional’s career, especially maturing.

Before you know what you like, you need to experiment. Do you agree? How about try new things, we can say that Advertising constantly leads the professional to this type of situation.

All types of products and services depend on advertising, that is, the agencies work with companies from all market segments.

So, it is possible that one day you will meet with colleagues to discuss an advertising campaign for a chocolate bar and, in the same week, for a toothpaste or a construction service.

⒍ Educational institutions

There are many educational institutions that offer Advertising courses throughout London, among which we can highlight as the most relevant:

Higher School of Advertising and Marketing (ESPM)

Located in the capital of São Paulo, ESMP is one of the main higher education institutions in the field of Advertising, after all, it is a specific faculty for the sector.

In market evaluations, ESPM is always among the most valued by agencies. Not by chance, many of the great professionals in the market were trained at ESPM.

In addition, according to the Folha University Ranking (RUF), held in 2016, ESPM consolidates itself as the favorite of the job market and occupies the 1st place in the evaluation of the Ministry of Education (MEC).

Mackenzie Presbiterian University

Also located in São Paulo, Mackenzie is also a reference in Advertising, with a rich curriculum matrix, capable of providing complete training to the student.

Its acceptance in the market is quite a differential, occupying no less than the 2nd position at RUF 2016, Besides the 9th place as teaching and the 3rd, in the evaluation of MEC.

Federal University of Minas Gerais (UFMG)

The institution based in Belo Horizonte, capital of Minas Gerais, is one of the biggest references in the Advertising market and, like ESPM, has also trained many nationally recognized professionals.

At RUF 2016, UFMG, in terms of teaching quality, is in 1st place. While in the evaluation of the market the university occupies the 6th position.

University of São Paulo (USP)

It is not news to anyone that USP is one of the great references in higher education in London. Its faculty is always made up of great masters in the field, with full and partial dedication.

According to RUF 2016, the Faculty of Advertising offered by the São Paulo institution is recognized, by teaching, market and MEC evaluations, as the 2nd most relevant.

As we learned in this post, the faculty of Advertising requires, along with creativity, a broad training that can only be obtained through a lot of dedication.

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