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Write, publish, write and publish. In the past, this was the work routine of a content marketer. Over time, this professional has gained a lot of importance. If before, it focused only on these two activities, today, the profession has taken on other proportions. Now, for example, for a text to have many conversions, it is necessary to be careful […]

Write, publish, write and publish. In the past, this was the work routine of a content marketer. Over time, this professional has gained a lot of importance. If before, it focused only on these two activities, today, the profession has taken on other proportions. Now, for example, for a text to have many conversions, special care is needed not only with the writing, but also with the keywords, the quality of the images and many other factors. However, how to remember all this?

Checklists are great tools. They help us to save time, and, above all, not to forget the procedures that must be analyzed before a task is completed. This tool is so important that it led Dr. Atul Gawande to write a book that was called The checklist manifesto: how to do things right.

However, if you forget a step, it will have many consequences, such as: losing credibility and even your blog’s audience. However, for your peace of mind, it is not necessary to be a checklist expert to make everything perfect. Just be careful, since with just a few minutes, you can check all the steps. In this article, you will check out several checklist tips so that you can make a perfect publication for your blog. There are tips for writing, images and formatting.

Set the post keyword

Our definitive checklist for publications starts at exactly the most important point. Choosing the right keyword for content will allow you to develop a post that is relevant to your audience. Without this definition, your content loses its direction.

In addition, to optimize your blog post for search engines (SEO) you should always have a key word that will repeat in:

  • Page URL
  • Title
  • Throughout the content
  • Meta description

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Use a creative title!

The title is the most important part of any content. It is through it that you will be able to attract the attention of your audience. It must be attractive, seductive and must be in accordance with its content. There is no point in creating a magnificent title if it does not refer to the content.

In a nutshell you must present the topic and show something surprising about the content. A catchy and appealing title attracts the attention of readers.

Is the title of your publication between 40 to 69 characters?

That’s the perfect headline size. If it is more extensive than that, it will not appear in full on the search engines and it will affect the performance of your blog post enough.

Include the keyword in the title of the publication!

The title of your blog post should include the keyword of the content, but do you know why? It will certainly represent a question from one of your readers. They will search for that term and, if your title does not contain that word, how do you expect to be found by it?

Be bold in the first few paragraphs!

Just like in the title, choosing to start your article with more eye-catching and appealing language is a great way. Readers don’t have the patience to read long paragraphs and content, but of course there are exceptions. Because of this, they judge your article with ten seconds or less. In order for you to keep that visitor’s attention long enough, the first few paragraphs must be killer. Draw attention, include relevant data and show that your content should be read to the end.

Don’t overdo the meta description

The ideal length of your publication’s meta description should be up to 156 characters. Be objective, seduce the reader and show him what he will find on that page. Another important tip is to put the keyword in the description as well.

Attention with keywords

According to Google’s own tips, it is very important that you repeat the keyword throughout the article. But be careful: there is no need to repeat the term thousands of times to make the blog post more attractive to search engines.

Choose to insert the words in your text in a natural way, that is, that they can help in the development of the sentence. The research tools themselves can identify when the writer is exaggerating, so be aware.

Does the language of your publication match the general tone of your blog?

This is another important aspect to be analyzed. In most publications, write as if you are talking to your reader. With this practice, you will have a more open dialogue with him. Of course, don’t forget to publish subjects that will be of value to your readers.

The image is also important

A good image helps to increase the quality of your publication and avoids lowering the number of conversions. Did you know that those posts that don’t have images can have the conversion decreased to 95%? To prevent this from happening, choose original content or photos that you have taken yourself.

A good tip is to look for images that are licensed for commercial use. The Creative Commons and Search Engine sites are great options. There are other addresses where you can find professional and free images. You can search in:

  • Free Digital Photos
  • Photo Pin
  • Stock Free Images
  • Compfight

However, if you need a more specific job, consider the option of purchasing a subscription at a paid bank. For more free options, visit this post on the subject.

Do the images match the text?

It is important to note that most readers are guided by images, so always choose the best photos for your blog posts. Look for images that make sense with your content, be bold and choose beautiful images.

Make external and internal links

Throughout the text, whenever you cite an external source to prove relevant data, remember to create a link to the website where the information originated. These links can also be used to promote other blog posts in a natural way.

If you have content published on a topic that is mentioned in your newest blog post, include a direct link to it saying that the reader can find more information there.

Create a good call to action

Make sure you include a call at the end of the text. The reader’s constant presence on your blog is very important. To do this, you must invite them to engage with your brand. Here are some sample calls:

  • To increase comments: what did you think of this published content? Share your experiences in the comments below.
  • To increase conversions: Want to know more about the best strategies for writing blog articles? Check out our free ebook.
  • To increase your access page: check out other content marketing tips in this article.

Now it is your turn. Put this checklist into practice every time you publish new content on your blog. Remember that all points here are very important, so do not leave anything aside. If you have any other tips for our list or would like to make a comment about our selection, use the comments tab below!