Find more customers through the Field Marketing – WAU strategy

Field Marketing is a Marketing strategy through which, without any intermediary, you make your potential customers sure that your brand is the best option to satisfy their needs and desires.

It is no secret that the way of selling has changed over the years. Before, it was enough to have flashy windows to captivate consumers – after all, what mattered was the product.

Nowadays it’s not like that anymore.

If you want to be successful in selling your products or services, the tendency is for the consumer to become the protagonist of your strategy.

That is why Field Marketing is the option we recommend to design your next marketing campaigns.

Without preamble, in this article we will explain everything related to this wonderful strategy and how it has revolutionized the world of Marketing. In addition, we present some examples for you to better understand how to use it.

Keep reading and you’ll find out:

What is Field Marketing?

Field Marketing is a strategy that eliminates any type of intermediaries in contact with consumers, with the purpose of developing a direct interaction and getting them from potential customers to customers.

The main objective of this strategy is for the consumer to have direct interaction with his brand. From the moment he participates in the Marketing strategy and understands more about his business, the tendency is to become a customer.

Previously, the consumer was a passive being. He limited himself to watching and, from there, decided whether the brand was the right one to solve his problem or not.

With Field Marketing, what happens is that the consumer stops being passive and becomes the protagonist of his campaigns.

What types of Field Marketing exist?

There are several types of Field Marketing. Before we look at them, it is worth noting that the type of strategy to be used depends on the product or service you offer, as well as your persona.

It is from these factors that you must select the type of strategy that best suits your project.

Let’s see, then, the types of Field Marketing.


Generally, these are booths where promotions and product demonstrations are carried out. They aim to:

  • breaking the barrier between the consumer and your product;
  • capture the attention of potential customers;
  • give all the information that consumers need;
  • animate the point of sale.


This technique aims to make the consumer have a direct contact with your product. It is generally used in the sale of electronic equipment.

Street Shows

Based on the techniques of Street Marketing, these are creative activities carried out on the streets or in public places with the purpose of having a direct contact with the target audience in question.

Viral actions

This great strategy consists of generating quality content. The goal is for the content to be so good that the consumer cannot resist sharing it on their social networks. This provides an increase in your brand’s view.

Road shows

This is one of the best ways to make your company visible to your audience.

It is a strategy that takes the name of your business to the places where your potential customers are. Commonly, the message is transmitted through vehicles labeled with your brand.

What are the main advantages of investing in Field Marketing?

It should already be clear that the main advantage of Field Marketing is that the consumer will have a direct participation (without intermediaries) in its Marketing strategy.

This strategy provides better communication, close experience and, not least, helps the client to know everything related to your brand so that eventually you can be convinced that your product or service is the best option.

In addition to these advantages, the following are other benefits that you can obtain from this strategy.

Low cost

One of the benefits of this type of strategy is that you can develop them at different scales and with different types of reach.

As you progress and observe the results, you can make decisions regarding their scope.

Direct contact

By having direct contact with consumers, you can easily start a good communication with them. In this way, it is possible to convey the message in a clearer way and be attentive to any questions that the consumer has.

Customer loyalty

By retaining complete attention to the consumer, you provide a better experience and increase confidence in your business. This transforms a simple buyer into a loyal customer who can even promote your brand by his own decision!

Get first-hand information

Logically, you will have a defined target audience, but you can always let one or the other detail slip away. For this reason, this type of strategy is of great help.

By having direct contact with the consumer, you can analyze your responses and this information serves to make the necessary adjustments and improve the results of your campaign.


You could see the importance of Field Marketing in advertising campaigns today. This strategy is not only to improve your sales, but also to create an authentic connection between your target audience and your brand.

Having direct contact with consumers ensures constant feedback, which in turn allows for more information needed for continuous improvement.

It is important to note that this strategy can adapt to your project, no matter what product or service you offer. For that, you only need to define your persona to know what type of strategy will be the one that best suits your idea.

It is also extremely important that your team is formed by the best representatives of your brand. Like this, the experience offered to customers will be the best possible and, thus, they will continue to have your business as the first option.

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