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Despite being extremely important in planning a company for the smooth running of business, it is still common that some do not have a Marketing Manager. Usually, these are small companies whose owners or managers do Marketing actions on their own, but end up not having very satisfactory results. After all, managing Marketing is not […]

Despite having paramount importance in planning a company for the smooth running of business, it is still common that some do not have a Marketing manager.

Usually, these are small companies whose owners or managers do Marketing actions on their own, but end up not having very satisfactory results.

After all, managing Marketing is not just about posting on social networks and making Google ads, these are just two actions that make up Digital Marketing, while it is part of Marketing as a whole.

Managing Marketing is much more than that, it is about carry out research constantly, develop campaigns that are really effective and monitor the results to make sure everything is going the right way.

After all, the opposite of this can be fatal for the company: less brand awareness, less audience reach, less opportunities, less sales, less money. And when it gets to that point, it’s much more difficult to get back to the top.

That is why we wrote this article aimed at presenting who the marketing manager is, everything that this professional does and also the benefits that it can bring to a company.

If your marketing is not going very well and the results do not reach the numbers you need to reach that long-dreamed goal that you set in your spreadsheet at the beginning of the year, do not despair.!

You just need help that can be offered by the professional who illustrates this post. Stay with us until the end to get to know you better.
Here you will know:

What does a marketing manager do

The Marketing Manager is the professional in charge of conducting market research and developing strategies that increase the company’s results.

When these results are linked to the sales objectives, it must take into account the wants and needs that consumers have when purchasing the products or services offered by the company, thus increasing the reach of the target audience and also the strength of the brand.

Therefore, your work is linked to the 4Ps of Marketing: product, price, place and promotion.

He needs to know very well the product offered, its price in comparison with the others that exist in the market and what are the main places where it is offered to, thus, promote marketing campaigns that can occur both traditionally and digitally .

In fact, this is another professional profile that has appeared on the market a few years ago: digital marketing manager.

However, some companies need to be careful when appointing someone to that position because a heavy digital media user may not necessarily be a good digital manager for your company.

After all, what is the value of knowing the number of accesses your channels had, but not the conversion rate in customers, for example?

Therefore, a good digital marketing manager must, in the first place, always be attuned to new market trends, as this is a medium in which updates occur very quickly and also take charge of the strategies, analyzes and results that campaigns have generated.

Digital Transformation and Marketing

The marketing manager does not need to be the executor of all the actions necessary to make a campaign run.

For this reason, he does not need to know how to assemble an advertising piece (since it is a task of the designer or art director) and to configure the Google Adwords ads (since this is the work of the paid media analyst).

However, he must recognize when the play and the ads are in accordance with the proposal and objectives of the campaign and monitor their performances so that the results come.

Some marketing actions today tend to revolve around A / B testing, so don’t worry if the campaign that your company launched doesn’t meet your expectations or even goes wrong. Just review the mistakes and do it again and, for that, you need the marketing manager.

How much does a marketing manager earn

According to the Love Mondays, the average salary of a Marketing Manager is R $ 9,367.00, with a minimum of R $ 893.00 and a maximum of R $ 30,626.00.

What qualification is required to be a marketing manager

  • Graduation in Marketing, Communication, Administration or similar experience in other jobs.
  • Postgraduate studies in Marketing or related areas is a differential.
  • Good knowledge of the sector of which the company for which he works or intends to work is part.
  • Certifications in Digital Marketing.

What skills should a marketing manager have

  • Great verbal and written communication;
  • Good command of the London language;
  • Ability to manage tasks and meet deadlines;
  • Ability to relate to co-workers and clients;
  • Ability to hire, train and lead teams;
  • Being organized and being able to work independently;
  • Make decisions based on objective data and taking into account the goals that must be achieved;
  • Ensure that the wishes of the marketing stakeholders are met;
  • Always be informed about the news of the Marketing market.

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How to Hire a Marketing Manager

To hire a Marketing Manager more appropriate for your company, it is necessary to take into account some points that we separate here so that you choose the right candidate.

It is very common for employees to be promoted from the position of analysts to managers, but there are cases where it is necessary to hire someone from outside able to perform the function well.

That is why we have prepared a template for the announcement of the Marketing Manager position, the pre-interview task that must be requested and also the questions to be asked during the selection.

Vacancy description template

Job Description:

The Marketing Manager is in charge of conducting market research and developing strategies capable of achieving the company’s goals and objectives.

This professional must also be responsible for leading, expanding and optimizing the work performed by the Marketing team, in addition to coordinating and monitoring the campaigns that are carried out in both traditional and digital Marketing.


  • Conduct market research aimed at understanding customer needs and competitor data, such as prices offered, promotions made and the main locations where there is a greater prospect of customers;
  • Lead the Marketing team and optimize its performance;
  • Develop marketing campaigns based on the company’s goals and objectives;
  • Periodically monitor the performance of Marketing campaigns;
  • Generate reports presenting the results generated by the campaigns.


  • Graduation in the area or proven experience that you have worked in the area.
  • Experience with team management and leadership.
  • Experience in creating marketing campaigns both traditionally and digitally.
  • Have good prior knowledge of the company’s area of ​​expertise.
  • Follow the new market trends, both in the industry in which the company operates and in Marketing in general.
  • Certifications in Marketing.

Pre-interview task

After analyzing the candidates’ resumes, previous experiences and external references, it is time to assess who is the most competent to fill the vacancy.

For this, it is recommended to carry out activities capable of evaluating the creative and analytical skills that the professional needs to have to achieve this position.

  • Creating a Marketing Campaign: when receiving the company’s objectives for the current month, the candidate must set up the scope of a campaign for all channels used by the company: print, audiovisual, external, alternative, paid, inbound media, among others.
  • Performance analysis: then, he will need to explain how the periodic analysis of the actions that are part of the Marketing campaign should be carried out.
  • Results presentation: The candidate must present the way the results need to be collected and analyzed at the end of the month taking into account the current goal and the company’s objective.

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Interview Questions

If the candidate passes the practical test, it is time to conduct the interview in order to prove that the person has quick, strategic reasoning and aligned with the company’s profile.

So, here are some questions that can help you do this task:

  • After setting up the campaigns that are part of marketing planning, how would you put them into action?
  • How would you distribute the marketing actions among the team members?
  • What marketing actions have you taken that generated good results and why?
  • Did you plan these actions yourself or did you have any help?
  • If a team member does not get the job done on time, what do you do?
  • If during the monitoring, you notice that the marketing actions are not generating the expected results, what do you do?

Why it is important to have a marketing manager in your company

Although Marketing Managers have a routine focused on creating and monitoring actions linked to marketing planning, their role is not to perform pre-established tasks, quite the opposite.

The marketing manager needs to solve a simple question: “What is happening in my market today?”

After all, the importance of marketing management is precisely in devising means that can make the company reach its goals, in addition to reducing costs and increasing the company’s profits.

Even though the sales team is responsible for closing deals and placing new customers inside the home, this process begins with the lead capture operated by Marketing. For this reason, more and more companies are trying to unite the Marketing and Sales departments in actions known as Vendarketing.

To get a better idea of ​​the importance of the Marketing Manager, let’s analyze an example of how a company is and what can change after the arrival of this professional.

Company X is experiencing a major problem: its number of sales has been declining gradually despite the efforts of its salespeople and the owner no longer knows what to do.

So, he decides to hire João, approved in the processes that we mentioned a few paragraphs above, to be his Marketing Manager and help him out of this situation.

Immediately, João tries to learn more about the company and its market. Then, he discovers something serious: prices are not competitive at all, because they are higher than those of the competition. Soon, he suggests to the owner to change them to make them more accessible to the public.

Nevertheless, João also conducts a survey to find out what people expect most from the solutions the company offers.

At that moment some errors are detected and it appears that the sellers are offering products that the target audience does not want to buy. This is solved with some adaptations that meet the needs and desires of this audience.

However, is it this audience that is looking for what company X has to offer?

Despite having an Inbound Sales team, the customer registration is done in Excel spreadsheets and most of the leads are composed of mere curious people who signed up for the website’s newsletter, that is, it is hardly people with commercial interest.

Therefore, João develops Marketing actions that can attract the right target audience and more qualified leads that salespeople can contact and close a larger number of deals.

In this way, company X is finally able to leave the situation it was in and grow exponentially thanks to the changes that the Marketing Manager can bring.

So, if you don’t already have a Marketing Manager on your team and want to achieve increasingly expressive results, it’s good to consider hiring one and, later, forming a well-trained marketing team.

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