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Embracon, a company specialized in consortia, won the top 3 for more than 330 search terms on Google, as well as the 166% growth in organic traffic through a solid Content Marketing strategy. Check out!

Embracon has been generating organic results for a long time. The company is one of the largest consortium administrators in the country with around 120 branches and more than 600 sales partners throughout London.

Specialists in the consortium of automobiles, motorcycles and real estate, Embracon celebrated 30 years in the market in 2018, and launched in the same year a new strand of consortia: the service consortia. We’ll talk more about them in a moment.

The company already obtained many organic accesses through surveys such as ‘embracon 2 via’, ‘embracon customer area’ or ‘embracon boleto’, made by customers looking for information about their consortia.

It turns out that ranking for your own keywords does not always fulfill two of the main functions of Content Marketing:

  1. educate and engage a market, becoming a reference;
  2. achieve new business opportunities through lead generation.

Embracon already had a blog with this objective, but it was experiencing technical problems and did not generate the results that the company wanted.

And what were they?

By working with consortia, Embracon faces a major challenge: many people do not understand the particularities of the segment, nor its difference to other solutions available on the market.

“We saw the need to establish a strategy to educate our prospects and customers, as we identified that many did not understand the consortium, often confusing it with financing, which ended up generating frustration in those who purchased the product.”

Gabriela Minguez, Communication Supervisor at Embracon.

The sales results and customer success were affected by a lack of information. Luckily, the principles of a Content Marketing strategy go through education.

By generating content that helps the market understand how a consortium works and how it can help make dreams come true, the company can educate its audience, become a reference and, at the same time, generate sales opportunities.

To do this you need planning, strategy and execution focused on results. And Gabriela knew that:

“We needed expert guidance to start building the new blog, with a well-targeted and more professional job.”

Therefore, at the end of 2017 Embracon sought out Websites Are Us.

Our partnership started in late 2017, when we started to structure the new Embracon blog, which aired in April 2018.

Despite being a challenge, starting a blog from 0 made it possible to start the strategy by already receiving optimized content to achieve good results on Google, made based on the main posts of the old blog; and new content targeting strategic keywords.

With the authority of the “” domain built up to this point and a well-planned content strategy, the company quickly gained good positions for keywords that are important to its market.

Embracon acquired the top positions for keywords such as ‘Quick consortium’, ‘Consortium is a good’ and ‘Advantages of a consortium’, having even won the featured snippet for the last one:

= Embracon 1

Today, Embracon ranks in the top 3 results on Google for more than 330 search terms.

And this has a clear impact on your results of organic visits, which grew 166% in less than a year:

Embracon 2

“WAU was instrumental in guiding us regarding strategies for entry, middle and bottom of funnel, helped us to create a new strategy and achieve the ranking we were in before the blog change.

Gabriela Minguez, Communication Supervisor at Embracon.

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But in the midst of the good results achieved, the company was undergoing a major innovation, the inclusion of the Services Consortium as a new offer.

Do you know what a service consortium is?

If you don’t know all right, because really it is not yet a well-known product on the market, even for those who already know consortia.

It was necessary, again, to educate the market about the concept and operation of a consortium, but this time showing the new possibilities that this product opens up.

Therefore, when realizing the positive results that the content strategy developed with Websites Are Us brought, Embracon decided that the production and dissemination of content would focus on the service consortium.

For this, the guidelines focused on meeting the different stages of the marketing funnel regarding the services that the consortium can provide. The change in strategy can be easily noticed on the Embracon blog:

Embracon 3

The contents seek to attract and educate people who are interested in travel, for example.

With tips on itineraries and travel destinations, the company gets the attention of those who dream of visiting different places, and shows how a consortium of services can turn this dream into reality.

Each purchase journey was studied so that the contents really made sense to the persona.

Embracon 4

As with travel, other services such as cosmetic or health procedures and birthday or wedding parties are also approached strategically.

Embracon 5

The result is the presence on search pages related to these subjects, which brings more and more traffic to the site and drives great sales results for the new service.

“We managed, in a short time, to achieve good positioning in the search engines, something that we had lost when we removed the old blog. We have improved engagement with customers and leads and we are reaching the goal of making the company a reference in a consortium. ”

Gabriela Minguez, Communication Supervisor at Embracon.

If some of the services that are part of the Embracon service consortium interests you, you will end up bumping into their blog in Google’s search results!

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