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Learn the history of IR without Error and find out how a complete ranking strategy was created in 6 months for the most important terms about the IRPF declaration.

You may have heard of how Content Marketing is a long-term strategy.

How to rank well for your market’s keywords and generate a lot of organic traffic can take more than a year.

The whole effort of producing and publishing content, SEO, updating, acquiring backlinks takes time, and the results will not appear overnight.

But today I am going against all that, and show one of the cases of organic result acquired more quickly in the history of Websites Are Us.

Yes, the results of the IR without Error even scared our internal team.

After all, move from 2,000 organic sessions to 170,000 over a 3-month interval it’s not something you see every day.

To understand how this was possible, it is first necessary to understand who they are, and what their goals and challenges are.

IR without Error is a digital platform that analyzes the income tax return of individuals, minimizing the risk of falling into the fine mesh and giving tips to reduce the tax.

Yes, that means your product is seasonal.

Income tax for individuals, or IRPF, must be declared between March 7 and April 30. The number of searches on Google for the main IR-related terms shows this seasonality:

Case 1

It is in this interval between the two peaks of the chart that the company can acquire users for its platform.

Its founder, Mauricio Garcias, is also a co-founder of the project Home Time, who had been a customer of Websites Are Us since the middle of 2018.

Your previous experience with managing the content strategy of the Hora do Lar blog gave you a strategic view on content production and promotion.

He knew that if he wanted to succeed organic results during peak searches, it had to start early.

But how early?

Mauricio and his team realized that they had approximately 6 months to rank for the most important terms for the IRPF declaration.

With a short lead time and competition from major news portals, winning top positions for your top keywords was a huge mission.

IR sem Erro started a blog 7 months ago, starting the production of content with a highly productive marketing team, formed by 4 people.

After a month and 20 content produced, they understood that the size of the challenge called for a robust strategy, and decided it was time to put Websites Are Us on the IR Without Error project as well.

I already say that it was only possible to reach the final result because of customer maturity in relation to content strategies.

When we started the project with the IR Without Error team, they already had theoretical and practical knowledge about content marketing. They defined which keywords they would like to have positioned well and knew the direction to get there.

It is not for nothing that we invest so much in education through content.

Our most educated clients in digital and content marketing are the ones that generate the best results. They have a broader understanding of strategies and actively participate in actions that bring results.

This is the case of IR without Error and its team, and it was this structured beginning that made it possible to achieve the results that I will show here.

But let’s go to the process that generated these results:

The search for the main keywords

With the list of the most important keywords for IR without error in hand, content production started.

The first contents were published and started to fight for positions at the top of the search pages for the more head tail keywords of strategy.

Some examples are:

“Pay less income tax”

IR case without Error

“2019 IRPF Analysis”

Case 3

“Income tax documents”

Case 4

“Debts on income tax”

IR Case without Error 5

“Increase the income tax refund”

IR without Error 6

The positioning results were proving very good, but notice how the IR without Error competes for positions with giant portals: Exame, Uol, Época, G1, among others.

Against such strong domains, it was inevitable to lose or fluctuate in positioning for some of these keywords.

To combat falls, the paid media was used to ensure that the content remained competitive.

Using paid media to leverage results

When noticing the drop in positioning for strategic keywords, we suggest using Facebook Ads to strengthen IR content without Error.

Paid media campaigns drive traffic to content, and that traffic can turn into social media shares, internal link clicks and even conversions.

These and others are factors that help show Google the value of content, and have had an important impact in the battle for ranking in the top positions.

The actions developed on Facebook Ads were based on promoting content to similar audiences, or ‘lookalike audiences’, and we managed to decrease the value per click from 13 to 2 cents.

The result of content promotions on Facebook had a great impact on the final numbers of the acquisition by social networks of IR without Error:

Case 7

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As I explained, the demand for information on income tax returns is seasonal. Searches peak at the beginning of March, drop slightly and then undergo another peak at the end of April.

This creates a range that exactly matches the reporting period:

IR Case without Error

During this interval, the largest news portals in the country make content about IRPF, which ends up winning many positions for the authority of these domains and their news character.

As soon as the first search peak occurred, we noticed a drop in positions for the keywords conquered so far.

Upon realizing the decrease in results, André Oliveira, a client success analyst, held a meeting with the IR without Error team, and decided to adopt all possible measures to boost search positioning.

This was done through 2 main fronts: expansion and updating of content.

Content expansion

To expand the number of indexed keywords, we unravel all keywords in the income tax business, and select several based on traffic and position.

We put together a list that prioritized the keywords with the most traffic and with the best opportunity to win positions.

The production of the content was divided between the IR Without Error team and Websites Are Us, in a task force to fill all content gaps.

From the first search peak to the second, articles were produced attacking the keywords that complement the main ones of the strategy.

But it is necessary to go beyond just producing more and more content.

It is necessary that your contents are well linked to each other, and that they are the best content available on the results page.

To ensure this, content updates have been made.

Content update

The updating of content is viewed very favorably by Google, being one of the most relevant ranking factors.

In practice, this factor weighs so much because it is a great way to confirm that you look at the content you have already produced, and keep their information as current as possible.

Between the first and the second peak, 5 articles were updated with considerable content extensions.

The contents chosen for updating were selected based on the most important keywords for IR without Error, and that were suffering from falls in positioning on the serps (response pages).

In addition to these five contents that received major updates, extensive work has been done link building internal.

This step involved visiting almost all content, looking for opportunities to link to other content on the blog.

Internal links are valuable as they help both readers and Google.

For readers, having a text with internal links helps to browse the articles that make the most sense for your journey, taking all your doubts.

For Google, a blog full of internal links helps to better understand which theme your content addresses, and with what scope. Internal links are the main way to build topic clusters, one of the main strategies to rank first for challenging keywords.

If you access contents of the blog IR without Error you will notice how they have links to other posts:

Case 8

These links build a content network that makes each blog post easier to find and rank.

The efforts between the search peaks were essential to ensure the permanence of IR if Error at the top of the search pages.

But how did this impact the final numbers for the peak period?

As I mentioned at the beginning of the text, the results of IR without Error scared us mainly due to the time of strategy.

But that does not mean that the numbers reached are not surprising..

It is not normal to achieve such a huge increase in organic results in such a short time, taking 157,262 new people for your domain between January and April 2019:

IR without Error 8

In addition to the absolute number of sessions and new users, it is interesting to see the drop in the bounce rate and the increase in pages per session.

Both are important metrics for Google, and show that blog content has become increasingly attractive and valuable to readers.

Adding all the sources, the number of total sessions increased from 25,000 to 323,000, in the analyzed intervals.

With several contents at the top of the searches for several keywords, IR without Error has already built its base for 2020, and with a more structured work there is no doubt about even more surprising results.

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