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Before I start reading this text, I would like to ask a very simple question: are you satisfied with a content strategy that aims to only produce, publish and promote content to rank some positions on Google? If so, this text is probably not for you! Now… If you want to make your content the center of your […]

Before I start reading this text, I would like to ask a very simple question: are you satisfied with a content strategy that aims to only produce, publish and promote content to rank some positions on Google?

If so, this text is probably not for you! Now… If you want to make your content the center of your strategy and generate real results for your business, so stay here with me that you will enjoy it a lot!

And you can be sure that you will benefit from the story of how Miotec was able to remake its strategy, significantly increasing the number of leads and engagement with its base!

Having been inserted in the health niche for 15 years, producing and distributing physical assessment and recovery equipment, until May 2016 Miotec had a Marketing strategy as traditional as its market.

Betting on digital was not so much a need as it was a need good opportunity. After all, who doesn’t want to get ahead of the competition?

In the beginning, it didn’t take much more than the basis of content marketing, (producing, publishing and promoting regularly) to get some good results and see your content rank on the search engine to bring in some traffic. But that is not enough!

Looking for a way out

For almost a year, the Miotec Marketing team tried to carry out the basic actions that gave the initial fruits intended by it.

Organic traffic has grown, but what now? What to do with him?

Its competitors were already starting their strategies in digital – even inspired by the results that Miotec had obtained.

But the reality was that he needed to take the next step and turn that traffic into contacts and, consequently, in potential business. After all, that’s what Content Marketing is for!

Talking to his consultants, Tulio Arrial, Account Coordinator at Miotec, understood the moment he was in and what needed to be done so that he could then make a real impact on his business with the content marketing strategy.

And the first step for that was …

Generate and chat with your subscribers

That traffic was a good thing, but it didn’t mean much.

Comparison of total traffic growth between periods

Comparison of total traffic growth between periods

Comparison of Miotec's organic traffic growth between periods

Comparison of Miotec’s organic traffic growth between periods

It was necessary to make those people who visited the blog also related to the company and its contents.

For this, the first thing was to insert the notorious CTAs to capture email. It seems like an obvious thing to say, but as much as people want to receive your content, if you don’t give them a opportunity to register, they will not.

sahlooter gif

You who didn’t believe in an email box after reading this obvious finding, but it wasn’t so obvious 5 seconds ago!

As for the materials produced, Miotec reorganized the materials page on its website, so that any visitor could leave their contact there without having to establish a business link with the company.

Miotec rich materials page

In addition, they hired an automation tool (RD Station) and restructure their nutrition flows for each of your main ebooks.

After some tests focused on what your persona wanted, they left a simple flow, which already offered Miotec products right after downloading the material, for a much more adapted flow.

For example, if the user downloaded material on how to have his own clinic, the flow was followed by other content directly related to the funnel. Making them move from a structure similar to:

  • Ebook on setting up your clinic
  • Miotec produces equipment for its clinic
  • Make your budget

For something much more aligned with the client’s Journey:

  • Ebook on setting up your clinic
  • How to choose the ideal equipment for your physiotherapy clinic
  • New technologies that will guarantee the best treatment for your patients
  • Products that Miotec offers and can help you
  • Make your budget with Miotec

New people, new challenges

As expected, with these initiatives the subscriber base took off.

Several new contacts generated and countless feedbacks received. And thanks to these feedbacks that noticed the need for rework the persona and funnel.

Starting to dialogue not only with physical therapists, but people in the health field who worked with rehabilitation. With the similarity of being thinking about having their own clinic and not being so connected in technology. Hence the need to educate throughout this process.

Along with the need to re-adapt the content covered, there was also the need to restructure the way the communication was made.

Get inspired!

With the new persona mapped and this reformulation in mind, the team reworked its newsletter.

The idea here was engage with your contact base, making them anxiously wait for the content. For that, she couldn’t be just another newsletter, she needed to get involved, just like her name.

Hence the idea of ​​the project get inspired! With a very simple and defined prerogative:

“Helping Miotec’s clients and future clients with the questions that arise throughout their careers and clinical practice, in addition to sharing super interesting content that we use to inspire us and that can inspire you.”

Miotec Newsletter

First, it would be a newsletter whose main objective would be to bring relevant content – and nothing promotional – to its audience, regardless of where it came from.

With an engaging introduction, which drew the user’s attention, he presented some point of view about something interesting and then posted some links to other related (and often very fun) content.

Planning the launch of the newsletter

To test his idea, Tulio decided to initially send a simple email informing him of the initiative and see what people thought.

With positive returns, he went ahead and sent the first newsletter, obtaining incredible 52.67% aperture!

Miotec newsletter open rate

For a while, it was exclusive to the people who registered with it until he found the best way to get the message he wanted and find the ideal format.

Today it is sent to all of its subscriber base and best of all, the rates have remained above 25% over the next releases, taking the initiative forward and making this biweekly newsletter become one of Miotec’s main Marketing actions.

newsletter guide

A successful strategy involves the entire company

As a result of marketing oriented to generate impact on the company, Tulio and the entire Miotec had to organize a marketing sector to better implement the Newsletter strategy, mainly focused on the copywriting of emails to the list.

Furthermore, in real numbers, these initiatives generated for Miotec a more than 10 times the lead base!

Increase in Miotec leads

Focus on meeting your persona

The case of Miotec shows us that in order to be successful with Content Marketing, you will need more than simply producing, publishing and sharing content.

This is just the basis for your next actions that will effectively bring financial results for your company.

Also, don’t lose sight of your strategy and persona. There is no point in producing content if it is not interesting and attracting the attention of those who are interested: in this case, your audience and only him!

Knowing how to converse in the language of your contacts and bring them content that really makes them wait for the next one is the secret to getting started!

Did you like this case and want to get incredible results for your strategy? Try talking to one of our consultants.

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