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We show here how technical content can leverage your entire Content Marketing strategy and help your sales funnel!

Did you know that companies that use Content Marketing in their strategies manage to increase the monthly average of visits to the site by 4 times?

In addition to attracting more visitors it helps to create an approximation between your business and your consumers.

But, for it to work in the best way, it is necessary to take into account 3 factors:

  • The right person;
  • the right time;
  • right message.

With planning focused on these three aspects it is possible to arouse both interest and increase the chances of sales opportunities.

In addition, to avoid reworking the sales team.

Draw up a content marketing plan is complex and time consuming, and that the results appear in the medium to long term.

But there is no secret! With study and dedication it is possible to learn and build content for all stages of the sales funnel.

Check below everything you need to take into account to create an excellent material for all stages of the funnel!

What is technical content?

A technical content is a more elaborate material, with more accurate information on a given subject, which can be used throughout the persona’s journey.

If, in the last stage of the sales funnel, in which the purchase decision will be made, this type of content can encourage your lead to close the deal.

For that, it is necessary that the text shows, in an objective way, the value and the differential both of your company and of the service or product that you offer.

In-depth knowledge about the company and the business is essential for you manage to go over the positive aspects in your content.

Information such as data, numbers and studies make this message clearer for those reading to make the purchase decision.

Successful cases, closed webinars, having a corporate blog and sales conversion landing pages are some examples of materials that can be used to promote this type of content.

The more information and more contact people have at the time of purchase decision, with content related to your company and your service, the more confidence they will have to buy.

When and how to use technical content?

This type of material helps to complement the actions of your sales team.

Him assists in the process of educating future customers, offering greater references that can be crucial when deciding.

Do you know when your sales team has already contacted you, but you are not entirely sure to complete the entire sales funnel process?

Technical content can make all the difference in this case.

It will have more foundation when it comes to defending and emphasizing that the solution offered is the best there is.

When to talk about your company? And when not to talk about your company?

The right time to talk about your business can be done on funnel-bottom content.

Since the purchase decision needs to be the option for your company and not for anyone else.

But this does not mean misleading advertising or forcing the reader to choose at all costs.

After all, we are talking about Content Marketing, and the goal of our strategy is to attract interest and not push the bar.

However, it is possible and important to talk about your business also in technical content.

For example, a post about features of a service or product, offers the opening to talk about your company.

In the other stages of the funnel, such as top and middle, it is not so advisable, but something to be thought about, always taking into account the persona’s journey when planning the content to be produced.

For example, at the top is the moment of discovery, when you need to attract as many visitors as possible.

It is also necessary to generate interest to the point that visitors share the content read, and more people are reached.

In the middle, the lead is in a phase of consideration, with the intention of solving their problems.

And, because you already have access to the information of that persona, such as by filling out forms on landing pages, it is possible to offer material more directed to your problems.

And at the bottom of the funnel, it is the moment that she will assess whether what is being offered really meets her needs, only then to make the purchase decision.

It is the moment of opportunity!

Your content may be able to get you in touch with your lead. And, if it fits your company’s fit and shows interest in doing business, it’s time for your sales team to take action as soon as possible!

If you still have any questions about the type of content for each step of the sales funnel, click here!

How to create efficient technical content?

The first step is to take into account the persona’s journey during the sales funnel stages.

With that in mind, it is possible to create relevant content for that person with a more technical focus, taking them to the next stage.

Some information helps to stimulate potential customers, such as:

  • Values ​​of plans or products;
  • Operation of products or services;
  • Purchase benefits;
  • Success cases;
  • Differences of your company in relation to the competition.

In order for your content to be able to cover these topics, you need the help of someone inside your company, who dominates on the subject.

You can learn a lot from your team, so enjoy!

If you don’t find that specialist, don’t hesitate, look for someone outside.

Make an appointment and ask any questions, to produce excellent content.

Also remember to use the most suitable formats for this type of content as we will cover below.

The most efficient content formats

Content is king, but if it doesn’t have a format that is aligned with your goal, you may not get a satisfactory result.

Want to learn more about which templates to use to publicize your funnel fund strategy?

Stay tuned for tips below:

Success stories

How about facilitating your lead’s decision by showing how other customers solved their problems with your company?

In addition to helping to clarify any doubts that may not have been discovered yet, you will show another differential of your company.

It doesn’t hurt to remember that a successful case is a true material, done with the approval and testimonials of its customers.

Private Webinars

Webinars or online seminars focus on answering questions that may exist regarding your product or service.

Held via the internet, they connect people from different locations to watch, in real time, presentations that normally combine slides, videos and audio explanations.

One tip is to make them private so offer a more personalized contact.

And protected by a landing page to get more data.

Using a demonstration, for example, helps the person to have a very realistic and complete vision and actually understand everything they need.

This can help to reduce objections at the time of purchase.


It is not mandatory, but it can help a lot to build and consolidate trust with your company.

The blog is the most effective format for the top (60.4%) and a half (43.1%) funnel, according to Content Trends 2016.

With it you can attract more visitors, and take advantage of this space to dedicate yourself to your company.

In it, you can talk about news, news and even awards won that help reinforce a positive image of your business.

In addition to, of course, disseminating relevant content and winning new users.

If you want to learn how to create a blog, we teach you in this post here!

Sales conversion landing page

A Landing page is a landing or landing page, on which the visitor arrives at a specific website.

In the case of a funnel bottom, this page aims to convert the lead into a customer.

It needs to offer value. So, having good content makes all the difference!

Some attractions such as an adequate design, attractive content and an irrefutable offer, which can help to close the sale, such as:

  • Discounts on products or services;
  • Free demos;
  • Free consultation.

And speaking of Landing Page, do you know what Gated Content is?

The expression Gated Content refers to any type of content that presents a form that needs to be filled out before it can be accessed.

That is, a landing page.

The goal is to get information about who is reading.

The act of filling out these forms shows great interest, so stay tuned and prepare your sales team!

While it can be extremely positive to know the lead to produce more relevant materials, it can present a disadvantage: the decrease in the rate of downloads of those materials that are protected by a form.

With that in mind, the choice to create technical content that requires filling out a form whether or not it is something to think about according to your company’s strategy.

It is necessary to analyze whether, for the service or product being offered, more information is needed and, therefore, whether it is necessary to use a form.

In addition, it is also important to evaluate the type of material produced.

An example would be a blog post, which would not present a form because it is available to all visitors to your blog regardless of the stage of the journey they are on.


Like everything in Content Marketing, it is necessary to plan and then execute.

And that has to be in line with your company’s strategy.

That is, all stages of the funnel have specific characteristics with differentiated content that they must take the person forward in order for the purchase to be completed.

Specifically for the production of technical content, we saw that there needs to be an alignment between the commercial, product and sales team.

Thus, the content produced will be relevant, educational and will pass to the reader the differential of your company and what you offer.

In addition to helping to solve the problems of your leads, these materials also need to focus on your company or product, so that it is “the” chosen.

For that, these contents must be personalized and filled with information.

Tip: If you choose to hire a freelancer or hire someone to create this content, both need to be well informed by a professional within the company.

So, involve your entire team in this step, so that the material produced can be specific and give the necessary authority.

In addition, you need to be able to lead the writer to the same path you want.

Searching for references, sending a very detailed briefing and giving the opportunity for him to have contact with someone who can help him create really dense content, makes all the difference!

Do you already know what to write for each step of the sales funnel?

If you want to learn even more about content marketing, check out our encyclopedia, with the largest material on the subject in London!

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