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Social networks are already part of the daily routine of most people, of course, this also turns them into perfect environments for selling products. Thinking about it, learn how to create your own store on Facebook!

Facebook, the social network with the largest number of users in the world – about 2 billion monthly active users – knew how to take advantage of its environment of exchanges and connections by enabling the creation of virtual stores within the pages of its users.

The idea may be what was missing for further facilitate sales independent businesses, enhance the sale of larger companies, as well as expand consumer access to products offered. In other words, it is an initiative that benefits everyone, so you have no reason to be left out!

But first of all, it is important to clarify that this process involves its own challenges, which you can overcome with a little guidance.

If you are thinking of opening your store on this social network, follow and understand exactly what you need to do.

What are the advantages of having a store on Facebook?

First of all, why would this social network be better than other e-commerce options? Here are some of the advantages offered.

Free and easy option

Many other e-commerce platforms tend to be a little expensive for a new entrepreneur or just inefficient for an established business. Not to mention that these sites usually charge a percentage of their sales.

On Facebook, fortunately, this is not the case. The platform does not charge a fee for salesthus, a product sold here has the same profit margin as something sold and delivered personally.

Disclosure integrated with the social network

It is nothing new that Facebook is the social network with the greatest reach around the world. That is why it is so used as a channel for disseminating products, services and events.

By creating your store within this social network, you simply make it more convenient to advertise. Your ad can be served directly on your posts, making the dissemination work much easier.

Shortest way to close deal

It is a general rule in online sales that, for every extra click a customer must make between the ad and the purchase close, there is one more opportunity to lose the sale. That’s why there is so much work to optimize the path from the lead to the product.

When the advertising channel and the store are, for all intents and purposes, the same space, this distance is almost nil. There will be little more than a link redirect and everything will be properly forwarded.

Performance metrics on the platform

Last but not least, metrics. Statistics and data should always support your decisions. Without that knowledge, you considerably increase your chances of making a mistake.

With the Facebook store, you can easily integrate social media and sales performance statistics.

How to create your store on Facebook

Here are the main steps to set up your store on this social network:

Register on social network

In order to set up your store and make advertisements, you need a profile registered on Facebook first. Registration is free and fast, so it won’t be a problem.

Create a Fanpage for your store

In addition to a personal profile, you also need a profile for your store. To do this, create a fanpage, a page that shows all the most important information about your company, attractive and relevant content, your products and activities.

Join Facebook Business

With your page created, you must register with Facebook Business, a platform associated with Facebook, but with features aimed at business development. There, you can define your audience, parameters for campaigns and create ads.

Create an ad for your product

This is where you actually advertise your product to the public. Simple information, such as product specifications, a photo and the price, are mandatory.

Tips to succeed in your Facebook store

Now that you have the step by step to set up your store, it’s time to see some tips for it to generate the results you want. Follow!

Use the targeting tools

Within Facebook Business, you can create different segments for your target audience, each with a different profile.

In this way, your ads will be targeted primarily to people who fit certain characteristics, such as age, gender, purchasing power, interest groups, among others.

It may seem counterintuitive at first to reduce your audience, but after a little observation, you will see how this is the most profitable option. Focusing on a more specific audience allows you to create more effective campaigns, save on your investments and maximize the return obtained.

Quality and humanized service

It can be tempting to start dealing with your audience from a distance, with copied messages and other things that save your time and energy. However, these are not good methods to attract and keep your audience loyal.

Something that every consumer seeks humanized, fast and attentive service. Especially on social networks, where you expect to deal with other people, not with automated teller machines.

Take some time to improve your service techniques and make sure you have a good image along with good service.

Invest in outreach campaigns

The main advantage of having a store on Facebook is being able to join your sales channel with the advertising channel. Any new product can be quickly shared with the public. However, your organic reach will not be enough to acquire the necessary sales.

Investing in paid reach is not so pleasant for new entrepreneurs, but it is still necessary to boost your sales. If your follow-up work is done well, a good part of these new leads will remain in your base.

Have eye-catching images

Your audience’s attention span on social media is usually very short at first. Unless the user already knows your brand or product, you cannot expect him to stop to read more about it.

To get around this, the ideal is to have big, flashy and very clear images. Something that visually informs the type of product and its qualities.

With these tips, you already have a starting point for setting up your store on Facebook, but it is always good to increase your knowledge before investing.

If you intend to study a little more about it, check out Websites Are Us’s social media management course and learn how to optimize your online sales work.

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