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When the question “how to discover my IP” arises, it is first necessary to define whether one seeks to discover the internal or external IP. To find your internal IP, simply access the operating system settings of the connected device. In the case of external IP, you can count on the help of online tools that extract this information quickly and automatically.

After so many years using the internet and having heard of it a few times, have you ever wondered “how to find out my IP”? Knowing that code of numbers that represents you and your computer is important for many things. For example, did you know that Ads that Google shows in the browser are based on your IP address?

Each website also has its own IP address and when you access your social networks, for example, this information is recorded at your ISP (Internet Service Provider). That is, although you do not need to decorate your IP address, it is widely used, including to know what reaches your virtual ports.

To better understand the topic, see the topics we will cover and good reading!

What is IP?

The acronym IP stands for Internet Protocol, in the English language, translating to Internet Protocol. It is a communication code between machines representing location and name. It can also refer to the IP address (IP address) of a device connected to a computer network, either local or worldwide (internet).

What is the difference between internal and external IP?

The internal IP is the address of a device connected to a home local network – made between your PC and your notebook – or work – made between computers and the company’s server, for example. The external IP is the address of a device connected to the external network or world wide web, the internet.

The local network can also be your wi-fi connection made with the router. In this case, each device connected to your network gains a local IP address, so the router can easily identify it. When connected to the internet, the service provider generates your IP and has the same function: identify connected devices.

How do I discover my internal (local) IP?

We explained to you that each device has its own IP, right? So, to find this information, you need to access the operating system settings of the connected object. In the following steps, we will show you how to do this on a Windows and Mac computer. Check it out!


  1. click on the start menu;
  2. in the search menu, type “cmd” and press the enter key;
  3. in the Command Prompt (black box that appeared), type “ipconfig” and press the enter key again;
  4. after a brief load, information about your network will appear and where it says “IPv4” will be your local IP address.


  1. click on the Apple menu (apple symbol) and go to “System Preferences …”;
  2. on the next screen, look for the “network” or “network” icon and click on it;
  3. after, just select Ethernet (for wired connection) or Wi-Fi (for wireless connections);
  4. on the next screen, you will have the information “status” or “status”, which will show the IP of the device that is connected to the network selected in the previous step.

How do I discover my external (public) IP?

Your Public IP is even easier to locate. After all, Content Marketing and even Google Adwords work with information that is obtained by storing data from traffic made with your IP address. All you need is – surprise! – access a website and it will show your number.

See some of our indications below!


The Meu IP website shows your external IP address, which consists of 11 numbers grouped into four subdivisions, where only one has two numerals. Each session represents something in the computer language, such as geolocation and the internet provider.

In addition, this site has other tools, such as tthis navigation speed and automatic password generator.

My IP Address

If you’re thinking about creating a website, you might be interested in this tip. My IP Address is specialized in finding the IP address of websites. Do you remember that we explained that the protocol serves as a communication code?

So basically everything has its own IP and is how the different digital components are able to identify and communicate with each other. So, when you go to, your browser talks to your ISP and they both find WAU’s address on the internet, which is in a sequence of numbers. See an example in the image.

Know my IP

What Is My IP Address

What Is My IP Address also identifies your external IP address, just like the first one we showed you. The difference is that it also shows the geographic location and the name of the company that provides internet. See the example in the image.

View IP

Get Site IP

Get Site IP mixes what has been shown so far, just failing in the geographic location of the external IP address. In it you can already find the IP of the site you want. See the example in the image.

Fing app

As we said, the IP address is generated for each device that connects to the network, be it local or public. So, your smartphone also has this information.

For this, you can use the Fing app for Android or iOS. It also brings an internet speed test and shows which other devices are connected to your network.

How to know the IP number

If you were concerned with how to find your IP, now you have figured out what to do. Furthermore, he learned that when we talk about Internet Protocol, we can say two different things. So, always specify whether it is about your local, external address or the communication protocol between machines.

Now that you understand more about IP, take the opportunity and check out our post on what it is and how to configure DNS for a domain!