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Marketing problems in companies are diverse and require specific solutions, based on data analysis and organizational objectives.

One of the pillars of the creation and maintenance of a company, undoubtedly, has to do with the marketing actions it develops to be successful in the short and long term, which implies overcoming the challenges faced by the marketing problems.

The intention of gaining recognition in its segment, positioning itself and, finally, selling more, caused many professionals in the area to face different problems every day, which makes the practice of marketing an easy task.

That’s because in the marketing world, although everything seems to be going well, there is always something you can improve. For this reason, constant analysis is so important to identify problems associated with opportunities for improvement.

Below, we will share with you methods that help you identify and propose solutions to your business’s marketing problems, so you’re always prepared to tackle them.

What problems do marketing solutions address?

Not every entrepreneur or company knows how to create and execute marketing plans, or build a team dedicated to it.

Although it is likely to encounter many types of problems, we have prepared a list of the main ones that marketers and trainees face.

Lack of alignment between marketing and sales

When two teams, or even people who perform these tasks, do not work together to acquire customers, they are hampered by the lack of communication and agreements, which leads nowhere.

In addition, the absence of clear metrics and common action parameters prevents the integration of marketing and sales objectives, creating a series of gaps in the strategies.

Wrong communication channels

You focus your strategy on a website and sending e-mails, but the lack of presence on social networks can cost the recognition of your business and the loss of possible sales through these channels.

If you do not have extensive knowledge of your acquisition channels, you risk losing resources with actions directed at the wrong audience.

Poorly defined audience

This can be the cause of other derived problems. If your persona is not well defined, strategies can end up being a waste of resources for your business, and sales may not be as good as expected.

Do not waste the capacity of the Digital marketing to generate valuable information and data so you know who is most likely to become a customer of your company.

Do not elaborate the purchase journey

Without a purchase journey, a company limits itself to recognizing only those customers who are ready to make a purchase decision and leaves out the portion that does not yet know it and that could become a customer.

Lack of definition of processes

“Pointing everywhere” may be the only option for many in the beginning, but it will always be very important to establish processes and managers to ensure the quality of deliveries.

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What methods to apply to have marketing solutions?

It’s not about finding the perfect recipe or pretending that mistakes will never be made on the road to success with your marketing strategy.

With methods that offer marketing solutions, you can tackle the problems we mentioned.

Below, you’ll see some of the most used ones.

1. FOFA matrix

Also known as SWOT analysis, this solution aims to give an overview of the Weaknesses, Opportunities, Strengths and Threats involved in the context of a company.

Here, both external and internal problems can be addressed, thus understanding which marketing problems can be solved.

This is an ideal marketing solution for problems at the level of internal processes, competition analysis, organizational structure, among others.

2. Benchmarking

It consists of developing an in-depth study of the segment in which the business is carried out and, thus, being aware of how the competition works, understanding market trends and knowing the new technologies of the companies.

With a benchmarking initiative, you can not only know what others are doing, but also identify opportunities that no one has ventured on before.

3. Shopping day

The elaboration of the purchase journey together with the development of the persona, will allow you to recognize the failures in the acquisition of customers, the development or improvement of a content marketing strategy that helps you in the process, as well as offers that make sense to your public.

This is an ideal marketing solution for problems with converting visitors to leads or customers, or when it is not possible to recognize how customers are getting the products or services offered.

4. NPS

From the English Net Promoter Score, this metric is associated with the satisfaction of customers or users of your company.

Although it is directly related to customer service, this process will allow marketing teams to identify flaws in their work after the customer’s first contacts with the brand.

This marketing solution will help to improve internal customer service processes, as well as improvements in the product or service, according to the comments received.

5. SLA between marketing and sales

Also derived from English (Service Level Agreement), this acronym symbolizes a service level agreement, in which marketing and sales work together to develop a common process.

This feature allows you to improve conversions received, such as leads qualified by marketing and the conversion of these by the sales team.

In short, this is what the sales team wants the marketing team to attract with their offerings.

However, the marketing team demands to extract as much valuable information as possible in order to have a higher conversion rate in return, given the efforts made to reach qualified leads for a sale.

This is a suitable marketing solution for sales teams that receive a lot of leads that are not in an ideal time to buy, or a marketing team that does not know what their customers are demanding.


Marketing solutions need to be implemented at any time in the company, regardless of the results it has, it is always possible to improve and recognize opportunities through data analysis.

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