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The error “err_connection_timed_out” can appear in some attempts to connect to websites, but the problem is not as complex as it seems. It is usually caused by communication problems between the browser and the website server, but the solution is relatively simple.

Have you encountered error messages when trying to access your site? Worse, have your customers already pointed out this problem? Among the most common failures is the “err_connection_timed_out”, always on that white screen that there is some impediment for the page to load.

As simple as it sounds, the difficulty of access can have some bad consequences. For the user, being unable to access can be disappointing, causing even the loss of engagement.

As for the site, staying off the air can damage the ranking, considering that this represents a performance problem in the eyes of Google. Given these scenarios, the best thing to do is to understand in depth what causes the error and how to resolve it quickly.

In this post we will talk more about “err_connection_timed_out”, covering the following topics:

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What is the “err_connection_timed_out” error?

The error “err_connection_timed_out” means that the user’s connection has timed out contacting the site. When there is an attempt to access a page, consequently the access point that the user uses makes a request to the site server, waiting for a response.

When there is no such return within 30 seconds, the connection attempt is terminated by the browser, which understands that it will not be possible to establish communication.

It is always important to note that before viewing this error, the user usually realizes that there is a delay in loading the page. This is the scenario that results in the message “err_connection_timed_out”.

The lack of response from the site when attempting to connect prevents loading of the objects present in it, such as images, texts and all other items that make up it. So, in the face of difficulty, there is the withdrawal and then the error message on the screen.

The severity of the error

It can be worrying for anyone who manages websites to deal with this message, but it is not really an error that has relevant gravity.

The problem really revolves around realizing that there is something that prevents access to the site, but the source of the failure and the solution are not so complex.

What can cause “err_connection_timed_out”?

As much as, in practice, it is a failure in the attempt to communicate between the browser and the website server, there is the possibility of better understanding the problem.

Among the main causes that can be pointed out, and which are generally known, it is worth mentioning:

  • the server is unable to process the request that the browser sends – the most common;
  • the server delays in responding to the browser request – also very common;
  • it was not possible to establish a connection between the server and the browser;
  • Invalid URL;
  • the user’s connection is limited or unable to generate access.

How can I solve the error “err_connection_timed_out”?

Like any failure related to connection and access, it is essential to seek several different types of solution, mainly because it is difficult to know what causes the problem.

Despite the uncertainty that may hover, there is no reason to believe that the situation will generate more obstacles than it should.

The error “err_connection_timed_out” is not a bug with seven heads, but it needs to be seen as something important, that is, it is essential to solve it quickly. Below are some tests and procedures that may help to resolve the issue.

Reset network settings

The network settings may change at some point, which may prevent a connection to other servers from stabilizing every time you try to access a website or perform other online activities.

When resetting the settings, they are guaranteed to return to the initial preset, that is, they zeroed. In practice, this return will not have any detrimental impact on your connection activities and, in this case, it may even help to resolve the error “err_connection_timed_out”.

Remove site blocking on hosts

In some cases, part of the problem is just a specific error on the website you are trying to access. The fault is configured when the host file denies access to that page for some reason, so the idea is to make changes so that there is no longer this block.

Before making this change it is important to make sure that the error only happens when trying to access that specific site. Otherwise, the impediment is not necessarily a block generated by the host.

The method consists of the following steps:

  • open the editor by clicking the right button and selecting the administrator option – the path is “C: WindowsSystem32driversetchosts”;
  • delete all entries that do not begin with “#”;
  • save the “hosts” entry and close the editor;
  • check if the error remains.

Clear your cache and browsing history

As simple as it may seem, clearing your browser’s cache is also an important step that helps make communication with websites lighter and more dynamic.

The accumulation of this information, especially when a website is visited repeatedly, makes the page’s loading capacity more difficult. So just clear all that content!

Change the LAN settings

LAN settings are important information about how your connection should work. Contact with viruses or even a deceptive operation can generate changes in the way the connection to the local network works.

So always choose reset these settings to their initial default. There are no consequences and you may still be able to solve the problem.

Renew and release the DNS

One of the most common causes of the “err_connection_timed_out” error is the communication difficulty of the DNS with the access point’s IP, which restricts browser access. Therefore, the best way out is to renew the DNS.

The steps to make these changes are:

  • on the keyboard, press the Windows logo key + “R” simultaneously;
  • type “cmd” in the window that opens and click “Ok”.

These two steps will take you to the command prompt, where you need to type:

  • ipconfig / flushdns;
  • ipconfig / registered;
  • ipconfig / release;
  • ipconfig / renew;
  • netsh Winsock reset.

Do not forget to press the “Enter” key after entering each of these commands in the list.

Check antivirus and firewall settings

As a method of protection, antivirus and firewall can block access to some sites, especially when they do not identify it as safe. This is precisely why the error message appears, since there is an attempt to load the page, but the time limit exceeds.

In such cases, with the certainty of the security of the website, just access antivirus and firewall settings to free loading pages.

Given this scenario, it is also worth evaluating the security of the site, which is a task for administrators, especially of WordPress pages.

The absence of the SSL protocol may be one of the factors that generate this understanding that the website is not secure, on the part of the antivirus and the firewall. Users may also lack confidence in access, which creates problems in the credibility of the pages.

What are the consequences of the recurrence of this error?

In practice, the error “err_connection_timed_out” is not caused by any serious problem, and the solution is usually simple.

However, it is always important to assess the situation from a broader perspective, understanding what the consequences of this access difficulty may be.

Understand in some points below!

Losses in SEO

Sites with connection problems experience SEO problems. If any user has difficulty accessing, it is automatically understood that that site does not offer the best conditions, since it does not become a concrete result.

As a consequence, Google penalizes the page and it tends to plummet in the ranking, leaving the first page of results.

Access reduction

The persistence of the problem can be something that affects many users, that is, it makes access difficult for many people. Here, the relationship is natural: if there are fewer people being able to access, the number of visitors tends to fall.

This is very bad for the company’s strategy, whether it is a Content Marketing blog, or in any other situation, such as e-commerce.

Low engagement

Users who deal with the problem with some recurrence tend to lose confidence in the ability of that site to be minimally accessible.

So, engagement decreases, damaging the company’s relationship with the public. Since the web is an extremely important channel, having a website that makes user access difficult becomes a serious problem.

Throughout this content we show that, although the solution is simple, the error “err_connection_timed_out” should be seen as something important.

Resolving the impasse quickly prevents the public from moving away and also prevents Google’s algorithms from damaging page rankings.

In addition to the “err_connection_timed_out” you must have already dealt with the “504 gateway timeout error” message, right? Enjoy and understand also about this occurrence and its causes, and see how to solve it!